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I have a set of brand new steeda X5 ball joints for sale. Here are the details from Steeda's website.

Steeda's X5 balljoints are designed to raise the roll center of your S197 Mustang which becomes lower as a result of lowering with lowering springs.

Raising the roll center eliminates the issues associated with the lower roll center, making for a great improvement in handling by reducing body roll and improving the front tire contact patch without increasing spring rate or roll bar rate.

Steeda balljoints are made in the USA by a respected name-brand supplier to Ford, GM and Daimler Chrysler. Except for their custom length, they are the same materials and construction that has been extensively tested in Panther applications, that is, police cars and other severe duty applications, where they have demonstrated durability that exceeds current production "regular" balljoints. They meet Ford's standards for friction, wear, and durability.

Steeda's X5 ball joints change the bump steer geometry. Steeda highly recommends a bump steer kit be used in conjunction with the X5 balljoints.

Product Notes

• 18" wheels are required for clearance.
• Does not work with 2010 GT500

Most durable on the market
Improved braking and vehicle control under extreme driving conditions
Better handling for more stable cornering
Better suspension compliance
Does not require spacer
Better contact patch under cornering

I can send pictures later today.

$75.00 shipped anywhere in the States

Thanks for looking,

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