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I have a built long block here from a 97 cobra..
Not sure miles or who built it, I drove the car ran fine it seemed to, had a vortech on it also, he said it smoked all I saw was rich when you went WOT thinking tune, might have heard light noise in valvetrain but I am not sure if it’s the better cams or not, has supercar cams, basically listing a running engine for what parts are worn in case someone has to go through it, as is no warranty, I don’t sell junk and will provide the best I can
Teksid block
8 bolt forged Kellogg crank
Manley dish pistons
Arp main studs
Side bolt kit
Arp Head studs
C heads
GT Supercar Cams
Car ran and drove, I Have video also
3600.00 obo cash picked up 44138 Ohio text for pics 440-476-4114
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