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  1. Things continue to get better.
  2. Polls matter.
  3. The new direction of this nation. 180 degree turn around.
  4. Could the end of the democratic party be drawing near?
  5. politics are easy to understand
  6. history
  7. Trump for the Win
  8. USA giving away the internet?
  9. Democrats getting more constituents.
  10. Sheriff cant take it any more
  11. Today should be interesting...
  12. Gangs and Politicians in Chicago
  13. Why is Obama trying to wreck our economy ?
  14. Tuscaloosa Police Violates 4th Amendment Rights of Students
  15. Punk College Kids Got What They Deserved!
  16. More proof that the democrats are the main problem in this country.
  17. This 9 year old girl deserves a reward.
  18. U.S. Politics, a Cartoon Interpretation
  19. Next financial crash is coming – and before we've fixed flaws from last one
  20. Happy 240th Birthday, Brothers.
  21. Voter Suppression, Democrat Style....
  22. A vote for a Democrat is a vote against the Second Amendment!
  23. Ben Carson does not advocate a muslim as POTUS
  24. 9/16/15 Republican Presidential Debate thread
  25. What the democrat supporters should be doing on Labor Day.
  26. Article V: What Aren't They Telling You?
  27. 10th Anniversary Of Hurricane Katrina
  29. Oil prices
  30. Politics on Mustang6G
  31. The Third Reich in the America.
  32. With Landmark Legislature, New York looks to add 250,000 people to welfare rolls
  33. Scary time for state of Kansas employees.
  34. Another one of your favorite democrats caught in another lie.
  35. Kremlin advised Obama ousted after unconstitutional agreement with Iran
  36. Accused murderer Robert Durst....just another typical democrat.
  37. NOTICE graphic video-Nook Barbiiee the assaulter
  38. What would we all do if Obama decides he doesn't want to leave the White House?
  39. Keystone veto
  40. Israel's nukes
  41. Obama using executive order to ban 5.56 Ammunition
  42. American Sniper: A spit in the face of the left.
  43. State of the Union: More leftist dimentia
  44. Airasia was an act of terrorism
  45. The End of Science and Technology
  46. Palin doing what she does best.
  47. Paul Harvey on cops
  48. The EIT report or the use of drones
  49. Is there a racial double standard in the USA???
  50. Latest SNAP (food stamps) stats
  51. So I was in the neighborhood
  52. Amnesty
  53. So....
  54. Senate predictions?
  55. My opinion of gay people
  56. Help Overturn 18 USC 922(o) & NFA
  57. Plutonium grade hypocrisy!
  58. Leftists lunatics blaming US for ISIS emerging.
  59. The leftist 'liberal arts' for you.
  60. isis is in suburbs of Bagdad
  61. More hypocrisy from the lunatic left.
  62. More left wing filth from Colorado.
  63. Conspiracy Theories
  64. 30 facts that show Obama has decimated the middle class
  65. Pentagon broke the law in Bergdahl swap.
  66. Ferguson described in one picture
  67. Another reason why you won't see objective rerporting of news
  68. Hypocrit Obama won't return any "unpatriotic" donations from "evil corporations"
  69. Obama wines and dines savage dictators on taxpayer expense
  70. More sobering truth...
  71. Trey Gowdy obliterates this Obama/IRS defender
  72. Obama abandons Israel
  73. Beretta USA moving
  74. Title this Pic!
  76. Mexican invasion in progress
  77. Obama GIVING military equipment to Russia at the expense of the taxpayer.
  78. 2,000 days of Obama: How have stocks done?
  79. Yellowstone volcano
  80. Worst President since WWII IS?
  81. Obummer Loses 4 Straight Supreme Court Rulings, then Declares Victory.
  82. Washington Redskins ro Lose Trademark Protection
  83. WTH
  84. ISIS just stole $425 million, became the ‘world’s richest terrorist group’
  85. Eric Cantor loses primary
  86. Can you feel it?
  87. Q. What do you get
  88. When is the last time you saw Obama do this
  89. Shcool lunches being taken away from students
  90. More BS gun control laws in Colorado!
  91. Headline News...NBA owner gets fined
  92. Govt Trying To Give Away ICANN (Domain Registry)
  93. Contact Your Senators to Stop Feinstein's Proposed Semi-Auto Firearm Importation Ban
  94. U.S. Supreme Court Gives Broad Reading to Federal Firearm Prohibition for "Domestic V
  95. Gun Control - Microstamping Ammo
  96. Black folks and other minorities, have a look at this.
  97. Cuban refugee from Communist Cuba goes off on local politicians!
  98. Feinstein Wants Obama to Pull a Clinton on Firearm Importation
  99. IRS official invokes 5th again
  100. situation in Ukraine cause possible 2nd cold war?
