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got a deal on a new on3 kit for a 351w and lookin for a cam for it. I already have a stock 1982 rebuilt 351w with the stock bathtub pistons, football rods,stock crank and I plan on buying the nkb heads from skip white. only OTS turbo cams I found were from crower. anyone know of any other cam companies that offer something?? not really interested in a custom deal at this time,budget build build.

any thoughts on this cam ---

Ford Hydraulic Flat Tappet Camshaft

Part Number: 15939

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Ford - 351W (5.8 L), 302 (5.0L), 302 SVO & 351 SVO
Performance level - Turbomaster - Intended for turbocharged hot street/strip and marine use. This cam offers extended rpm’s on upper bottom and top.
INT/EXH - Dur @ .050” Lift: 226°/210° RR: 1.6/1.6 Gross Lift: .486”/.462” LSA: 114° RPM: 2000 to 6500 Redline: 6500
1 - 3 of 3 Posts