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3d Annual Blueridge Parkway GTG & Cruise, 5/17/2008 on Saturday.

Sponsors so far:

Mach1 Preformance -
JLT Preformnace -
Blue Oval Industries -
Mickey Thompson -
Summit Racing -
Griots Garage -
Jeggs -

Meeting spot - Pantops Shopping center. Try and get here before 10:00am. If you miss us then call my cell phone to find out where we are. 1-434-531-2147, Mike

Look for a Black Z71 Chevy Tahoe with a Summit Racing banners hanging off of it and 4 NASCAR Type flags flying.

This is a map quest for the Food Lion.

Last car needs to leave the parking lot at 11:00am
I64 West 1/2 hour
Blueridge Parkway South - 1 1/2 - 2 hours
60 East to Amherst- 1/2 hour
Amherst - There is an Exxon, a McDonalds and a Food lion with a Deli. We will all meet back up to the Food Lion Parking lot. Last car to leave parking lot should be at 2:00pm.
29 North - 1 hour
I64 east - 10 min
I 20 South - 10 min
Monticello. by 3:30pm
Dinner Cheese Cake Factory,Short Pump Mall Richmond. 7pm

For thoes going to PAS you would follow 04VAMach1 and continue on 60 east from Amherst to Richmond.

Blueridge parkway map:
I know the head guy there very well so I hope to get us some special treatment like discounts, our own tours an maybe our own afterhours tour. They close at 5:00pm but was going to see about them staying open just for us.
They always have quite a collection of Mustangs and love to talk about them. They are willing to give us a discount on the dyno...3 pulls with AF for $65 (normally $75), and will knock off another $5 if we have more than 9 cars.

Cheesecake Factory

Hotels by Short Pump Mall:

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