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My father bought this car in '83 at a local dealership with 800 miles on it. He was the second owner. I am the third.

It was stored in a garage more than half its life. My father would only drive it in the summer. Then he stopped driving it completly around '86, and left it in the garage, started it up ever few months untill 2003 when I put it on the road and started driving it just about everyday.

I have all the original paper work from the dealer. even from the first owner. Owners manual, service books even build sheet. I do not have window stickers.

I don't know the OFFICAL millage on the car, beacuse my father installed an FMS 8.8 complete rear axle with 3:73's rather than the stock 3.08's and never changed the speedo gear. so millage reads alot higher than what it should. THAN I burnt the cable on the dual exhaust conversion so I have no speedo. Then I swapped a 140 Speedometer in from the junkyard, planning on replacing speedo cable.....never corrected millage, than went to inspection, DOH!!! so 'LEGALY' milage is alot higher now. If i had to give an estimate....50-70k?
I just freshend up the motor with all new gaskets, oil pump and sent the heads out to my machine shop to be cleaned out shaved and valve job

Ford Motorsport 8.8 Complete rear with 3.73's
BBK Equal Length Shortie Chrome Headers (Have original Manifolds WITH metal Heat Riser covers)
Stock 88GT H-Pipe
Flowmaster Cat-Back system
Lincoln Mark VII front brake calipers
'88GT Spindals & Slotted Rotors
'86 SVO Master Cylinder
'88 Thunderbird Turbocoupe Wheels (Have a pair of TRX's with studded snow tires, NOT origianls, Not like the car is driven in the snow or anything but they were given to me, couldent turn em' down)
'93 Style Quater Windows. (Have original louvers and glass. Misplaced trim)
Ford Motorsport 140 MPH Speedometer (have original 85MPH speedo)
'90 Black Sport (Lumbar) Cloth Front Seats (Have originals but pretty nasty)
Maximum Motorsports Clutch Quadrant and Firewall Adjuster (Stock cable used)
Radio Was removed, Factory speakers were dryrotted and removed. Speaker wire is intact.
Refregerant was converted to R134a and is ICE cold, Colder than any other car I've owned
Edelbrock Fuel Pump

The Bad:
Quater panels are starting to show rust on each side of wheels under body mouldings.
One fog light is cracked but works, one fog light has a bad connection and works when it wants. I just leave them off with the Marchal covers on them.
Rear defrost switch just stoped working (light does not come on, maybe just a connection)
Some headlamp lens are foggy but all work.
Needs corrected speedo gear and new speedo cable.
Duel exhaust conversion was never completly finished, Did not install the last tail pipe hanger, rattles a bit.
Hood, Top of fenders and cowl were refinshed before my father purchased the car and is now faded. Whole rest of the car is original single stage paint, It really needs an overall, but it still shines pretty nice with wax for 27 year old paint.
T-Tops leak (but thats obvious).
Clutch does chatter sometimes very very lightly, I never replaced the pilot bearing when I resurfaced the flywheel and installed a new clutch set.
S-ROD trans isn't the SMOOTHest trans around but does not grind or pop out of gears or anything.
I never touched the bottom end of engine when I cleaned it up so it does burn a little oil when using a lighter weight oil of 10w30
Rear wiper works great but I don't know how to use the rear washer fluid??
Rear hatch cargo cover does not spring return anymore.
Cardbord backing on door pannels are kind-of brittle.
Door lock actuators just stoped working. maybe switch, connection, fuse?
Drivers side rear floor was repaired, NOT for rust but a small area in the floor where rear part of seat bolts to cracked causing the seat to lean/rock a bit. That was repaired many years ago.

Thats all I can think of.....

Here she is a few years ago. Before I stupidly changed the quater glass. Took a trip down the shore ;)

Older pic..Searching for pictures as we speak...

If you have ANY questions about my car, PLEASE message me! I'm trying to be as honest as possible.
If you want me to take additional detailed pictures, again, let me know. I will gladly take as many pictures as needed.

The car and I are located in Central New Jersey (Piscataway)

[email protected]

I am Asking $4,200

I welcome resonable offers. Please do not message me offering $1,500, for example. We all know its worth a bit more than that.

Hope to hear from you soon.

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email me your contact info and if you still have the car in around the first of june we might try to work something out. I used to have a 82 model like this one but mine was originally silver and I painted it red. Mine had red interior and manual windows. These cars are getting very hard to come by and the only ones that look good are the t-top ones. Great price in my opinion. I want to do a full restore on one.

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im trying to sell a car right now.if yours is still available i will be interested.would you be scared to drive this car from new jersey to central ohio?or anywhere else for that matter?

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is car still for sale? If so I cant believe it. Great price, great car. Its too bad your so far away from me. I guess transport is an option but I just never like the idea of buying sight unseen, pics can hide alot as yours make the car look perfect minus the spots you highlighted.
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