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'79 Capri RS with a Roller Motor, Lentech AOD, 8.8, etc. MAY TRADE

1979 Capri RS. This is a nice, clean little Capri. Has been well upgraded from stock. Includes:

'94 roller motor, with approximately 70,000 miles;
Motorsport F303 camshaft;
Clean E7 heads;
Edelbrock Performer RPM intake;
670 Holley Street Avenger;
Holley Electric Fuel Pump;
Motorsport valve covers;
Moroso air cleaner (will also include the stock dual snorkle);
MAC equal length shorty headers;
Off-road H-Pipe;
Flowmaster 44 series mufflers with dumps;
MSD 6AL and Blaster coil;
Aluminum radiator;
Trans cooler;
Electric fan.

Transmission is an AOD that has been rebuilt to Lentech specs and has a Lentech Street Terminator valvebody with electric overdrive switch. B&M Holeshot 3000 converter. 8.8 rear end with 3.73 gears.

Aftermarket boxed upper and lower rear control arms. Has a stock shifter, but I will include a B&M Hammer for the AOD. Sport-Comp Monster tach with shift light. 10 hole wheels with Mercury centercaps. Radials with good tread remaining.

No leaks, no problems. Trans shifts hard and solidly. Overdrive works flawlessly. I just rebuilt the carb, changed the plugs, cap and rotor and it starts, idles and runs perfectly at WOT.

I am only selling this car because I was able to buy back my wagon and I can't keep both. This car had Edelbrock Performer heads on it for a while and ran 12's according to the former owner. It needs better heads, or at the minimum, it needs better valvesprings. I have a 5800 rpm pill in it, because it hammers the radials and it will float the valves if you don't reign it in below 6k. It is torquey.

Known issues are a small dent in the driver's side front fender (which is shown on the video walk around), the conversion to push button start (key start failed and I gave up tracing the wire after 3 hours), the factory gauges don't work (except the gas gauge and the volt gauge, temp gauge just died so it could be something simple). Back seat is removed, although I do have one. It will need to be dyed to match. Black paint is a couple of years old and pretty good. A couple of bubbles on the pass side door. Interior is fair, no radio, center console gutted. The rear hatch is clearly and obviously from an LX.

You can see a walk around of the car, and hear it run here:

(I do realize it is a Capri, not a Mustang as I repeatedly state on the video, LOL. Must be the heat!)

Anyway, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

I am asking $3,000 OBO. I am not desperate to sell it, but I am open to offers. I live right outside of New Orleans, in Mandeville, Louisiana. Anyone local is invited to come on by and check it out.

I added that I may trade. I would consider something interesting, preferably something I could drive daily if I was so inclined. That means it must have AC that functions. :)




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Nice looking Capri! That is one loud fuel pump.
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