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Long story short I have a 91 notch that broke into the 12s on a HCI 302 pretty easily. Im looking to change it up so ive decided a 5.3 truck motor and a 76mm turbo with a custom hotside.

already ive pulled the t5 302, k member and anything that was ford that i didnt need. ive orded a team z k member, tubular arms, upr coilover kit and ls mounts. next im going to pick up a turbo 350 and a 5.3 that i found for 500 with ecu and harness.

so far ive been able to find answers to mostly everything ive just got a couple more though

as far as wiring goes im going to make the factory harness into a standalone. what sensors will i need for the engine to run standalone?? do these cars come with MAF meters or should i just skip straight to MAP? how do i convert and do i need a map sensor regardless with a stock computer??

second goes the fuel system, i plan on running a 340lph intank for now and keeping the fox body lines. i found adapters like these Russell Performance 644110 - Russell Push-On EFI Fittings - Overview - and i found this LS1 Fuel Filter/Regulator Kit - Speedway Motors, America's Oldest Speed Shop

from what i can gather, ill be able to use the stock fox body hardlines and run a braided line to that pressure reg/filter and run braided to the rails? correct?

those are all the questions i can think of for now if i have anymore ill ask! thanks guys!


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