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  1. Anyone use AJE K-member with B&G Turbo Kit??
  2. 3.5" to dual 2.5 y pipe?
  4. Help...oil coming out of dipstick???
  5. Wideband users look inside
  6. ON 3 TURBO ???
  7. turbo cam option
  8. fuel pump
  9. Anyone run octane booster as a precaution?
  10. where can I get a cheap top radiator hose pipe (like the one in a Vortech kit)?
  11. master power turbo exhaust housing questions
  12. Air Filter Selection
  13. What rear end gears for my turbo car?
  14. What plugs w/TW heads?
  15. dyno tuner
  16. New Dyno Numbers
  17. tuners?
  18. Grill mount turbo setup,,any pics???
  19. 94-95 ABS Relocation Pics?
  20. Injector sizing
  21. Fox stuff in a SN95 Questions
  22. master power s70
  23. 3.08's any good with Turbo car?
  24. Anyone ever use flex pipe to plumb wastegate back into downpipe?
  25. stupid valve cover breather question
  26. SBF to Windsor Turbo Issues
  27. 302 5.0 Truck Intake any good?
  28. arp head studs?
  29. Whos running a cat with their BG kit?Emissions..
  30. need some feed back on th MP t76 unit
  31. 2.5" Straight thru vs 3" Chamber muffler...my options.
  32. What kind of tune do i need?
  33. Added a V-Band to my BG DP
  34. Ebay blow off valve...will it even open at all with only 5 psi??
  35. B&G kit questions
  36. Questions About Hellion Single Kit On 02GT?
  37. Anyone else other then MOOVS running 36# inj?
  38. Intercooler pipe size?
  39. need help: car stays in the 13's for A/F
  40. Had problems on first drive
  41. Turbo Newbie with a couple questions
  42. which turbo??
  43. Tired of the 351/Blower combo moving on need opinions.
  44. eBay Eworld sales Turbo / Twin Turbo Kit... Any feedback, experience?
  45. Is 20w50 fine for turbo?
  46. Maf Question???
  47. 99-04 Hellion Single Turbo Kit
  48. Best Exhaust Gaskets?
  49. crossover flex coupler problem!
  50. Is a comp XE270HR14 a decent turbo cam?
  51. What valvetrain upgrades do I need?
  52. Which turbo kit?
  53. My 93 coupe turbo build
  55. 93 single turbo exhaust clip
  56. 93 single turbo exhaust clip
  57. Convince me!
  58. Best gears with a C4 306 Turbo setup?
  59. Anyone running a B&G Turbo Kit w/ 70mm turbo and 68mm AR?
  60. Kenne Bell numbers
  61. Where can I get a Master Power T70 compressor side seal or rebuild kit?
  62. im back again....car dies after being reved up
  63. yet another On3Performance turbo thread
  64. Electric evac pump on switch, what about when its off
  65. technical stock block turbo question!
  66. numbers are in
  67. How often do you replace sparkplugs?
  68. New Dyno results...
  69. my on3 turbo build up
  70. Garrett GT4202 Turbo
  71. ON3Performance 5.0 fox
  73. what's the biggest dp you can squeeze by the firewall and tranny
  74. Most power on 5.0 with 255LPH fuel pump, and BAP or inline pump?
  75. Die-Laughing's Build Thread.
  76. Systemax vs Trick Flow Track Heat Intake
  77. new 2 turbos
  78. 10:1 compression on low boost?
  79. Which aftermarket fuel delivery?
  80. Exhaust clips with bullet/glasspack...anybody?
  81. Stock HO cam and Turbo?
  82. HP Longtube headers with 60's build
  83. Foxbody Turbo install on a SN 95 ???
  84. b&g users, fuel line clearance question
  85. Preturbo jitters
  86. MSD distributor what spring
  87. 96 Cobra 0n3performance turbo kit install beginning
  88. Ditch V2SQ for Turbo?
  89. On3 turbo kit+5.0 dohc stroker+Mach 1=???
  90. anyone hook a synapse wastegate and synapse bov up need help with....
