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Here is the start of my build. Pics will be posted as I get them uploaded.

5.4 DOHC
Built shortblock mahler flat tops, Manley h beams With arp 2000 rod bolts, forged crank, h bearings, all arp hardware. Navigator heads cleaned up and gone through with Sean hyland dual race valve springs and retainers with 03/04 Cobra Cams
Sullivan Intake single blade accufab
Electric water pump
Sfi balancer
New tensioner and idler pulley
All brand new sensors and timing equipment
Moroso 7 qt aluminum pan
All covers powdercoated red, black (timing cover)
Fluidyne Radiator
SPAL electric fan


Phils abs delete block
Aerospace engineering manual booster
New rotors and pads all the way around with painted red calipers


Qa1 tubular k member
Eibach drag springs
QA1 adjustables in front
Qa1 adjustables out back
Full length sub frame connectors
UPR pro series suspension (double adjustables) with anti roll bar
No sway bars


Flaming River Manual Rack with Manual Steering Shaft


Matte Black Bullitts 315/35/17s out back


PA supercomp C4
Sfi bell and flex
TCI pro x converter flashes at 4000 on the brake
Aluminum driveshaft with safety loop
Deep trans pan
Locking dipstick
Ratchet shifter underneath stock boot


Rear seat delete
SOS gauge pod
Electric oil pressure fuel pressure and trans temp, boost
AEM wideband


3 inch cowl hood
03/04 Cobra Front

Rear end

3.73 gears
31 spline strange axles with c clip eliminators
31 spline eaton trak-lok
Ta rear girdle


Magnafuel Fuel Pump
80 lb injectors
Sullivan Rails
Return line system

Turbo Setup

Precision HP76GTS Billet Wheel 1.00 a/r
Tial 50mm BOV
Precision 46mm Wastegate
31 x 13 x 4 CX Racing Intercooler

Going for 1000 rwhp!

Pics are located on photobucket

Pictures by redmach2k3 - Photobucket

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I dunno how good those PA C4 transmissions are but I had mine built with a goal of 1000rwhp and they used allot of billet pieces and extra clutchs and a bunch of other stuff that I dont see that PA uses. I don't even trust my trans at 830rwhp, If you already have it eff it just go with it, it has a lifetime warranty :) but if you havent yet bought it and this is a track only car I would look into a glide or at least a th400.

Post some more pictures :) looks nice so far.

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Hopefully that 1.00 AR will work out for you and not take till Christmas to spool

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doubt you will hit 1000Rw with an auto and the fuel setup you have listed...the 80lb injectors alone will hinder you...

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If your wanting to stick with stock cams, i'd try to find some 96-98 cobra cams. They're alittle more agressive.

Looks like it should be a helluva ride.

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Agree with longstroke, kinda.

Atleast get a set of 96-98 cobra INTAKE cams. All of the 4V exhaust cams are similar.

A 5.4 with Navi heads and 03-04 Cobra a very bad combo.

You may make 1000rwhp.....but it will take a ton of boost to get there with 185 duration cams....

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We swapped the intake cams today 96-98 cobras going in. Should be alright until I have cash for custom turbo cams
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