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Up for bids are a nice set of 18x10.5 inch wheels for the rear of your mustang. They have a 22 mm offset and fit perfectly on my 93LX stang with a rolled fender. They are made for the Cobra. SSR is a Japanese wheel that is very strong and light. Tires dont come with it.

Size: 18x10.5 Optional Rear
Price: $609 (each)
Estimated Availability: In Stock
Recommended Tire Size: 275/35-18
Wheel Offset: +22mm
** Lightweight: 26.5 lbs.

Bolt Pattern: 5-114
Country of Origin: Japan

Here is the Tirerack write up.

In a specialized process perfected by Alumax, a leading aluminum manufacturer, uniquely structured alloy billets are heated to a semi-solid state (the consistency of soft butter) and molded in a specifically engineered forging press. The positive aspects of this process found applications in the aircraft and automotive sectors. Through an exclusive contract with Alumax, SSR conducted additional research and development and built their wheel manufacturing plant in Japan to produce alloy wheels using Semi-Solid Forging (SSF) technology. They further developed SSF technology, were granted a patent, and are the first and only SSF wheel manufacturer in the world today producing Semi-Solid Forged alloy wheels. This ultra high tech forging technology creates a very strong and lightweight wheel ideal for street or track.
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