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Hi all,

I'm looking to put some new wheels on my GT and I found a guy on FB selling a set of five early s197 GT500 SVT wheels. He bought them thinking he could put them on his Toyota Tundra, yeah seriously... needless to say I was able to negotiate to a very, VERY favorable price. I'm just wanting to double check that these wheels will fit a 2012 GT, I am currently running the OEM 18s with 235/55r18s, I think the wheels are 8/8.5 inches wide. The SVT wheels are 18x9.5s, I calculated that a 295/40r18 tire would be 0.1% larger in diameter which would not mess with the speedometer that much, I have read that you can run 295s on 9.5 wheels is this correct? Could I run them in a square setup? This is going to be my interim setup while I do other work on the car and save up for the wheels I want.

My eventual setup is going to be Fiberglass Mafia or similar fender flares and Revolve AVPD. 0119 19x9.5/10.5 wheels, NO I AM NOT going to slam it, maybe lowered... like barely, going for a road race/rally look. The only issue I see with those wheels is that they have a 22+ offset, stock is somewhere between 35-55+ then again this may play well with the widebody.

So back to the point would 295/40r18s on 18x9.5 SVT 2009 GT500 wheels fit in a square setup on a 2012 GT?
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