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]I have a 1991 complete 5.0 EFI stock motor (except cam, I am not sure which cam). I bought this motor that was in a Factory Five car and was running perfectly (very few miles I was informed). My intention was to build a stroker from this motor and install it in my Factory Five car. I changed my mind and now it is sitting in my garage COMPLETELY DISASSEMBLED. I had the motor checked at a machine shop and the specs were all good. I know of nothing defective with this motor! This is a great project motor.
It has been awhile sense I have visited this site, but I had bought some stuff here and was happy with the the results.
This will be a face to face deal, I prefer not to ship.

I am not a gear head, but will answer any questions to the best of my ability.

Total cost $450.00

Thanks, Glen

I live in Harford County, Md.
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