  91. Roll call for Turbo Chassis School, Sacramento Cali class March 20th and 21st
  92. Thinking of switching my E85 347 from nitrous to a turbo..lots of ?'s
  93. Any Quicktime guys run larger 3.5"-4"downpipe?
  94. 351 turbo hotside
  95. She runs but have some problems
  96. Turbo Shaft play....
  97. Made a muffler for my wastegate!
  98. Anybody rebuild there own turbo?
  99. Relocated Iat
  100. Ebay intercoolers?
  101. 99 Cobra turbo thread questions????
  102. Cam recommondations for turbo set up?
  103. What is a good turbo for built 331
  104. 3inch exhaust t4
  105. Got my on3 3v turbo kit
  106. T4 Hotside Kit
  108. cheap but good kit
  109. Reworking 2v kit to 4v. Worth it????
  110. what to cut mild steel crosser over pipe with
  111. flipping shorty headers for turbo?
  113. Fuel line routing
  114. Need help with first start up
  115. PCV do i need to modify it??
  116. Where to mount bov before maf or after
  117. What cam would be better?
  118. after 5 months, turbo and fuel injeciton
  119. Is 9.76 Comp too high for boost?
  120. Would this be a good cam for turbo?
  121. Anyone running a Catalytic Converter with their turbo setup?
  122. On 3 Turbo Kit almost done!
  123. explorer motors!!!!!
  124. after 5 months car starts, but won't stay running?
  125. S-Trim To 76mm Swap With Stick?
  126. 9 lbs of boost
  127. Twisted Wedge Cylinder Heads
  128. Combo Power at 9PSI
  129. p/w brakes w/76 turbo
  130. which size turbo for 393
  131. working on building my 1st turbo set up, any advice?
  132. On 3 Performance 2007 3v GT Build
  133. gear ?
  134. Which turbo A/R housing on my stock 94 lightning 351w
  135. Turbo 347 question
  136. On3performance, DYNO VIDEO
  137. Help Me Pick Out A Catalytic Converter For A Turbo Car
  138. Help with belt size
  139. Confused running fuel lines
  140. New member with turbo dreams
  141. Turbo cam question
  142. Which exhaust housing to use on my 302 Notchback
  143. Yet another On3 Performance turbo kit...
  144. Spark plugs
  145. E85 cars on Intercooling
  146. 1995 Ford Mustang PT88 Dart 363 a/c, p/s, o/d Street car Build
  147. Pony down 351 manifolds!
  148. Does size matter w/blow off valve????
  149. What is the best turbo kit out under 4000?!?!
  150. Turbocharged and 5 speeds!!!
  151. F-cam
  152. The project. 99SVT TT.. so far, just a lot of bad luck.
  153. Anderson B4R work for a turbo cam
  154. Torbo A/R help
  155. turbo shops in or around georgia?
  156. Looking for Info on Intercooler Sprayers
  157. Turbonetics Wastegate Springs
  158. Anyone have a rear turbo setup???
  159. What Intake for my Turbo setup
  160. cam/turbo help please
  161. help on wastegate and b.o.v.
  163. COATED or WRAPPED????
  164. i want to boost 15 pounds what size wastegate do i need
  165. What compact air filter for the street?
  166. blow-through vs draw-through
  167. Box intake vs Explorer intake
  168. What head and header gaskets for 4.6
  169. Can i turn the turbine??
  170. 4.6 turbo build in need of help
  171. Too much oil?
  172. Going 351w turbo!
  174. kirbin adj fuel reg is boost sensitive
  175. Spark plug suggestion
  176. On3 owners come in...
  177. 3 1/2" to 3" v band help!
  178. pony down kit feedback
  179. Do i need to upgrade my adj. fuel press reg?
  180. Oil Drain Question.
  181. My car started finally! (video)
  182. boost brothers turbo kit?
  183. turbo and compression on a 347?
  184. LQ9 Coils With A Eddy Performer Intake
  185. header install ?
