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84 Mercury Capri Road Race Roller
Asking $7000 obo (the wheels alone cost more than that!)
This was a drag car that I took apart and replaced all suspension components. The plan was to LS1/T56 swap the car, but life gets in the way and I'm moving this summer to Austin. The plan was to take this car to road courses, so the components were selected for that.

Interior is stripped, but I could include the carpet and panels that I have around in porno red (Also have a dyed black interior panel set I believe..). No seats.

The outside was recently repainted and is a pretty good job. I may end up having someone finish the project though - so if you know anyone that does good work and is reasonably priced - let me know!

It basically has a Maximum Motorsports Max Grip package which is $4800 new and it was FURTHER upgraded with:
Maximum Motorsports race valved struts (MM3) and uprated Hypercoil springs to match
MM Upper shock mounts: Fronts: 450lb, 10", 2.5 diameter; Rear: 350lb, 8", 2.25 diameter.
Maximum Motorsports heavy duty torque arm (main tube and crossmember)
Maximum Motorsports rear upper shock mounts

Most components are new, some have 275 miles on them.

Maximum Motorsports XL powder coated subframe connectors
Maximum Motorsports Caster and Camber Plates
Maximum Motorsports Standard offset Tubular A-Arms
Maximum Motorsports 4.6L K-member MMKM-2.1
Maximum Motorsports Heavy Duty Torque Arm (needs some welding)
Maximum Motorsports Extreme Duty Rear Lower Control Arms
Maximum Motorsports Panhard Bar (needs some welding)
Maximum Motorsports Race Valved Struts/Shocks MM3 / Hypercoil Springs
Maximum Motorsports Rear Upper Shock Mount
Flaming River Quick Ratio Manual Steering Rack
Maximum Motorsports Aluminum Steering Rack Bushings
Maximum Motorsports Solid Steering Shaft
Maximum Motorsports Bumpsteer Kit
96+ spindles with New OEM Ford Hubs, extended lugs. 5 lug
Maximum Motorsports Front Sway Bar (1-1/8" OD) (all sway bars and hardware)
Maximum Motorsports Front Sway Bar Relocation Kit
Maximum Motorsports Front Sway Bar Bushings for use with relocation kit
Maximum Motorsports Front Sway Bar End Links, Lowered, 1979-93
Maximum Motorsports Adjustable Rear Sway Bar, 3/4" solid bar
Maximum Motorposrts XL Series Full-length Subframe Connectors (not installed)

Rear end:
8.8 Rear End:
Trick Flow Rear End Girdle
Ford Racing 3.73 gear and pinion
Torsen T2R limited slip differential, 31 spline
Strange S/S 31 spline axles with ARP extended studs
5-lug conversion
Rear Cobra Brakes with Hawk HTC60s

7 Forgeline WC3R's 18x8.5? 18x10 +43.5 +47 (track use, not pretty)
4 are wrapped in Michelin Pilot Super Sports. will need to have appropriate spacers rubbing as it sits right now.

Things I have that can negotiated in with the car:
LS1 / T56
LS1 dry sump system
HO fibertrends 1979-1986 Capri 2 1/2 Inch Cowl Induction Hood
GT500 Brembo Brakes with Stock GT500 Pads
14" Brembo Rotors
Vintage Venom GT500 kit
Maximum Motorsports rear stainless steel braided brake lines (MMBK2P)
Brake Line Adapter Kit, Rear disc Conversion, 1979-93 Mustang (MMBAK-1)
Wilwood brake proportioning valve (BPV-1)
93 Cobra Brake booster and Master Cylinder
CNC 412 Hand brake 3/4" Bore
Ron davis radiator
Saleen Air dam, bumper, side skirts


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Don't know your situation, but Austin is a phenomenal place to have a sports car. Year round good weather, and beautiful twisty roads in all directions.

Put a stock motor and trans in it and drive it daily. I see stock used motors on c-list for $500 all day long here.

Besides, Texas is very fond of foxbody cars. You may be able to make money by selling it here.

Just my $.02
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