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81 Capri looks like fox Mustang.
359" windsor
Forged TRW pistons
Ultradyne 518/541 cam
cast iron tfs high port heads (untouched)
victor jr intake (untouched)
Harland Sharp 1.6 roller rockers
hardened one piece comp cams push rods
canton pan
manual fuel pump
8.8:1 comp (87 octane if you want)
new alternator and voltage regulator
Taylor plug wires
1 3/4" Mac long tube

C4 trans
race master kit (fresh)
B&M 3500 10"stall converter
Hurst quarter stick
trans cooler
driveshaft loop

coil overs on front
anti roll bar in back (cross suspension concepts)
solid uppers and lowers (cross suspension concepts

[email protected] on M/t dr's on motor. Thats 11's in the 1/4 on 87 octane.
6.70's on 125 kit (hasnt been hosed since freshened up)
It loves n20, could spray 175-200, port the heads and intake and go a lot quicker. 6.20'- 30's easily.

$5500.oo..... Need to sell ASAP.


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where are you located?

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sure would look a lot nicer with the proper capri parts on it.
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