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For sale is my built 1983 Mustang GT street strip car. I bought the car a couple of years back as a survivor which was 100% stock down to the complete emissions and single catalyzed exhaust system. Of course this didn't last for long and ultimately turned into the combination you see today.

I wanted to build an 11 second street strip car and have it look as close to a stock car as possible while trying to avoid over-restoring the car to maintain as much of the vintage appearance as possible.

I am the second owner who bought the car with 40k miles. The lack of any sort of rust on this car is astounding. I've been in and under it many times and the only trace to speak of is 2 tiny areas, one under the hatch and one near the drivers ¼ louver (see pictures). The typically rotted out front shock tower/frame area (see picture of line lock install pic) and firewall/floor board seam is mint. My '04 GT has more rust there.

The paint is 90% original from '83 with the exception of the driver's door that was repaired (there is a chip on the leading edge, see pictures). The car presents well but the paint does show evidence of being 3 decades old when examined up close. It would definitely respond well to a good detail polish job. I liked the vintage appearance of the original paint and left it as is. The sheet metal has typical dings and scratches about the body that you would expect of a 30+ year old car but nothing severe.

The interior is in nice shape with new seat skins front and rear and a new headliner. The rest is original 1983 parts. The carpet shows use but far from trash and some of the rear plastic panels are faded a bit near the 1/4 windows where the sun hit them, the drivers rear panel has a corner cracked (see pic). The dash pad is typically warped but not bad enough to warrant a replacement in my mind. All of the instrumentation works, factory radio and information center. The door, hatch and sunroof weatherstrip was all replaced. The door weather strip still needs to set so the doors need some effort to close. This goes away with time. There is an Innovate wideband air fuel gauge hidden in one of the dash vents to keep the stock appearance. I also have a switch under the dash for the line lock that is installed down in the engine bay.


This motor was built just this winter and consists of the following.

5.0L Roller block, bored, torque plate honed and decked
Scat steel stroker crank and rods
Mahle Forged and coated Flat top pistons and file fit rings 10.2:1 compression
Rotating assembly was balanced (have balance card)
It has a Moroso deep street/strip pan for Fox body fords
Cam is a Comp Magnum roller with .598 lift (idles nice and provides good vacuum) FMS roller timing chain properly degreed
Heads are Air Flow research 185cc heads that are 5 axis CNC ported in the ports and chambers
ARP Head and Main bolts.
Scorpion 1.6 aluminum rockers
Edelbrock Performer RPM 4 bbl intake
Holley 700 Double Pumper fed by a Mallory 110 fuel pump tucked behind the rear bumper.
Heddman full length headers, Pypes x pipe and Mac mufflers with new SS tails. The car may look stock but it definitely does not sound stock.

The block and oil pan are painted ford gray for a subdued look to keep a stock look but obviously it is far from stock. Valve covers are stock 83 Ford.

I have lots of receipts and the machine shop balancing card to go with it. This was broken in in early spring and used very little going to cruise nights and around town. I never made it to the track which is what I built it for, nor a dyno but similar builds featuring these heads hover around 450 HP. It runs strong and is tuned correctly (with wideband O2). It has no problem lighting up the tires at will.

Everything under hood was left to maintain a stock look as possible. The coil is mounted in the stock location, all the accessories were maintained, stock appearing distributor has been recurved and wears a stock cap with basic black Moroso plug wires. The carb is fed by a quiet Mallory pump with 3/8 aluminum line under the car then -6AN line up to the carb. The AN fittings were stripped of the color to not stand out. The stock air cleaner assembly fits in place and hooks to the factory cold air ducts. Original motorcraft hoses remain along with the rest of the cooling system. No cooling issues with this car.


Behind the motor is a 26 spline McLeod Super Street Pro dual organic/ceramic clutch and a Quicktime safety bell housing. The clutch is designed to hold the horsepower but not be aggressive on the street, its just a tad more touchy than my stock '04 pedal. It has the typical aluminum quadrant and firewall adjuster. Mated to that is a Tremec TKO 600 tranny. Further on is a Ford Racing aluminum driveshaft. The axle is a std Fox 8.8 housing that had the tubes fully welded to the center and jig straightened by a racing shop this winter. Inside is a brand new Yukon Dura Grip (eaton style) limited slip with 31 spline racing axles. It has 3.73 Ford Racing gears and an aluminum diff cover/girdle.


The front suspension is stock save for the Eibach drag launch springs all around. The rear suspension consists of the drag springs with a pass side airbag, UPR adjustable lower control arms and spherical ball joints in the axle housing. It has new Struts/shocks all around.

The car has full length subframe connectors welded in place along with upper and lower torque box reinforcements. There is a driveshaft loop in place too.

The cars brakes have been upsized to later Fox Mustang specs with all new components. It has later 10 hole rims with excellent tires. I have another set of 4 10 holes with tires that I was going to use to mount a drag radial. These go with the car.

I unfortunately have not been able to get the car to the track but expect mid 11's with a good tire. I just street drove the car since it was finished. The car is tame on the street but ready for the track if you desire.

The car is registered and insured now. You are welcome to come look at the car or if you would like more information or photo's please let me know.

The car is located in Connecticut. Asking $9000

[email protected]


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Man I love the 4 eyes and the build is great. Very well done. If you still have the car in a month or 2 I'd be highly interested but I can't picture this thing lasting. That's an awesome car man. GLWS
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