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Hey everyone! I was hoping to get some advice in regard to a build I am planning on doing in the future.

I will be getting a 2012 GT with 3.73 gears this winter, and was considering what kind of aftermarket modifications I will be making to this vehicle. I've decided I would be going for a twin turbo setup initially, running a stock bottom end - I'm not wanting to make insane horsepower initially, making a build that is buildable over time (such as limiting boost initially, so that it is safe on stock internals.) This car is going to primarily for street use and daily driving, probably never seeing a drag strip.

With some if my research on the subject, I've found that 3.73 gears aren't advisable for a turbocharged setup, and that a supercharger is recommended over it. However, being the turbo fanboy that I am, I'm looking for ways to make it work. In my research, I've found that running taller tires can help make the gearing a little more preferable for a turbocharged application. I'm also trying to find the correct (if probably a little unconventional) turbo sizing that'll spool fast and make peak boost throughout the quick rev range that a 3.73 rear offers, without being excessively restrictive.

Is this feasible, or is this a pipe dream? Any advice you guys can offer is much appreciated, :). Thank you.
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