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1986 mustang 4 Cyl coupe
Runs good take a little while to idle if you don't start driving right away. Some of the maint I have done to it since I have owned it all of this has less then 1000 miles.
Moog ball joints, tie rod ends, new power steering rack, newer front and rear struts, changed Trans oil and filter, new timken front wheel bearings and seals
I put in a 8.8 out of a v8 car, I also put in v8 front and rear brakes. I was planing on v8 swapping the car and for the right price I can include a 86 v8 wiring harness. The interior needs new carpet and headliner. This would be a great project and it still is perfectly driveable as is.
Lincoln ne
$1800. If you want it to be cheaper I can take the ponys off and put on some 10 holes with tires that hold air.
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