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  1. 92 LX On 3 Install Help
  2. Air filter requirements
  3. mass air position?
  4. Pro m mass air
  5. 650hp turbo Taurus (warning - no mustang content)
  6. anyone intrested in some 2v on3 turbo brackets??
  7. 331 vs 5.3 mod motor for single turbo
  8. New to turbos, I have oil leaking everywhere
  9. Vac provision on turbo
  10. oil in intercooler pipe and downpipe
  11. 2011 Mustang 5.0 Turbo System Options
  12. Ebay High flow cat
  13. Questions on chasing rear housing on my turbo
  14. support brace on turbo for weight?
  15. Who here is good at turbo calculations
  16. 4.10's to 3.27's with turbo
  17. DIY - on3 2v turbo braket.
  18. 2V Turbo Brace
  19. Moost boost on pump gas
  20. she runs!!
  21. egt probe placement in turbo system
  22. Moving MAF from fenderwell to T/B tube?
  23. Stock Turbo 2V Questions
  24. Getting closer to hearing this thing run!
  25. how to hook up coolant for turbo
  26. Mack Truck Turbo build
  27. Oil in the compressor side build up in MP T70 on a 4v Cobra motor. Fix???
  28. Anyone try a turbo kit from treastone yet?
  29. how much total timing you guys pulling in your turbo 2v???
  30. PMAS meter setup.
  31. Best cam for a turbo 5.0
  32. On3performane- about to pull the trigger..few questions...
  33. On3 MAF flange
  34. New to this site
  35. anyone having leaking exhaust issues with v-band. on a on3 kit?? I found a FIX!!
  36. Best down pipe to exhaust for quick spool? 3.5" to what? single 3.5/4, dual 3?
  37. #2 Plug fuel foul and fuel smell in oil
  38. 76mm turbo on 393
  39. Blow threw MAF
  40. Stupid Turbo Question
  41. help with fuel system for 800hp
  42. help with fuel system for 800hp
  43. I THINK I BLEW IT UP ??????
  44. Hooking up waste gate & boost controller
  45. Would a trickflow stage 3 cam work good with a turbo?
  46. MAF with 5.0 On3 Turbo Kit....
  47. On3performance bov spring
  48. What are good good reading on a Wideband W/turbo
  49. ON3 5.8 swap fox kit
  50. inputs on stock bottem end 351w.
  51. On 3 Performance 5.0 and 5.8 CAI, What do you think?
  52. Mr. Freeze
  53. what kinda catback or muffers are you using for your turbo setup???
  54. MSD mounting question
  55. gt4788 turbo
  56. Why does my bola cat back sound like butt underload w/turbo
  57. o2 sensor cel help
  58. Fitting a PT4788 to a B&G Fox Kit
  59. 1992 Mustang GT DIY HX40w build(lots of pics)
  62. Are front and rear o2's different???
  63. What compression ratio
  64. Cutting/clearancing front end sheetmental questions...
  65. what kind of catch can???
  66. Quicktime and Air Conditioning
  67. 8.5 CR 347 and a turbo?
  68. Thinking of going turbo.....talk me into it?
  69. methanol
  70. Can on3 turbo be daily driven
  71. trouble starting
  72. Let's see some 5.0's w the On3 Turbo Kit and Stock Long Blocks
  73. front tires are toed in??? help
  74. Turbo - Supporting Mods?????
  75. Bullitt owners with on 3 turbo kit, post your pics!
  76. 4.10's with my turbo
  77. No TPS signal
  78. got everything done w/my on3 kit. here are few pictures.
  79. what boost controller???
  80. Wasgtegate springs w/ ON3 Performance kit?
  81. What FPR are you running with stock rails?
  82. On3 Kit + pte6765 billet slow spool
  83. vac still shows -10 at idle??
  84. Starting the turbo build!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  85. BG turbo kit?
  86. new exhaust on my car
  87. finished turbo installed belt squaling after start up????
  88. Turbo Motor Installed...
  89. Behind Bars Race Cars
  90. are Mac mufflers o.k for my set up???????
  91. ON3 5.0/5.8 inlet kits Interest?
  92. where and how much header wrap to get?
