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Hello, for sale is 18x9 Chrome Cobras.

The face of every wheel is in great shape. The barrel and lug nut holes have some pitting. The barrel of 3/4 wheels are in decent shape. 1/4 wheels have lots of pitting in the barrel. 1 wheel had a minor crack in the rear, but has been professionally repaired. They all hold air.

I will be selling these wheels for $1300usd + Shipping + fees. Might consider a reasonable offer. These wheels would look great on a foxbody, however if you have a 99-04 mustang, I would recommend running a spacer so you can fill the gap. I have a set of H&R Spacers and a pair of 18" tires I might be able to work into the deal. Thanks

I can ship anywhere in USA or Canada. Please pm me.



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