  101. The conservative right is correct again......as usual.
  102. Putin vs Obama
  103. Even Obama doesn't know who he is.
  104. Connecticut needs our support!
  105. Even the lefties are starting to worry about Caesar Obamas
  106. 25 surgeons in my area retiring because of Obamacare.
  107. The police state cometh!
  108. Term Limits for Congress using article 5 of the Constitution
  109. Florida Stand-your-Ground Shooter
  110. Teacher giving birth to students baby, not news anymore
  111. Military budget cuts & personnel cuts
  112. Smart Californians
  113. Someone finally said it.
  114. 5 years in, Bush vs Obama?
  115. Here we go again! Self Defense shooting trial
  116. America the beautiful? Why did they butcher it???
  117. D'Souza vs. Domestic Terrorist Ayers at Dartmouth
  118. State of the Union.......economy destroyed in 15 minutes.
  119. More casualties in the blue state war zones.
  120. DOJ vs S&P
  121. Bullets continue to fly in the blue state schools.
  122. So nothing on that thug Christie?
  123. For the leftists/democrats and conservatives alike on here.
  124. NY has passed a gun confiscation bill
  125. More blue state chaos....almost another trajedy!
  126. Virtual PResident... this should play on every station
  127. Voter reform
  128. New gun registration started last week....
  129. How to Remove Obummer?
  130. Say goodbye to your guns
  131. Captain Phillips & PC Liberals
  132. Thank you Government...
  133. Dancing in DC, what a joke!
  134. Obamacare, a catastrophe waitin to happen
  135. Unreal, now they have blocked the road leading to the Flight 93 Memorial.
  136. Received my Medicare booklet for 2014. OMG
  137. Air Force General relieved of duty due to "Lack of Trust"
  138. I'm almost ready to use the 'N' word.
  139. Default by not raising the debt limit?
  140. WWII Memorials shutdown in DC & Normandy
  141. Obamacare phone #
  142. Will we ever know the truth about shooting incident on Capital Hill
  143. Who signed up for obamacare?
  144. I am beginning to like Obama and the Dems
  145. A History Lesson On The Second Amendment (video)
  146. Mugshot of DC Navy yard shooter
  147. Better Site...
  148. HBO movie on Palin borders on Fraud
  149. Baracks forked tongue comes back to bite him!
  150. My Letter to Senator Boxer
  151. A. Castro is dead...Thanks for saving $$$$
  152. Citing Obamacare, 40,000 Longshoremen Quit the AFL-CIO
  153. DHS employee spends spare time promoting race war against 'whites' & ...
  154. The real irony of Obamacare
  155. I'll bet Christopher Lane couldn't be Obama's son!!
  156. WTF!?!? I thought Obama's bid for third term was a rumor....
  157. Transgender, pick your bathroom & sport
  158. Obama on Leno, your thoughts?
  159. The best talking point I've ever seen.
  160. Could've been Obaama...
  161. What is the definition of 'racism'?
  162. Obama orders hiv tests for all Americans
  163. Zimmerman Not Guilty!
  164. Obama plans to sgn UN small arms treaty while congress is on summer break
  165. Found out why DHS bought all those bullets
  166. My personal experience with Obamacare
  167. Something interesting I was just thinking about....
  168. Zimmerman trial verdict predictions?
  169. Far-Left Irish Politician Rails Against Obama
  170. Protests in Brazil
  171. EEOC files discrimination lawsuit against BMW
  172. When the cat is away....
  173. What deterrence tactic will they use?
  174. For Bloomberg, Gun Control Fight Shifts to State Capitals
  175. opinions on my new gun safe
  176. Any tax experts here?
  177. Here's Why Benghazi May Finally Have Legs
  178. NRA: Obama Admin to Sign UN Arms Trade Treaty
  179. Judge Jeanine Pirro RIPS the Obama administration
  180. Eric Holder on IRS Scandal Said "I don't know" 57 Times
  181. Over Two-Thirds Back Investigations Into Benghazi, IRS
  182. Magpul & 54 Colorado Sheriffs File Suit Against Anti-Gun Bills
  183. Anyone notice the ongoing trend?
  184. Obama Admin Watergate(s)
  185. What is terrorism?
  186. Obama says bombing suspect will not be given miranda rights
  187. Why isn't the media covering the Gosnell trial in Philadelphia
  188. Obama deports Saudi marathon bombing suspect.
  189. Boston Marathon Bombing
  190. Stay Classy USC
  191. Child's Water Pistol Gets Dad's Firearms Taken?
  192. REALLY??
  193. Required to carry liability insurance to own a gun?
  194. Any mustang believing bible lovers?
  195. A friendly reminder...
  196. The Evil Encroaches
  197. ACLU Launches Nationwide Police Militarization Investigation
  198. NK and Nukes
  199. Failed back ground check
  200. Attention California Gun Owners
  201. Florida doesn't have enough doctors for Medicaid expansion
  202. More Obamacare fallout
  203. AWB Bill: sheriff to inspect the homes of AW owners
  204. Lead the Way Navy
  205. KKK Entitled to free speech
  206. USDA say no ID required when using food stamps
  207. Compare this man's vision and thoughts to Obama
  208. Obama President for 4 years, but they still blame Bush
  209. 11000 people a day going on food stamps under Obama
  210. Pelosi shows again her ignorance of the Constitution
  211. Examples of why universal background checks needed
  212. Nancy Pelosi's brother-in-law is given $737m of taxpayers' money to build giant ...
  213. OMG!!!!
  214. Councilman asks Man to Turn in His Weapon... Look what Happens Next!
  215. Battle of Athens
  216. Anyone agrees with this?
  217. yeah.......Someones not invited back.
