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Long story short I picked up a 06 Gt auto convertible that needs a few things for an amazing deal. But I am not a vert fan and am looking for a coupe shell to swap everything over to. Doesn't matter what model as I have everything to put into it aside from whatever differences are from the vert to coupe but I'll figure that out later.

What I'm looking for:
05+ Coupe shell in good shape (prefer black) but won't hold my breath
Still has glass
Clean title
Prefer it to be somewhere in the midwest. I don't mind driving a bit but I'm in Indiana and have no interest in driving to California.

List I Don't need:

I'm sure someone out there has one of these they want to get rid of or one they stripped to build but can't/lost interest in finishing. I'd entertain a roller for the right price but looking for a shell only to keep the cost down as I don't need it.

Let me know what you have.
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