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I hate to do this but i'm getting a divorce and don't have anywhere to put this thing. I have an 83 Mustang L hatch original 4 banger auto(vomit) that now has a 2.3 turbo motor and ecu. Car is a 5 speed. Car will crank and run around but really needs a tune up and clutch adjusted. It is a project race car i was gonna build until the bitch decided we need a break. I'll list the mods and extras the car comes with. I'm gonna shoot myself in the foot for this later but i have to get rid of it.

ported head and ranger roller cam installed
front mount intercooler
la3 ecu
8.8 rear end swap
aluminum ranger radiator
drag launch springs in back with air bag(adjustable nipple behind gas tank door)
gutted interior has original dash and door panels. have lots of parts to put back together
car has a fuel cell/f150 pump because it was originally carbed so needed new lines and tank anyway
wired toggle switch for fuel pump
battery relocated to trunk
93 cobra leather seats
tinted windows
92 gt spoiler

i have some parts collected that i could sale but i'll let go with car if i get asking price

extra turbo shortblock with water pump and oil pan and rotating assembly (needs rebuilt)
brand new sub frame connectors
D&D tubular upper and lower rear control arms
3:55 gears for 8.8
gutted and 90* rotated upper intake and extra stock lower
complete extra turbo engine harness
a few extra intercoolers
extra pk1 turbo ecu
t3 turbo that needs rebuilt
uncracked e6 turbo manifold lightly ported
96 cobra strut bar i was gonna modify to fit
####load of extra pullies and parts..probably could do a serpentine conversion
extra tfi distributor

i'm sure theres more parts out there in the shed


asking $1800 and you get all the extras..i feel i'm ripping myself off but i need to get rid of this thing fast...thanks for looking

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If you still have it I am interested in the car. Where is it located? You can call me at 479-970-2896 and I can get back to when I get the message or you can try me at work 479-858-3094

Thanks Dan

Beast Logic
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car still for sale..$1700 takes car and extras bottom line
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