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Picking up a 2007 GT500 black vert on Friday if all goes well.

It does not have the newer damper or clutch system.

has 32,000 miles.

My first plan is to get the LMR clutch kit. How do I check, or what am I looking for as far as tranny damage? I have read alot of posts about the tranny issues, I am not sure if its the tranny or the clutch or both that I have to watch for?.

Second plan is I have a line on a trinity blower and CAI. What parts do I need to install on an 07 besides the evap tube? I assume I need better injectors as well?

Pretty pumped about this, I have always wanted one and will be selling my 73 Mach 1, as it is possibly the scariest most impractical car I have ever built.
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