  218. How to destroy the west Must read
  219. More Obamacare lies: Good luck keeping your own healthcare
  220. Panetta: Obama Absent Night of Benghazi
  221. More Obamacare waivers for his Cabinet members
  222. DHS Purchases 21.6 Million More Rounds of Ammunition
  223. Score; Iran 2 Obama Administration 0
  224. Justice Department memo reveals legal case for drone strikes on Americans
  225. Why is the government stockpiling guns and ammo???
  226. How's that Hope & Change working?
  227. MSNBC Caught Selectively Editing Another Clip — This Time of Sandy Hook Victim’s Fath
  228. Proof Of WAR CRIMES By Obama?
  229. N.Korea our biggest threat?
  230. Snippets from Don Rickles
  231. Are American Gun Owners a Bunch of Fools?
  232. Imagine if the US was mostly athiest.
  233. Union Head Destroys Logic of Gun Control Law While Trying to Defend It
  234. DC federal circuit court throws out Obama's recess appointments
  235. Whitehouse Petitions Try Feinstein for Treason Met Threshold
  236. Daniel Hannan | Occupy Wall Street Debate | Oxford Union
  237. Dick Act of 1902 Protects Second Amendment
  238. USA Gives 16 F16 Fighter Jets & 200 Abrams Tanks to Egypt
  239. Obama Phone lady wakes up
  240. Wat Vet Stands Up for Second Amendment @ Anti-Gun Meet
  241. Socialism ,unemployment and poverty
  242. Compare this Inaugural Address to Obama 2013
  243. Gun Clubs at School
  244. Anti-2A Bill Will Make CT Citizens Instant Criminals
  245. Tienanmen Square protester Rifles are instrument of freedom
  246. During times like this, it's always good to have memories of better times.
  247. Rapper Lupe Fiasco thrown off stage for dissing Obama
  248. NY Democrat pleads with Republican not to share document proposing gun confiscation
  249. China wants to trade US Debt for land and businesses
  250. Supreme court to hear Obama eligibility case 2-15-2013
  251. Any bible believing mustang lovers?
  252. Pro gun women look better.
  253. Saturday 2nd Amendment Rally - Tomorrow 1/19
  254. Tomorrow is gun appreciation day
  255. I love where I live
  256. Write your governor, state legislators and senators!!!
  257. FYI Obama's executive order and military budget cuts
  258. Why grandpa carries a gun....
  259. Russian Saiga's are legal under new Obama law
  260. Obamalogic...
  261. Obama: ‘Israel Doesn’t Know What Its Best Interests Are’
  262. Obama to ban assault weapons, high capacity mags with an executive order!
  263. Al qaeda holding seven Americans
  264. Politicians Refuse to Post Lawn Sign That Says ‘Home Is Proudly Gun Free’
  265. Only 4% of Americans feel gun control top issue today
  266. Why is it Obama gets a report on GUN CONTROL in 4 days but can't produce a BUDGET?
  267. Two gun owners saved their lives yesterday
  268. Sandy hook tragedy FAKED, youtube vid....thoughts?
  269. Biden Proposals Include Framework for Gun Registry & Confiscation
  270. The gun conversation could use less Alex Jones and more Keith Morgan
  271. Texas Proposal: JAIL Any Federal Officials Trying to Enforce New Gun Restrictions in
  272. A mother's case for gun rights.
  273. The 2nd explained
  274. GOP congressman threatens impeachment if Obama uses executive action for gun control
