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I have for sale a bare block out of my 05 gt. This block was decked, line honed and fitted with arp main studs. The bad news is this block will need to be taken another .010 over(this was according to a reputibal machine shop) to get rid of some verticals lines in the bores bringing it to a total of .040 over. It doesn't even have 20 miles run time since the machine work so everything is still flat straight and true just need a bore. Only reason I'm selling is it's cheaper for me to pick up another block and put my rotating assembly in it than getting new pistons and rebalancing.

Main caps and arp main studs are included I just didn't have them on in the pics.

I'd like $500 for it, preferably local pickup but will ship if buyer coordinates pick up and shipping. I'm located in central/west nj. Would be willing to drive out a little bit and meet up as long as to not too far. Any question feel free to ask.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts