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Wow I've been looking at threads all morning, sooo much good info!

Here's my story, bought the car last year, ran 14.5 and got sick of the stock 302. So I threw it out.

Going in: 400 SBC!!!:drool: Its about a 5K dollar motor, steel crank, dart heads, victory SR intake, 750 carb and so on...

Using an AJE k-member, lower control arms and trans mount (yep, 1k down the hole) Fuel cell and black pump are in to keep volume up. Be cool rad is on order as well as j/y e-fan setup.

I have frame connectors, coils, trailing arms and fuel pressure regulator on the way.

IS THERE ANYTHING IM MISSING??????????????????????????

Also, how have people done their wiring? I know I only need power to the ignition box and the pump, but Im trying to keep everything working (lights and such)

I've only ever seen this one, and this is my first engine swap project (done 302-302 before, but never this.)
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