  93. On3 kit with AOD in Foxbody, will it fit?
  94. Fianlly running decent
  95. How much power to outrun 600 crotch rocket?
  96. pro m maf with no tune
  97. Hellion "Heat" Turbo Kit Build
  98. MSD question
  99. Snow stage 1 or 2
  100. what wideband to use?
  101. need your thoughts on maf vs mega squirt
  102. What intake manifold for stock cam/stock heads turbo 5.0 for 500+ rwhp
  104. What turbo kit for a daily driver?
  105. wanna switch to e-85
  106. B&G Hotside Users
  107. is this my problem with my drivers side v band not lining up??
  108. On3 kit oil in exhaust
  109. Best O2 Sensor Location (Foxbody Hellion Heat Kit)
  110. what size v-band do i need? for on3 kit???
  111. i just got done installing my on3 kit- 12 hours later!!!
  112. help me with my turbo build!
  113. No oil pressure. Did I break the block?
  114. calling anyone w/AMS-500 or 1000
  115. In need of ideas on how to mount my Oil cooler
  116. Can I please get some opinions on this turbo.....
  117. on3 turbo question
  118. Turbo without intercooler...Possible?
  119. on3turbo 2v driver side piping not tight enough with manifolds
  120. on3 turbo oil tappingon pan???
  121. tapping turbo with barb fitting for waste gate???
  122. Pmas slot style mass air!! NEED HELP WITH HARNESS
  123. Turbo-less turbo kit
  124. Can I JB-Weld my new pmas flange to my intake piping???
  125. How much Boost
  126. blow thru carb setup pics...
  127. New maf, runs like crap. WHY?
  128. Plug and play?
  129. end gap on rings for boosted engine
  130. Twin 66mm
  131. Lets see some flipped stock header DIY setups
  132. Pics of your 94-95 relocated coolant overflow tank
  133. Anyone running a gauge for reading IAT's?
  134. Maf issue?
  135. Tough decisions suck!!
  136. Injector size and plugs?
  137. turbo
  138. anyone with the hellion TT kit - i need a favor
  139. is a boost controller needed???
  140. Figure Out This TKO Or Junkyard 4R70W
  141. on3 first startup question
  142. eboost2 users...
  144. on3 downpipe
  145. anyone using the on3 turbo the cheapest one they sell???
  146. turbo exhaust pics. need some ideas guys
  147. does on3 kit come with a turbo bracket?
  148. New to Kansas City, Mo looking for shop
  149. Running hot around town but cool on the highway.. Is it the fan?
  150. 2 step videos.
  151. Whats more important?
  152. turbo guys in texas
  153. Sallen/vortech intake Q's inside
  154. 1990 foxbody on3 turbo build need some help
  155. Going turbo
  156. advice needed on going turbo
  157. Why you need a big air filter - 101
  158. Is a bx needed?
  160. Will this turbo
  161. Turbo 5.0 dyno results
  162. on3 maf
  163. ceramics ball bearing or what?
  164. Picked up some T3 turbo headers last night options
  165. New set up, what oil?
  166. Turbo + coolant = any damage?
  167. boost controller
  168. 0n3 turbo questions
  169. building a turbo motor. <should i build a 347 or 408 ?
  170. fox on3 turbo wastegate question?
  171. stock rods?
  172. Turbo 99+ budget range
  173. Intercooler ???s
  174. T-trim or twin turbos???
  175. On3Performance 4v Turbo Dyno Numbers
  176. got on3kit having problems with steering now
  177. Optimal BOV location in intake track?
  178. turbocharged innovation
  179. difference in MSd digital 6 and BTM
  181. which heads? on a 351w 76mm turbo
  182. Getting hot inside car
  183. PT76GTS Owners - Oil Feed Fitting -4 or something else?
  184. 94-95 B&G Downpipe Installation?
  185. on3 Video!!!
  186. looking for a coldside setup
  187. upr coil overs not fitting around the struts!!
  188. 99-04 on3 turbo - electric engine fan??
  189. MMR 900 Twin turbo Build
  190. EFI Intake Question
  191. Venting my crank case
  192. Trick Flow Track Heat 2V Intake w/ Boost
  193. 5.0 guys, what are you doing with your pcv system?
  194. Backfiring under a load
  195. 85mm DBX Blow through Question.
