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I hope this is in the right place, because it is a part out and not a complete car. I'd be happy to delete it, or have the mods move it wherever might be more appropriate.

I have a 1983 Ford Mustang with large cosmetic damage to the left rear quarter panel. I have been using it as a donor car for another project. It is mostly complete, minus engine and transmission, plus an assortment of additional spare parts. Clean title.

Car details:
Repainted two tone orange and black
7.5 limited slip rear diff
4-lug hubs and rear drum brakes
Pony wheels
Red Interior
Aftermarket 4-spoke steering wheel
No radio

Parts I have taken from the car:
Front Control Arms /A Arms
Clutch cable
E-Brake Cable
Some brake lines
Steering Column

Additional parts:
Factory mustang 5 spoke 5 lug wheels
Two hoods
4-eye headlight assembly
Two blue front seats
Blue rear bench
Blue door cards/interior panels
New left rear quarter panel
87+ dash.

More pictures available upon request, all parts best offer. I just want to clean out my garage, shell will be crushed in about a month.

Email me at: [email protected]
Call/Text: 317-443-5673
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