  186. What Maf to use??
  187. 331 twin turbo
  188. What to expect?
  189. Incon TT setup
  190. BG kit owners need your help!
  191. What to do with fuel system??
  192. 351w carb'd turbo build. questions
  193. Dart 427, big heads = which parts
  194. school me on boost controllers pls.
  195. is a 40mm wastegate big enough???
  196. 96 teksid 4 valve and boost
  198. Going Turbo. Which heads?
  199. looking for turbo selection help
  200. Which plug wires did you guys get to run under your headers?
  201. What causes a misfire? Would pull hair, but I'm bald (by choice).
  202. Turbo advise. PLEASE COMMENT.
  204. How Much RWHP???
  205. S.C. or Turbo
  206. Question for you Incon guys???
  207. ???? on maf meter changability
  208. Best intake for a stock 302 turbo?
  209. Is it worth turbo chargeing my 1994 V6
  210. what size converter
  211. exhaust wrap
  212. Eboost2
  213. Will this work?
  214. Oil Drain Question
  215. what converter
  216. Planning ahead for which single turbo kit to buy....
  217. b or e cam okay with a turbo need opinions
  218. Lmaf wiht the on3 kit.
  219. Another pcv/turbo question
  220. 1991 lx stock 302 turbo!!
  221. TE62 TUrbo
  222. Oil filter relocation
  223. Which head gasket?
  224. B41 or F303
  225. Using nitrous with a turbo
  226. newb question...installation
  227. B&G Stage 1 kit...What else do you recommend?
  228. Who makes Turbo Headers????
  229. What to look for in a turbo kit
  230. 347 or 363 Big Bore 302
  231. 275/40/17's drag radials+turbo=
  232. finally lifted a wheel with stock suspension..
  233. Making a 302 turbo kit fit a 351w
  234. AC and tranny cooler
  235. Turbo'd Engine Cooling Recomendations
  236. My Turbo Build - What gears?
  237. Fuel Rails and distributor problem?
  238. 66mm big enough for a mild 347 that is street driven?
  239. BG kit and auto?
  240. cartech wastegates
  241. ever hear of...
  242. 95 turbo build
  243. are Cobra intakes really that bad for turbo use?
  244. ponydown "tuner" kit ?s
  245. Cost Aside, Who makes the best 94-95 Kit?
  246. intake suggestions
  247. Wastegate and bov
  249. manual brakes
  250. Anyone using Ponydown Stage 3 1 3/4" headers with 45* collectors on 9.5 deck ?
  251. gt40p and turbo?
  252. getting ready to start my build.
  253. The Turbo School will have Precision Turbo as a special guest speaker 4 Dallas class
  254. 1967 mustang twin turbo car just about done
  255. turbo sizing
  256. Need help/verification selecting injectors
  257. My 88 Notch turbo build
  258. DOOE Heads and turbo
  259. What Cam??
  260. can you turbocharge a stock 93 stang
  261. Position of your Pro M Blow through meter?
  262. Looking for a good cheap FMIC... Where did you get yours from???
  263. wastegate sizing
  264. Single or dual exhaust, which will give more power?
  265. F-Cam or Anderson B-41
  266. Mail order tune
  267. Please Help For Tonite!
  268. What plugs for gt40heads?
  269. Turbo 2v Build : Air to Air IC or Liquid to Air IC ??? HELP <--------
  270. Best 2v turbo kits?
  271. Turbo Guru's: Boost creep problem after cam swap
  272. VERY new
  273. where to get 3" cold side piping?
  274. ebay turbo kits?
  275. Any 8 second AOD/4R70W cars?
  276. xfi mounting questions
  277. Fuel pump question for turbo car
  278. 99-04 on3 Turbo with an Auto???
