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I am looking at adding NOS to my Mach 1 motor, but I do not know what to but with the kit. Can someone help me?

A little about my motor:
- 03 Mach1 4v with roughly 80k miles
- 90mm MAF from Lightning
- PaceSetter Longtubes
- Custom Catted X-Pipe
- Boral Roush Side Exhaust Mufflers
- 65mm Dual Blade TB
- Intake Manifold Spacer
- Stock Fuel Injectors
- Stock T-45
- Luke Pro Gold Stage 2 Clutch
- 4.10 Gears, 31-Spline Trac-Lock and 31-Spline Yokun Axles

Not sure how much of this is relevant, but this is what I have done minus some suspension add ons.

The kit I would be purchasing is from

99-01 Cobra, 03-04 Mach 1 Mustang 4Valve Soft Line Plate System

I know that I will be buying a 10lb bottle and if I can find a 15lb cheap I will buy that.

But here is where I am lost and do not know what to add.

1.) Purge Kit
- Nitrous Outlet Big Show 4AN
- Nitrous Outlet Big Show 6AN
- Nitrous Outlet 4AN
- Nitrous Outlet 6AN
- X-Series 4AN
- X-Series 6AN

2.) Fuel Pressure Gauge (I have an autometer fuel pressure gauge so would I need this gauge?)
- 1/8 NPT Low Pressure Gauge
- Low Pressure Gauge w/ 4AN Manifold
- Low Pressure Gauge w/ 6AN Manifold
- 1/8 NPT High Pressure Gauge
- High Pressure Gauge 4AN Manifold
- High Pressure Gauge 6AN Manifold

3.) Nitrous Pressure Gauge
- 1/8 NPT Nitrous Pressure Gauge
- Nitrous Pressure Gauge w/ 4AN Manifold
- Nitrous Pressure Gauge w/ 6AN Manifold
- 1/8 NPT Digital Inline Nitrous Pressure Gauge
- Digital Inline Nitrous Pressure Gauge 4AN Manifold
- Digital Inline Nitrous Pressure Gauge 6AN Manifold

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personally, if i was gonna buy their kit, i would just call them and ask about those options... Dave and his crew should have someone that can guide you thru the purchase, even if your buying online.

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let me follow my last comment up by saying this... im sure everyone here will do anything we can to help you with whatever you end up buying, BUT if i was looking for a nitrous kit and asking about them on given forum, i would see what company has a rep that is easily found and active on that forum, since thats where i planned on coming for advice. Nitrous Outlet has some nice stuff as does Nitrous Express. Nitro Dave (nitrous outlet) is a member here, but hasnt been active since 2012 (last post), Nitrous Express is represented here by Garrett, he is very helpful and may be able to give you a "forum Discount". i know im always suggesting people use Garrett, that just because i want everyone to have as good of an experience using juice as i have with his help. the following link is to the products NX has for the Mach, personally i would at least contact Garrett and ask what he thought i needed and what he could do... you owe it to yourself.

Nitrous Express
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