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Hi there, I've been learning from this and many other forums for the last 3 years whilst building my dream car.

Hoping for some opinions on my custom cam for my build. I have the cam, however my engine builder is shortly starting on the engine, the engine build and transmission are being outsourced, expensive things to mess up 馃憤. His opinion is its too mild a grind for my goals.

On the cam sheet I listed my Complete build, plus goal of street/strip usage, 525hp/tq.

Build as follows

67 stang
10.44 to 1 compression
95 Ron uk petrol/gas
1974 351 block stroked to 408
6208 long tube headers 1 3/4"
Weiand stealth intake (to keep under stock indicator hood)
3" dual exhaust
Lunati hyd link lifters
Crane cams gold rockers
770cfm Street avenger ultra carb
Truetrac 3.25 diff
3/8 fuel line, Victor mech fuel pump with regulator
AFR 205 58cc heads

The custom comp cam supplied, bearing in mind I wanted to get over the 500 hp/tq Mark at the crank has the following details. I'd appreciate some opinions on whether this will be sufficient to achieve what I want. I'd rather deal with it now if it's confirmed the grind will fall short.

Cam sheet in picture

Any feedback welcome, it's been a long hard 3 years but getting there now, nearly finished.


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Go post this in the 5.0 / 5.8 tech forum under Windsor tech and you will get a much better response.

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I鈥檓 no help, but awesome car!!

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Seems a little light on lift, but the duration looks spot on. That combo shouldn't have any problem hitting 525hp, it's similar to a lot of builds you read on here....BUT, the Weiand Stealth Intake is not a popular choice for the HP you're going for. It is optimized for a 351ci, so I feel like it's going to run out of breath by 5,000 and might hold back from hitting your goals. Guys on here that are making that power usually are running a Victor Jr. at the very least. It will be torquey as hell though...

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for what you want, this is a good overall build. the cam should do quite well in the mid range rpms, and the extra cubes will handle the low end nicely. as for the intake, its a good choice to keep the stock hood. i think this motor should hit the marks you have set.
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