  196. bolts holding on stock kmember
  197. How to get a DIY Turbo car appraised for real value?
  198. On3 50mm BOV question
  199. on3 k-member
  200. which spark plugs for stock heads?
  201. Anyone running Victor EFI/5.0 ?
  202. K-Memeber issue
  203. Trans and Torque converter set up?
  204. what do you think it will run...
  205. bone stock build ?
  206. How many stock motor turbo guys have hyper pistons??
  207. turbo users with moates quarterhorse
  208. can vacuum brake booster check valve handle boost?
  209. stock speed density + fmu on a turboed fox
  210. E85 or Pump gas???
  211. Rear end gears and turbos
  212. On3performance y pipe
  213. dyno numbers w/ turbo
  214. Wastegate question
  215. what kind of power you think?
  216. Turbo Fox AOD Question??
  217. just finished my first turbo car
  218. On-3 Thread
  219. Few TFS top end kit ?'s
  220. A Couple Questions, Fuel Pressure and Spark Plug Gap.
  221. Muffler for Turbo
  222. Transmission Tunnel/Floorboard Heat Insulation
  223. Gt40 heads???????????
  224. coolant line for bb turbo
  225. Quiet 3" High flow exhaust kit for SN95???
  226. Quick question
  227. Radical Racing Atco, NJ
  228. 351w and 10.5:1 CR.... How much Boost??
  229. finally did it
  230. Precision or Garrett....
  232. Driving without a tune ?
  233. what cam ?
  234. Stock 5.0 cam guys chime in!
  235. anyone run a glide and a gearvenders OD?
  236. Anyone using the AEM TRU-BOOST Gauge-Type Controller??
  237. on3 kit questions
  238. what ya think¿
  239. Opinions on a 76mm turbo
  240. Need a pic of oil pan return On3 (fox)
  241. open down pipe or full exhaust??
  242. 93 mustang turbo code 41 and 96 help!!!!!!!!
  243. 88 Mustang with speed Density
  244. 01 2v GT On3 Build/Prebuild (few ?'s)
  245. Header gasket??
  246. What do you think? To keep the kenne bell or go turbo'd??
  247. PCV questions for turbo set up
  248. Any info on this Ebay Turbo System??
  249. What the best turbo kit for my 93 notch?
  250. Fuel Setup
  251. wastegate too big?
  252. Why does my 4v Mac Exhaust sound horrible after On3 turbo kit Install?
  253. don't want to foul plugs driving to dynoshop
  254. Wastegate boost reference port??
  255. Turbo'ed stock longblock track times ?
  257. Best rings for boost
  258. 351w block on 99'' mustang
  259. which boost controller should i run
  260. How much fuel pressure is everyone running?
  261. 00 GT on3 build
  262. BOV question.
  263. Trickflow headed 4.6 with on3 kit.
  264. what boost controller are you using?
  265. 1.7 rockers with F-cam and Edel 60229 heads...piston clearance.
  266. Another Breather Question...I've looked...
  267. stroker 2000 gt on3performance build up
  268. turbo cars pass emissions?
  269. HP twin turbo kit
  270. Dyno Day At Kurgans!!!
  271. Quick water/meth pre turbo
  272. 91 notch On3 turbo kit and no boost.
  273. Does anyone sell a 3" cable cut out?
  274. pick fuel filters for my build
  275. The Turbo Chassis School Orlando August 21st and 22nd
  276. BG fox kit on LX require front cap trimming?
  277. Oil cooler for 3v turbo setup ?
  278. Is a 460 worth boosting as a street car?
  279. 91 Coupe dyno video
  280. bov open or closed at idle?
  281. would you send a cashiers check for 3200 for a turbo kit from a user on this forum ?
  282. 281HR comp cam ok with turbo?
  283. 9's on MPT70!
  284. External fuel regulator questions
  285. car won't stay running?
  286. TFS 1 or F cam for a turbo setup?
  287. 02 GT on3performance 70mm testing
  288. pony down turbo
  289. procharger "race" intercooler
  290. T56 Magnum 1st gear recommendation?
  291. Got back to work
  292. Weighed my 94 GT....3070 lbs? Seems too light?
  293. Boost controller install
  294. cutting silicone couplings
  295. New numbers for the turbo 4-eye
  296. C4 with a Turbo... What Dipstick?
  297. new pr et tonight !!!!
