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I posted this up on SVTP a week or so ago so I thought I would throw it up on here as well I had been wanting to buy a house and was going to in 4-5 months since the one I want has had NOBODY interested....well things happened I guess and someone put an offer on the house I am wanting, so the car has to go ASAP. I DO NOT WANT to sell the car, but as responsibilities have taken a different route in life I have to do these. I'm only 24 so I will one day own one once again!

This is a STEAL OF A DEAL right now....

If you want to see if this car or I am legitimate, look me up on under "cobramac" as well. My whole build thread and anything else is on there. Also here is the link to my for sale ad on there so you can see how amazing the car really is and what people think of it who have seen it and ridden in it:
FS: Twin Turbo Cobra, Fully Built, Show Car - SVTPerformance

Car is back up for sale for 3 days on whoever bids on it gets it. This is a freaking STEAL at this price for an AMAZING cobra. Ridiculously ####ty I have to do this but I have to have the rest of the down payment to make an offer within 10 days. My loss is your gain. Good luck.

Ford : Mustang - eBay (item 200585272073 end time Mar-13-11 03:46:10 PDT)

I Just finished the build of this car about two months ago (I'm constantly changing things with the car to make it better :D ). I've driven it a bunch since it has been finished and had a GREAT time with it already. This car is not only a street monster but basically a show car as well. Car was originally a DD when stock, but for the past 2 years the car has been garage kept. The convertible top STILL looks BRAND new...and doesn't have the billow effect some do. Car is driven MAYBE once every 2 weeks. Car has NEVER been to the track

Car is a 2003 Terminator. Body of the car has 73,XXX miles on it. Pretty much the only thing stock on this car is the tranny and parts of IRS. I will probably forget to add a bunch of mods in this so if you have any questions, ask away.

Have receipts for EVERYTHING. I have a HUGE folder.

MMR Street Mod 1000 shortblock. Engine has 1,500 miles on it.

*9.0:1 Compression ratio
*Brand New Cast Iron, current production 03/04 Supercharged Cobra Block, torque plate bored & honed
*New 1200+HP 4340 Forged 3.543 stroke Cobra Crankshaft w/micro polished journals
*New 4340 5.933 Manley H-beam Rods w/ARP bolts (These US made rods are shotpeened, magnafluxed and weight matched to bring the finest H-beam rod available for the 4.6)
*New Forged MMR/Manley or Diamond pistons 3.552 Bore size (High or low compression)
*Speed Pro file fit rings (precision file fit to my application: turbo)
*Speed Pro/Federal Mogul Rod and Main bearings
*Complete Pro Assembly and Balancing for the smoothest, highest revving shortblock available.
*MMR block side bolts
*ARP Main/Head studs
*Felpro Head gaskets

-Evenflow Gen II head cooling mod
-Stock 03/04 heads but updated to newer design (have 13,000 miles on heads).
-Powered by Ford coil covers
-01 Cobra upper and lower intake.
-Moroso oil breather with XRP fittings
-Brand new stock 2001 alternator
-Brand new water pump
-Optima yellow top battery relocated to trunk with Taylor Battery Relocation kit

-Stock T56...was replaced under warranty at 48,000 miles. So low miles as well (receipts showing everything)
-Ram HD Clutch. Easily holds the power. Has 2,000 miles on it.
-Fiore Firewall adjuster and quadrant
-Brand new 2001 cobra clutch cable

-QA1 coil-overs in front
-QA1 K-member
-H&R Super Sport springs in the rear
-Billetflow differential brace

-Full return style fuel system. Modified fuel hat with dual 255lph walbro pumps. Upgrading next week to a Fore triple 255lph walbro fuel hat with -10 feed line and -8 return line
-Aeromotive regulator
-CPR fuel rails
-All XRP lines and fittings
-60lb fuel injectors (easily enough to make over 800whp according to Greg at RET)

-Straight pipe from turbos to magnaflow magnapacks. Sounds like the car would be ridiculously loud, but at idle it isn't bad at allll.

Power Adder:
-HP Twin Turbo kit with 57mm Garrett turbos.
-Dual Turbonetics raptor blow-off valves
-Duel tial 38mm wastegates
-Currently having custom downpipes being made for the car
-Custom oil sump
-Moroso oil scavenge pump
-XRP oil feed/return lines
-Function 7 restrictors
-Blitz ID-III electronic boost controller (amazingggg)

-MMR rear seat delete
-Corbeau CR1 seats
-Silver painted interior pieces
-SOS dual gauge pillar
-Speedhut fuel pressure gauge
-Speedhut boost/vacuum gauge
-Autometer steering column gauge pod
-Innovate Motorsports DB Series Wideband Gauge Kit with LC-1 wideband

-Custom Dyno Tune from RET

-Smoked headlights with clear corners
-Smoked foglights
-Smoked tail light overlay
-Car has ALL XRP fittings and lines
-Complete wrinkle black powder-coating of all engine parts...even including fuel rails and coolant crossover.
-True Forged hood vents
-Polished tailpipes

Wheels and Tires:
-True Forged 18x9, 18x11 3-piece Victorys with satin black centers and lips, polished assembly bolts and center caps (will be putting on black center caps to see how they look this week).
-BFG 315/30/18 DRs

The motor was broken in according to specs from the builders. The car was dyno'd right after the motor was broken in. We were losing fuel pressure so we didn't push it to the max (why the triple hat is going in). The new fuel hat will allow 1,200whp easily.

Car made 716rwhp/696rwtq on 19#'s of boost with only 13* of timing (being extremely safe on the new motor). With the new fuel hat and sullivan upper/lower, car will easily make 800whp. Have dyno sheets and vids of all proof as well.

Here's a little video to hear what the car sounds wastegates:

Here's some pics of the you can see no expense was spared

Rolling shot of the car taken this past Sunday!

Engine with no natural light shining on it

Engine with the sunlight shining on it

True Forged hood vents:

Pic taken into the paint of the car:

Just recently tinted the windows as well, so here's how it looks now:

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