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Here we have a very rare Mustang Foxbody go kart. It is from th early 1980s and is one of two Mustang foxbody style karts that were produced in that era. The other being the 1979 Mustang Pacecar go kart(with i owned and sold). This body is in great shape and is very rare, i have done many years of swap meets in California and have not seen another one like it. As you can see in the pictures it is a clone of a Mustang Enduro, a Ford "MotorSports" Promo car from the 80s with many "Mustang Fans" have never heard of. It has a wide body just like the real car, This kart can also be made into a Mustang McLaren M81, as they both share the same body style.

Please look at the pictures, it is in great shape. I also included a picture of how the go kart looked when it was new with correct decals. This is a create attention grabber for any one who ownes a business and travels to carshow. They get a lot of attention, but this will be ideal for a person who owns 1of 2 MotorSports cars and wants to make a repilica.

Dont miss your chnace to own a part of Ford and Mustang History, I can PROMISE you that after this acution is up the odds are you will live your life without seeing another one of this Mustang Go Karts.

If you have any question please email me or call me, thanks.

Ismael Reynoso- [email protected] 408-658-5732

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