  298. Water shooting out the radiator when revving engine???
  299. If you had...
  300. New Turbo intake manifold for the 2v 4.6
  301. Launching a turbo with 17's???
  302. Noise from Idle air control valve after dohc turbo install.
  303. I love my car, but I am about to add some heads. Expectations?
  304. CAT shaft rocker broke
  305. On3 Performance 3v Dyno Thread
  306. Retarding stock cam with turbo? Who is?
  307. Anyone on here with a stock 5.0 and On3 turbo system???
  308. Slipping clutch???
  309. My 2000 GT On3 4V build
  310. Quicktime fella's! What A/F?
  311. More boost? Manual controller?
  312. Change Gears before or after getting a tune?
  313. Anyone ever used this ebay kit?
  314. AN fittings for drain and feed? PCV valve routing for catch can
  315. Here is the 2010 Precision catalog
  316. Tips on teaking crossover??
  317. Looking to make more power!
  318. turbo ?
  319. On 3 Performance single turbo kit for a fox???? Anyone using one????
  320. Turbo oil drain
  321. On3 Perf. 3v
  323. Fuel Option
  324. How important is turbo technology to you?
  325. Who's using the turbo that comes with the on3 kit or upgrading to the master power?
  326. Twin 38's
  327. What should my air fuel numbers look like for my On3 4v kit?
  328. strong 347 with twins
  330. 2Step hooked to horn??
  331. Need a little help with tranny
  332. Good 351w turbo cam ?
  333. help w/ 2step and trans brake!!!
  334. GT-40P plugs with ON-3 turbo
  335. Weird timing issue
  336. installed 2step , now goes lean???
  337. Just went 12.3 at 121 with 2.2 60foot haha
  338. Is it too hot or okay.......tips and tricks
  339. on 3 turbo build 4v
  340. SBF Rear Water Crossover Mod
  341. 2000 gt 2v 5 speed 67mm turbo 499whp 552 trq @ 13 psi
  342. All On3 Turbo kit Guys... Gasket question???
  343. cooling issues running hot new water pump etc turbo
  344. Need help 5.0 vs 5.8 vs 5.3/6.0
  345. boost controller
  346. intercoolers: treadstone or icevex
  347. hotside kit
  348. opinions on this kit
  349. [email protected] MPT70
  350. TC 4305 turbo opinions
  351. DOHC + Turbo ..What gear for the street?
  352. Completely stock motor question
  353. Couple question about hot side and cold side
  354. On3 turbo, polished!!
  355. Gears? 76mm and 5 speed
  356. 347 Turbo
  357. Just picked up a Fox body and 351W....
  358. How good are these turbos?
  359. Boost questions
  360. ON3 Performance 2V kit 2003gt
  361. how much boost?
  362. Heads: GT40/Dooe/E7 vs Edelbrock 170s (60229)
  363. help with this combo.....357 w t76
  364. on3 2v turbo kit- need valve springs?
  365. BINGO!!!!!!
  366. Boost limits of 93 octane?
  367. Thoughts on this turbo?
  368. what size housing
  369. On3 89GT build
  370. On 3 Performance building a SN 94-95 5.0 car/kit
  371. 60's or 42's??
  372. Oil temp on new turbo... Too high?
  373. on 3 performance 94-95
  374. start up help
  375. Oil spray...can't find.
  376. how much boost ?
  377. throttle bodies that will fit on3 foxes
  378. Tuning after installation etc.
  379. NO PCV Holley "STYLE" Truck lower intake
  380. Why the hell did I turbo my car?
  381. '93 eBay TT Notch, Dyno'd
  382. Waiting On On3 Kit!!!
  383. Turbo Build 92 GT
  384. Head Gasket Recommendation?
  385. Put the turbo mustang on eBay
  386. Running issue on turbo car
  387. Torque convertor Yea or Ney...
  388. 98 GT Fuel Questions/HELP
  389. new fittings on wastegate question
  390. boost guage question boost source etc help
  391. turbo feed line t3t4 hybrid
  392. change camshaft?