  275. Obama, I can move aghainst guns with out congress
  276. Indicted Businessman Names Harry Reid as Alleged Recipient of Massive Bribe
  277. I like the Swiss Government (Requires Gun Ownership)!
  278. Alex Jones on Piers Morgan..must watch
  279. The Bush reforms... better late than never
  280. Military Arms Channel on Magazine Ban
  281. School changes...
  282. Northeastern 'blue' area voters...
  283. Liberal hypocrisy at its finest
  284. AIG ad???
  285. Obama video thread
  286. Let Freedom Ring - Kitty Werthmann
  287. Any Coincidence
  288. Gun Control Tramples On The Certain Virtues Of A Heavily Armed Citizenry - Forbes
  289. Obama administration cuts budget funding for school security.
  290. Be prepared for todays worst market drop since the great depression.
  291. Are You Pro-1st Amendement?
  292. Official: GM bailout cost taxpayers $536,000 per job.
  293. Are you pro 2nd Amendement?
  294. I'm really sick and tired of....
  295. Anyone want to play a little 'trivia'?
  296. Trickle down economics or how the poor get a golden shower.
  297. The left and guns..lol
  298. Unemployment is back up to 8.3%; Hiring 08 Recession Levels
  299. Well, Pravda does mean "truth", right?
  300. Your opinions on why Romney lost?
  301. Israel/Gaza conflict
  302. Dennys adds 5% surcharge to pay for......
  303. Unions kill the Twinky and their Jobs
  304. Obama Voters
  305. US Citizenship tests for presidential candidates
  306. 2012 Election - Entire US county map in here
  307. Where are we headed?
  308. Cognitive Bias: What is is, and how to overcome it
  309. Tons of Layoffs and Business Closures After Election!
  310. WhyWhy America used Mitt Romney's face as toilet paper.
  311. OBAMA WINS! (let the snivling begin)
  312. Obama Win's
  313. I think if Romney can win 1 of these 3 states, it is a done deal
  314. So did you vote and care to share?
  315. This guy is hilarious (sorry if repost)
  316. I want to, really, really badly.
  317. It's time to make your vote count by saying #### you to the republican party
  318. Don't forget to VOTE!
  319. I'm 100% republican
  320. white house coverup
  321. $500 Trillion Tax Cut According to Biden
  322. Economic collapse of 2008 democrats fault and not Bush's?
  323. Blacks will threaten to riot if Romney wins
  324. NFL/NHL/PGA all non-profit orgs
  325. Your vote?
  326. Military strike?
  327. Romney Death Threats....
  328. Al Gore (and others) Getting Rich Off Green Energy
  329. VP debate
  330. Im just gonna leave this here.
  331. California did not report 25,000 to 30,000 Unemployed
  332. Libya Hearing: ‘I Want to Know Why We Were Lied To’
  333. Reagan warned about Obama
  334. Yet even more evidience showing the US Consitition and it's christian architecture.
  336. Romney & Ryan: First Interview Since Debate
  337. CNN Poll: 67% Say Romney Won
  338. Sooooo, did anyone else watch the debate?
  339. Bob is a Racist
  340. Media Have Become an "Enemy of the American people"
  341. Jewish/Israeli Support for Obama?
  342. The Hugo Chávez cult is over
  343. Drop in Ohio voter registration, especially in Dem strongholds, mirrors US trend
  344. Hillary "Losen Regulations Because Too Many People Can't Find Jobs"
