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First off, this will be our first kit with the MAF housing incorporated into the tube in both Carbon Fiber and Plastic versions. This makes for a smooth interior and a smooth look to the tube itself. Carbon Fiber kit will be released first.

We have been putting miles on our prototype 112mm kit for a few weeks now and drivability is great and power is awesome.
Early testing showed gains of 25-30 RWHP with our CAI and tune, but we have more testing to come. If you see more “claimed” by others, ask them how. Also look over the dyno sheets real good for low number baseline runs or no dyno sheets at all.

We also have a huge ABC plastic airbox that uses the factory intake air duct from the grille. We also took it a step further and added a weather strip that seals it to the hood.

We totally reformed the intake for a smooth air path and overall look. We even took the interior sound tube into consideration. Some want it and some don’t, so we moved it to the inside and center of the tube. Caps will be provided so you can remove the tube and cap the fitting in the JLT tube. Because we lowered the fitting, when it’s capped it’s less noticeable at most angles looking into the engine compartment.

All JLT CAI kits will have all parts for manual and automatic, same part #. Automatic tubes need an additional fitting, which we provide. The fittings are Milled from solid billet aluminum and all you need to do is drill a ½” hole (we show you where) in the tube, install the supplied grommet, fitting and you’re done.

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pm for price!
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