  393. Timing on e85
  394. Custom Hot Side
  396. Engine builders
  397. running automatic trans'
  399. need cam help
  400. Quicktime turbo guys, wastegate to DP question
  401. Anyone running 60# injectors with stock computer?
  402. Any of you DIY guys Mig weld headers?
  403. GT40 lower Downs Upper?
  404. spark plug wire routing
  405. Help with over boosting
  406. alternator bracket
  407. What is the smallest turbo oil restrictor anyone has used without burning the turbo?
  408. a/c questions
  409. What Size Headers & Crossover For 1000+HP
  410. wastegate spring
  412. For a turbo build: Better to build bottom end or get HCI
  413. need help
  414. Turbo noob... Shed some light please
  415. Fordstrokers DIY Liberator 331 first start video
  416. bov help busted vaccum line
  417. new intake manifold, now no boost?
  418. trick flow r series box ?
  419. 1 Chamber Flowmaster & Turbo?
  420. What Spark plug wires are you running on your junk?
  421. need c4 turbo app converter help
  422. stock motor, which turbo?
  423. how much power can an A1000 pump and 8AN/6AN return support with turbo???
  424. ran into a problem
  425. WTF electrical gremlins short circuit at fuse box....HELP
  426. What is an ideal dynamic compression ratio for a turbo engine?
  427. what are the negative side of using a fat head gasket?
  428. K member for street use
  429. Flipping Manifolds...
  430. ok going turbo in new project and this is what i have to Work with. Need Advice!!
  431. Need gear recommendation
  432. Any thoughts on a T64E turbo on a stock 302 motor?
  433. any one having a problem with hp performance
  434. doin a twin turbo setup on sn95 need advice
  435. Funnel web ?
  436. 400whp
  437. turbo /a1000 question
  438. pmas or lightning and mafia??
  439. difference in alum and stainless intercooler piping.
  440. What are you running for exhaust?
  441. My On3 Build
  442. new member turbo question
  443. IAT sensor Location?
  444. Treadstone Performance
  445. Issues with starting after turbo install
  446. anderson cams
  447. Turbo guys...come on in!!! Need some advice.
  448. 92 On3 Turbo Build
  449. White smoke...but only for a few seconds when stopped at a light?
  450. Garrett turbos on a 4.6L 3V...
  451. E303 cam & turbo
  452. A 5.0L On3 Turbo build
  453. How is your 76mm turbo with 03-04 cobra non ported head 18cc diamond piston?
  455. help with IGN, parts
  456. Help With Ideas For Next Turbo Combination
  457. My On3 3v Turbo Build Thread
  458. All of a sudden no boost??
  459. PMS Turbo Tuning
  460. on3 2v owners
  461. I need help with valve lash
  462. turbo system diagram/print ??
  463. 93 Coupe, Hellion T76 Street kit, WOW!
  464. Best Compression for Boost
  465. Fox lx intercooler help
  466. thinking about turboing my 5.0 in my F150..
  467. Timing for 91 octane
  468. turbo combo?
  469. need new turbo
  470. Boost creep problem
  471. dyno numbers
  472. boost question
  473. just some projects in the works
  474. Lets see Those ON3 Kit pic's guys
  475. Install questions
  476. mufflers
  477. what direction 302 or mod
  478. SN95 5.0 ... H/C/I , Turbo, Suspension, Brakes, Hell Everything (re)Build!
  479. One step colder autolites and crane hi6 what gap?
  480. Aeromotive fuel controller?
  481. fuel systems with turbo question
  482. Greddy Profec B Spec 2 Tuning Q?
  483. Edelbrock Performer RPM Heads?
  484. whats the best turbo converter
  485. white smoke out of downpipe
  486. Slot Style Or Conventional in Blow Through?
  487. T-6 Frame
  488. Is an oil accumulator needed?
  489. Twin Turbo Fox Fuel pump question!
  491. Got my boost bros turbo kit today. Have a few ?s
  492. 2.3T or 5.0T...Your thoughts.
  493. turbo cam help!
  494. 9lb spring - making 15lbs, enlighten me please
  495. Turbo Build Almost Done
  496. Best EFI Intake for turbo cars?
  497. white smoke out of dp tuned by john garner hp ranch
  498. 01 GT MAF and IAt sensor question
  499. turbo newbie question
  500. Bigger Oil feed line