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I have owned this car for about 3 years and now that I have a family I do not have time to work on it or take it out racing anymore.

I would like to trade it for something a little more stock, fuel injected, quieter and nicer paint. SOME cash on top if I need to.

These pics were just taken with the car in my garage, I can not take it outside right now because the little on is asleep. If there are more/better pics needed please let me know and I will do my best to get them.

I am located in Lincoln NE

Looking to trade for a mustang with fuel injection and preferably push rod motor.

I will put the outright sale price at $3500.

I have receipts for MOST of the parts listed, or they have tags or part numbers visible.

Most of the work done on this car was by PO, however I did the heads, electric cooling fan, roller rockers, spring kit in heads.

8.8 rear end with 3.73 gears
World Class T5
M.7563.B302 Pressure Plate
M.7550.X302 Clutch Disk
New throw out bearing.
Ford F303 Cam
Stock block from an f-150 YYY stamped
Stock? lifters
Edelbrock 1791 electric fuel pump
Shift light
MSD 6AL ignition
Griffin GRI-510 radiator
HPM.5520.DZ Mega-Bite JR lower control arms
HPM.5535.CZ HD Upper control arms
From the receipt the block was machined at Mullenax Auto Supple in Nebraska City
TRW-L2488F30 Pistons
All new bearings, pistons rings etc. I have the PNs for all the parts.
BBK 1-5/8" full length headers.
2.5' OR H pipe MAC TF7993
3" through dumped mufflers
Sub frame connectors
drive shaft loop
Edelbrock Performer RPM intake
Edelbrock Thunder series 650 CFM carb
MSD Billet distributor with brass gear
Edelbrock E Street heads with 1.90" intake valves (5023 PN)
Valve spring kit from Ed Curtis at FTI
Scorpion 1.72 7/16" shaft mount roller rockers
ARP head bolts, intake bolts, 7/16" rocker arm shafts

Nitto drag radials
Manual steering rack
pony rims

This car does need work, paint, body work. It runs pretty well but needs to have a good tune done.

Runs well at WOT even thought the air/fuel is around 11.0:1
It does go a little lean from idle or partial throttle to WOT.
I have some of the interior plastic, window trim, inner wheel plastic to
go back into the car. I just do not have time to work on it right now.

Has a fiberglass hood on it. Also have the stock hood and a new passenger side fender for the car.

I am sorry for the disorganized add! The baby is sleeping right now so I am trying to get this posted while I can.

I will do my best to answer any questions.



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