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  39. electronic speedometer
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  80. Automotive wiring literature?
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  82. A couple AEM newbie questions....
  83. new aem ems user anyone help me with a start up tune?
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  102. Koodo's to Kurgan MotorSports
  103. High idle?
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  105. feedback on all the time
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  110. Is AEM EMS right for me?
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  138. blue/red wire?
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  142. Series 2 Classes?
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  147. MSD ls2,ls2,lq9 coils..also emp question
  148. I need a base tune to get me started
  149. Base Tune for AEM 1400
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  151. miss at 5800 rpm question
  152. need epm help
  153. which wideband wizard for aem 30-4100 and ems help
  154. lq9 coils what plug wires
  155. doing some wire cut me 49 ego ground do i need this
  156. going aem epm can i get rid of the tfi wiring
  157. geting ready to install
  158. lq9 coil brown wire?
  159. settings for smog?
  160. MAP Sensor Questions
  161. AEM Gauge questions with 30-1401
  162. Education before choosing what to buy.
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  164. Wiring Connectors
  165. Solid Motor Mounts With The AEM
  166. AEM 1400 on a 4.6?
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  169. any NC AEM guys here?
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  171. aem question
  172. lq9 coils on firewall?
  173. Should This Be Selected After EPM Install? Ground Question
  174. Would Swapping To The GM IAT/ECT Sensors Be Worthwhile?
  175. will this tach work and how do i change to 4 cy mode
  176. how do i remove the red plastic around harness plug to computer
  177. Which Spark Plug Wire Set Do I Need?
  178. Removing Factory Narrowband Harness?
  179. What Size Wire To Buy For Coil Install?
  180. Ford Lightning IAT vs GM IAT
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  194. Idle Pulse
  195. How to stab EPM?
  196. who here has AEM with A/C still retained?
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  201. Multi coil build thread.
  202. Any AEM users in the Virginia area??
  203. how to wire aem 2step to the trans brake switch
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  206. LS1 coils
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  211. possible newb question
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  213. Anybody with a similar setup...
  214. Knock Sensor
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  217. Getting the tach to work with EPM
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  224. Input to limit Speed/RPM
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  228. Got my coils/EPM installed
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  230. Help me find my motovation and a few parts
  231. got aem 1401. ANyone in nj think you can help?
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  233. 1400 box in sn95 instead of 1401 box?
  234. Can you use IAT as a trigger
  235. Where to mount LS1 coils for EPM in a fox?
  236. What method do you guys use to tune?
  237. Inverted??
  238. Just got my AEM, now what?
  239. Help setting up EPM software settings
  240. Surging when cruising between 55 - 65 mph
  241. 1400 vs. 1401
  242. looking into aem stand alone have some questions
  243. Need Help With Oxygen Sensor
  244. Anyone use an innovate DL32 with an EMS?
  245. URGENT!!! Will this all work with an AEM EMS for a 93 mustang?
  246. mounting AEM
  247. Who in northern va can tune aem units
  248. Battery Volts Reading from EMS
  249. VSS Issue?
  250. AODE tweeks
  251. Speedo vs Vehicle Speed vs GPS
  252. VSS Gear Calibration
  253. 94 Turbo Mustang missfires or cutoff at 4800 after install AEM
  254. AEM Injector Driver
  255. Erratic Speedo Readings above 50 mph
  256. msd digital 6 with aem?
  257. Long Crank on Start up
  258. Vac source for GM boost control solenoid
  259. What Is VE?
  260. Help!!
  261. aem automapping?
  262. Fuel Problem
  263. Fuel Question
  264. AEM Engine Position Module
  265. AEM Base Tune Help
  266. AEM MUSTANG will not start. Any Ideas?
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  269. Running LEAN of peak on HWY for best MPG ?
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  271. Aem MAP Sensor
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  273. Mallory TFI Distributer With AEM
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  275. AEM Transmission control
  276. need a turner in dc area
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  278. Logging Fuel and oil pressure
  279. Options with definable knock control for 99 Cobra
  280. Speed Density
  281. AEM users/tuners, quik ?
  282. Help with AEM
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  286. Help with A/F gauge on Dashboard set-up
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  289. Digital Dash
  290. does the aem need the vss sensor
  291. Which will I be happier with?
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  294. 60 lb high imp injectors and AEM on a HCI 302?
  295. AEM EMS pro's in here!
  296. AEM EMS guys please step inside
  297. new to ford tuning but not tuning,. what do you recommend for tuning?
  298. Need help with gutting wiring harness (AEM racecar install)
  299. Anyone have opinion on AEM Plug n Play ???
  300. any one with aem in the va area
  301. aem unit???
  302. Best site for AEM calibrations...???
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  305. anybody download AEM's demo software lately?
  306. AEM EMS
  307. Who here is running the AEM EMS system?
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