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Hey All,

I know I hate when someones first post is an add, but I have a pretty good reputation on S197forum.

Greg Weld 17" skinnies and fatties. 17x4.5 front and 17x9.5 rears. When I first got them I opened one of the Skinnies and one of the Fatties to see what they looked like. I just opened the other two for this photo. I bought them just before I left for Afghanistan about 5 months ago, and I just got back. These rims are super hard to get now since Greg Weld closed their doors. I kind of feel like I am going to regret letting these go. It actually won't break my heart if these don't sell. Perfectly streetable, and they come with all the necesary hardware. No modification necesary. I originally listed these at $1200, then I relisted them at $1000, then I lowered the price to $900.

You're not going to find another set of lightweight rims, that look this good, and are completely streetable and daily driveable, for that little money. Check out what the 15" Welds and extra thick Bogarts cost, and they aren't really daily driveable. These are about the same performance (light weight), but look better, and are a whole lot cheaper.

The first picture is a guy on S197forum named Nickoli who has them on his car. The other four are my actual rims still in the boxes.

I tried to post pictures of them, but I am not allowed to post links to other forums yet, so until that's fixed, if you want pictures, pm me your email address and I will email them to you.

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