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  • Lydia5 ·
    I'm Ella from TOPDON. We specialize in high quality OBD2/EOBD Scanners that allow users to diagnose their automobiles easily. I am reaching out to you on the possibility of getting an editorial review for our featured Auto Code Scanner on THIS FORUM.
    This is a portable diagnostic scan tool that works on most vehicles made after 1996. Simple-to-use connection and operation (One click I/M readiness) make it nice; the support of the three languages makes it a favor. Have the processing of troubleshooting the problems, covering reading and erasing DTCs, and turning off MIL, viewing freeze frame data, reading current, pending and permanent codes, and showing definitions. Besides, it supports effective monitoring and update.
    If you are interested in reviewing our latest Auto Code Scanner, please let me know and I will send out a free sample for you to review. Please email me at xiangguoxiangqing [at] gmail [dot] com.
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