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Ok, finally did 5 lug swap and the rims and tires are ready to sell.

I decided not to use the brand spanking new kumho's i just bought for those rims. The bullitts i'm using also came with new tires so i'll just use those.

Tires are Kumho 712's 245/45/17 and have LESS than 500 miles on them.

Rims are 17x9 Reproduction 4 Lug Cobra R's. Both passenger rims have a lil bit of curb rash, drivers sides are perfect. I'll throw in the locks and lugnuts if u want. The finish on the rims is not faded or scratched up.

The tires are static balanced with stick on weights on the inside, so no nasty weights can be seen.

This is the rim with the worst curb rash, its not even that bad and not noticible unless ur up close to it

Prefer Local Sale only, area code 90716 southern california (close to 405 and 605)

700 bux takes it.
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