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There can be only 2.. Just picked up a 84 vert, so this has to go. Bought this last year, not my build. Has about 3500 miles on motor. I drove this home from Minneapolis, and will drive it anywhere. Car runs better then I expected, Honestly more then I need, really to fast for the street, IMO. A way bigger handfull than my Fordstrokers 347 was, before it split the block, :crying2: yet it's still a very easy drive. Really setup as a autocross, or road car with some power. Original 4cyl car. Solid car, no rust from southwest originally.

T56 from Cobra
5 lug swap with 11in sn95 brakes in front and turbo coupe rears
Adjustable rear swaybar
MM Panhard bar
KYB adjustable shocks
"Real" 95 cobra R wheels w/used nitto 555 tires included, 275 all around. "01 bullitt mustang wheels has good 245 tires.
Aem wide band
1983 351w stroked/bored to 393ci also converted to hyd roller block at that time. Engine has afr 185cc heads and XE282HR cam . Cast crank, forged rods and pistons.
Mcloed bellhousing ram clutch with aluminum flywheel.
2004 cobra aluminum driveshaft.
8.8 with 3.08
Xenon airdam
Hammond louver
Unsure of springs, but lowered
Global west caster camber plates.
Long tube headers, to 2.5 dumps
Holley street avenger 770cfm vacuum secondaries electric choke
Weiand stealth dual plane intake
Underdrive pulleys
flaming river steering shaft.
The seats are from a 1989(i believe) mustang lx
Dyed door panels and dash to match

Minor needs,
Speedo is not hooked up, transmission would need a tailshaft kit. I use my phone and will include the mount.
Exhaust was solid welded , then had to be cut for the transmission, so bands were used to repair and leak a little, not bad though
needs headliner cover, has the base
Hood needs paint , the white is just primer
Has some dents and dings, but really is a straight rust free car.
Horn recently quit working

Located in Ottawa ks. 66067 will drive it to you for fee, as long as there's no snow..
userjohn3767 @

These pics are from various times the last 6 mos. I will get the car cleaned up and take fresh ones with floor pans, torque boxes, ect.

Those floor mats don't go and I put a ford racing steering wheel cover on it.

Sorry it's so dirty under the hood will clean it up.

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If any interest in either of these shoot me a PM. I don't know which I'm going to keep yet.

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New price $6850

Had this at the Ford shop for a thorough once over. Front struts are leaking, a rear rotor has lost a pad at some point so it has grooves, but all the pads looked good. Inner tie rods had some play, but they were still in range. Front sway bar frame bushings were worn. Transmission was damp at the bell housing, when checked the transmission was overfilled. The Ford tech said it was probably just coming out the vent a little.

So nothing but typical type things you would expect when buying a used car like this, IMO.

Anyway took the Ford Racing stuff off and put on old Motorsport valve covers and just a chrome air cleaner.

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