  345. so a little over 24 hours ago, i asked cobraracer46 a simple question via pm.
  346. Derp...
  347. More evidence showing that the US was founded as Christian nation.
  348. Lookee!
  349. BHO's New Flag...
  350. Obama Rewards Middle Class with Tax Hike
  351. Does Obama expect to lose?
  352. Mitt Romnney says #### you to half of America
  353. Obama's new strategy...
  354. Fuse for Hyperinflation bomb is officially lit
  355. Mitt Romney is in trouble and his poll numbers don't look good.
  356. Interesting Survey from Newsmax
  357. 70 years of American Progress
  358. Little Akio
  359. Fun fact
  360. Ahh Massachusetts. Go liberals!
  361. Come one, come all to the oddest show on earth!
  362. Happy labor day.
  363. Clint Eastwood Upstaged Rommney the ass hol and ####ed up the Republican convention?
  364. Interesting article in the Canada Free Press
  365. Proof that Republicans hate women. #### the Republican Party.
  366. GM bankrupt again?
  367. What do you guys think about the Chik-fil-la thing a couple of weeks ago?
  368. Dave Mustaine (Megadeth) a loon
  369. Since it appears so many people don't like Obama
  370. Romney the ####in mormon coward picks his ass and comes up with Ryan as his VP pick
  371. Interesting read
  372. What they will do when SSC blows up
  373. Fraud.....
  374. 20 mins of TRUTH
  375. Non Union Delphi Workers get Screwwd
  376. I'm not sure I like cobraracer46
  377. U.S. now spends more on interest payment than on defense
  378. What do the Corral right wing fools think about Romnney's trip to Europe and israel?
  379. GM - Currnet Loss to Taxpayer is $42B...
  380. Bloomberg..ugh
  381. Mass shooting in Colorodo, time for tougher gun laws
  382. Harry take a bow!
  383. Mitt Romnney won't release his tax returns and he is in a world of trouble for it.
  384. Summing up the current dead end crisis we call the world
  385. The Clinton Chronicles
  386. Romney supporter & Obama supporter
  387. simple explanation for cobraracer46 and other democrats why their ideas don't work
  388. Finnally an answer as to why Republicans are such retarded dumb asses.
  389. Eat dog poop you slime bucket Republicans, Obama's health care legislation stands!
  390. QE3 coming in September
  391. MSNBC, The Left Has a probelm with out miitary dead being "Heroes"
  392. Obama Exceeded Bush Debt, if re-elected will top $20 Trillion
  393. Insider Trading & Crony Capitalism in our Government is a Real Problem!
  394. Henry Arron, author of Ryans plan doubts its viability
  395. Thoughts on the marine who was just discharged for Obama comments
  396. Just a few economic facts...
  397. House of Representatives passed a bill to eliminate RRT
  398. Know anytthing about Senate and House laws in Florida?
  399. Global warming and Obama
  400. Big Bang....?
  401. Greek Borat explains "Euro Crisis"
  402. Muslims Destroy Graves of WWII Heroes
  403. Oil and its speculators
  404. Al Jazeera Joins Forces With Media Matters and ThinkProgress
  405. Martial law coming soon...
  406. Am I wrong? Show me the way.....
  407. Too Cute! Demp Rep Gets Commie Award!
  408. One chart that should scare the crap out of you
  409. Rush Limbaugh scandal devastating Right-Wing radio; may end an era.
  410. super tuesday...
