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What I have is a real 1983 GT convertible, black exterior and top with red interior. Please note I purchased this car for the 408W it had with the intent to sell it after I pulled the engine. That's the reason for the sale.

Here's the details:

108K on chassis

88K on 5.0 roller shortblock
TFS Stage 1 cam
Refreshed GT40P's with 3K, TFS drop in springs
Knock off Eddie Performer RPM intake
4160 Holley, big carter fuel pump and Holley regulator
Flowtech Longtubes with H pipe
Dynomax super turbos
Taurus electric fan and SN95 cobra radiator

T5 from SN95, mileage unknown but no leaks, noises, etc
Valeo stock replacement clutch

5 lug conversion, Cobra brakes up front, 95GT 8.8 rearend, 3.08's, new pads
New edge 5 spoke wheels, nearly new Toyo's rear, factory goodyears on the front

Full load of Maximum Motorsports goodies:
Coilovers front and rear, Bilsteins
CC plates, chrome strut tower brace (not installed)
Frt tubular lower control arms
Rear tubular lower control arms, Panhard set up
Kenny Brown extreme subframe connectors

160MPH speedometer
Glenns Performance sleeper fuel tank
SN95 front seats, recovered with red leather, included the "halo" headrests, drivers is power
Power windows
Headlights are bosch replacements wired up on relays. Nice and bright
4 point roll bar
The car is pretty darn rust free, I will get some pics of the questionable areas.

Low points:
Paint is decent, especially for black, however the drivers fender is showing some sun damage
The rear corners of the quarter panels have some body filler, I do believe the drains from the convertible top are big contributors to that
Heater core leaks
It is an AC car but I only have the compressor
The radio and console clock do not work, the indicator lights do
Rear windows need adjusted
The top has seen better days for sure, the stitching on the lower outside portion of the rear window have pulled loose
Weatherstripping is original and has seen better days

I just got the engine in and running and am still tuning the carb, I do have a WB O2 so I should be able to get it dialed in pretty good.

I don't have pics yet, but will by the weekend (hopefully). Located near Peoria, IL. I am starting it at $4500.

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Is it still available? How well is it running now that you have the carb dialed-in?
Never got the WB on it, he sensor will not fit in the mounting location the O2 went in (previous install). It does however seem to run well using the typical vacuum gauge tuning. Initially I was having a fuel pressure issue that has since been fixed by installing the regulator.
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