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This is actually an '83 with the newer style conversion done back in the late '90s when it was cool. The paint is about 15 years old, so it does have a few scratches here and there, some war wounds, but no dents. The car has always been kept in the garage. I've ran it couple times this year after replacing the whole fuel system with all new lines. Runs 7.0s consistently and have ran a 6.99 in the 1/8th. It's just a fun car that will eventually rot in my garage because I hardly race anymore. Time for something new... I'm going to probably leave out a lot, but i'll do my best. If you have any questions, call or email me: 214-206-6384

Aeromotive pump, regulator (return style), and filter
1/2" aluminum front back to front
#8 steel braid from front to back (return)

rear -
9" (standard width) with full spool and 4.56 gears
33 spline Moser axles
11" Drum brakes
UPR Double upper adjustables
UPR Single lower adjustables
Eibach drag springs with bag
50/50 Comp Eng Shocks
front -
Tubular K-member
AJE Tubular A-arms
90/10 Lakewood struts
UPR coil over kit
Global west caster/camber plates
sn95 brake conversion
Baer rotors
steel braided caliper lines

Drag Stars with 28x10.5 M/T slicks in the back and M/T front runners

Mallory Hyfire IV w/ staging control
Dedenbear Delay box
8-point cage
RCI seat and harness

351c - 15:1 Compression
Extreme port and polish on 4V heads; port matched to Torquer Intake
Roller cam and Rockers (My apologies, I don't have the specs on the cam)
Childs and Albert Aluminum rods and pistons
Hedman Headers
and more...

Powerglide with J/W casing and housing
TCI 5K stall with balloon plates
Manual valve body

And more... $10,500obo

I have a Photobucket full of pics and build to send upon request

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