  411. Andrew Breitbart - Dead at Age 43
  412. U.S. giving 7 oil rich Alaskan islands and seabeds to Russia
  413. Gallup Finds Unemployemtn for Februray at 9%
  414. Party in Arizona, Sheriff style
  415. Where's tims88 at?
  416. FBI brings us another of Bait Car.
  417. When Canadians are in trouble....
  418. Howdy fellow Extremist
  419. What will $5 per gallon gas do to our economy?
  420. I wonder if Obama still feels this way?
  421. #OccupyGT500...
  422. Hacking Democracy
  423. Boston Brewers Goaly Snubs Obama
  424. Romney Top Contributors
  425. So, was this one of the Chinese aircraft carriers that had everyone in a tizzy?
  426. You Just Lost your Right to Trial By Peers in Court....
  427. Ron Paul, Reagan, and Republican youth
  428. Would you vote for this Candidate?
  429. A Question for Our Active Military Members
  430. Two trillion, where did it go!
  431. Elitest Bankers Explained - Must Watch
  432. Something stinks around here
  433. unemployment
  434. Ron Paul's Newest Campaign Ad
  435. Job creation by the uber wealthy?
  436. Cain suspends Campaign
  437. Zetas blamed for shootout in Houston
  438. More absurd from the peopls republic of Massachusetts
  440. Anyone watching Ohio SB5?Issue 2?
  441. Welcome to the American Police State
  442. CFTC passes position limits - Finally
  443. I guess race is a factor after all
  444. obama deploys U.S. Combat troops to Africa.
  445. Thoughts on Occupy Wall St.
  446. GOP Debates-I like Cain!!
  447. The devil is in the details
  448. More Union Thugs
  449. Libyan surface to air missiles..
  450. You know youre a victim of racism when....
  451. Libyan rebels round up black Africans
  452. Waste of Tax Money
  453. Obama's drunk illegal alien uncle arrested for DUI
  454. Bush's/Palin's/Perry's Uncle Arrested For DUI in MA...
  455. Owebama pledges to cut deficit in half
  456. NBC, CBS Most Pro-Democratic; ABC, FOX Most Balanced
  457. Libya vs Syria
  458. Somebody Explain to me why Tax Increases have to go with spending cuts?
  459. obama and Defacto Amnesty For Illegals.
  460. UK Riots. Baseball Bat Sales Up 6000%
  461. Ron Paul... Why don't you folks back him?
  462. He Lied. obama Care For Illegals.
  463. U.S. Credit Rating Downgraded For The First Time Ever.
  464. Sleeper email aka obama
  465. It Was Actually Nice To See...
  466. All is quiet around here whenever Republicans start acting bat#### retarded
  467. If you want to know why the U.S. is in debt...
  468. obama/Carter
  469. Ron Paul Retiring from Congress
  470. Michele Bachmann, GOP Pres. Candidate, signs pledge banning porn and gay marriage
  471. Government 'surplus' stores now selling personal items TSA steals from passengers
  472. Man facing jailtime for owing child support commits suicide on courthouse steps
  473. Weenie Resigns
  474. Here's a real shocker... <enter sarcasm here >
  475. Exposing leftists
  476. City Government demands all keys to properties belonging to Cedar Falls residents.
  477. Kudos to Alabama for signing in new immigration law
  478. Fannie Mae and Democrats....
  479. 9-11 Commission Report on beheading of Nicholas Berg.
  480. is Sara Palin stuck on repeat?
  481. Herman Cain would trade liberty for security
  482. Peter Schiff at ICaucus on housing, debt, and the looming crisis
  483. U.S. Supreme court sides with Arizona
  484. Libya....
  485. Sen. Rand Paul Speaks on PATRIOT ACT
  486. Obama now in violation of War Powers Act
  487. FAKE birth certificate intentional distraction??
  488. Exxon CEO blames speculators for price
  489. Newt Screwed by his own Party?
  490. The Document May be Real, But...
  491. Just for MMeans...GM sponsors Chi-Com film
  492. Trump says "NO!" to being President
  493. So how long can Israel survive under Obama's middle east policies?
  494. Those Goofy Democrats and their racially divisive steriotyping commercials.
  495. 1st Amendment
  496. Obama now official "Texter-In-Chief"
  497. Texas HB 274
  498. Soros is selling off his gold and silver holdings
  499. Bin Lauden is confirmed dead!
  500. Obama makes fun of Donald Trump at Event lol.