  279. Boost controller vs Wastegate only?
  280. Anyone bracket or index race with a Turbo?
  281. Bg turbo kit battery location
  282. head gasket on turbo applications
  283. You guys put silicone on your vbands?
  284. My turbo motor
  285. Thinking about upgrading my aftermarket fuel system. Few questions.
  286. turbo motor question
  287. Vband clamp help/issue
  288. Turbo headers... coated mild, 304 SS, 319 SS or Inconel????
  289. Pics of B&G kit
  290. New On 3 or used HP Turbo Kit?
  291. Modifying Hellion "Original" Kit Few Questions/Opinions/Ideas Needed
  292. On 3 performance ebay turbos?
  293. Having a huge issue Please help
  294. best location to tap into your oil pan??
  295. part # needed
  296. Dart 363 T76 almost done finally
  297. Turbo through the hood opinions?
  298. downpipe question
  299. calling all running or having run turbonetics T76
  300. Help me on my future build
  301. F Cam or Stick with Stock?
  302. Ign. question
  303. turbo newbie question?
  304. smoking turbo
  305. 2010 GT500 Twin Turbo
  306. Newbie turbo question??
  307. The Innovate “Standalone Gauge Kit” Good for the FoxBody Car?
  309. anybody with dyno numbers on a sleeper kit fox
  310. intercooler questions need help 60mm sleeper
  311. Question about painting or coating my Hotside??
  312. 04GT Boost problem
  313. wastegate ???
  314. wastegate question
  315. Do you use gaskets on your headers?
  316. how efficent is it
  317. running rough
  318. Which of these 2 cams for my turbo setup???
  319. What would it take to run 10.00 in the 1/4
  320. Anyone ever use this Electronic Boost Controller? AEM Tru-Boost?
  321. B&G SN95 Turbo
  322. Who sells 3" coldside piping???
  323. What kind of downpipe flange is this?
  324. 1989 Turbo LX Build
  325. oil smoke?
  326. Turbo motor combo
  327. 500hp big block (460ish) vs 500hp turbo SBF
  328. Turbo mod motor foxbodies
  329. Ross XL-400 pistons, Okay for Boost???
  330. Newbie turbo question??
  331. question about trims and wheel sizes and HP estimate
  332. How does front clip come off?
  333. Question about Masterpower 70mm Turbo
  334. How's this setup sound to boost?
  335. Just got a tune
  336. E85, FMU, MS & 48s....help/opinions?
  337. Anyone running a PONY DOWN TURBO KIT??
  338. Cost of a tune
  339. oil feed line
  340. what's the deal with Innovative Turbo Systems ITS
  341. How did you cut the bumper?
  342. removing exhaust housing
  343. Top 10 questions about turbochargers.
  344. New best Quicktime 67mm
  345. Quicktime t-4 67mm turbo, can I upgrade?
  346. Foxbody turbo Kit, point me to some good ones
  347. 95gt, 306, t70, c4...
  348. questioning the turbo kit i got
  349. Should I get turbo balanced?
  350. what MAF?
  351. Anyone running a Vortech Mondo cooler
  352. whats it worth
  353. Clocking turbo
  354. Dyno tune
  355. BOV & WASTE GATE ??????s
  356. 5's Finally
  357. Fuel System for Turbo
  358. Cam or no cam??
  359. On 3 Performance turbo questions, 2v, 3v, 4v 5.0, 5.8 Kit
  360. Vaccum Diagrams? Can someone help?
  361. turbo newbie question
  362. S366 or T76 on 4V?
  363. new to turbos. have a couple questions
  364. Few 67mm passes today - video
  365. 5 Speed turbos! Whats the norm 60'
  366. TURBO Flow maps,Turbo match/Flow/Comp.Ratio/HP/VE Conversion Calculators & MORE!...
  367. General ? Re: Building a Turbo Blow Thru Carb 351c or Clevor for tow van
  368. BG turbo kit
  369. 2 step with 5 speed, clutch adjustment?
  370. New PB with turbo/auto combo
  371. stock ecu turbo before tune
  372. Hellioin license plate frame
  373. Sucky E/T is it me?
  374. New Best in the Turbo 'Vert!
  375. stock ecu + turbo
  376. intercooler for 850flywheel
  377. 10.36 @ 136mph with 1.72 60 foot!
