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Perfect opportunity to supercharge any 11-16 Coyote 5.0 engine, Mustang, F150, or any coyote swapped build !
I've been collecting these parts for a while, but have since sold the coyote car.

Parts included:

-2.3 VMP TVS Supercharger headunit with elbow, and GT500 Throttle body, new 79mm pulley installed USED Approx 8k miles.
-Roush Lower intake manifold with intercooler BRAND NEW fits 11-16 (lower version)
-Roush idler bracket BRAND NEW
-FRPP 47LB injectors USED
-FORE Coyote 5.0 fuel rails BRAND NEW
-OEM Ford 13-14 GT500 heat exchanger
-OEM GT500 stock intake tube with FRPP inlet tube.

Stock Mustang belt routing will require a Roush tensioner bracket, and obviously intercooler pump, hoses, and reservoir, roughly $500 (using new upgraded parts, probably less if used).

Price is $3300 + shipping + paypal

Also available for the coyote swapped cars, brand new Power By the Hour SC version alternator bracket with hardware, and 5.0 alternator.

Price is $400 + shipping + paypal.

Onto pictures:

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