  378. Replacing supercharger with a turbo
  379. Anyone tried a box upper?
  380. Twin turbo SN95 project.... slowly in progress Looking for SN95 turbo pics
  381. (96 cobra) compression ratio for turbo 12psi?
  382. Internal or external waste gate
  383. What Plugs to run with Victor Jr Heads and Turbo?
  384. installing oil drain line>>
  385. 1991 White Notchback Pony Down Stage 2 Build.
  386. Couple Questions
  387. Low Torque Numbers????
  388. Started routing my wastegate into my exhaust
  389. UPDATE:Dyno Y2K 82mm street tune pump gas
  390. calling all PTK Drag Radial Kit users
  391. It should be finished soon
  392. AFRs all over the place. I need everybody's input.
  393. Need a GOOD shop in the North East to tune a turbo Stang
  394. Whats a good turbo?
  395. what rear gears for turbo car?
  396. Stock Block with 100k miles and a 67mm
  397. Looking at a turbo kit
  398. mid 5's on a 275 radial
  399. help with timing....5.0
  400. My Twin Turbo Mustang Build Thread
  401. Breaking in new engine and new turbo?
  402. Need Head Gasket Recommendation for my Turbo
  403. Fuel pressure regulator
  404. anyone here got a turbo setup with a viper T56
  405. sleeper turbo kit with 347 stroker Help??
  406. loss of boost?
  407. turbo help
  408. will bg manifolds work with gt40p heads?
  409. Carbed turbocharging questions
  410. Change Camshaft????
  411. on3 performance turbo kit
  412. Will these push me over the 400rwhp mark?
  413. SX fuel pumps
  414. I'm going from EFI to Carb and turbo for next year...Any tips?
  415. Front Struts
  416. Ideal air inlet temps
  417. Just a little tip for you guys looking for a turbo setup.
  418. parts for oil fittings
  419. Running fuel pressure regulator no vacuum...effects?
  420. help make my car extremely quiet
  421. Dyno results are in!!
  422. New twin turbo mockup pic....
  423. FMU?, or adj. Bolt on FUEL REGULATOR?
  424. Trapping 119mph with 4.10's, what with 3.55's?!?!
  425. Just got it to a running state, now I have issues.
  426. Switching from Carb to EFI Turbo setup. Need Advise...
  427. what cam are you turbo guys running?
  428. t-70 turbo no intercooler
  429. Anyone have a treadstone TRV2509 fmic on a foxbody?
  430. PMAS HPX (good?/bad?, anyone using one?)
  431. Where are the Turbo + PMS guys? Base tune please?
  432. Looking for a Turbo Map
  433. Who builds some nasty turbos
  434. bg turbo kit dyno numbers
  435. Beginner Turbo Question - Garrett TP-38 on a 5.4 4V Modular???
  436. Heads and motor mounts???
  438. Jba shortys on gt40p heads??
  439. turbo 93gt, form blow thru carb to fuel injection
  440. t70 hotside question
  441. Turbo Kit on 93 Cobra
  442. t-3 t-4 twine turbo help
  443. Going turbo couple questions
  444. Driver side intake inlet facing PICS
  445. Thoughts on stock 302 HO w/ single turbo
  446. Quickime turbo guys, filter question
  447. is this to much boost
  448. Hopefully picking up a 94 cobra got a few questions.
  449. Clearance between DP and Bell Housing?
  450. Anyone running 9s w/turbo, 5-speed & Drag Radials??
  451. will this work for PCV?
  452. maf or Speed Density
  453. TDC 99-04 2v kit? I need info on this
  454. 99 Cobra with an On3Performance Turbo Kit Dyno Results
  455. stock motor injector questions
  456. Winter and Turbos????
  457. Return line routing
  458. I MUST BE NUTS!!!42s and a Vortech Super FMU = 700 rwhp!!!
  459. Humm broken? not? boost then no boost??
  460. Is there an "add-on" 2-step that will work with my Crane HI-6?
  461. masterpower t70 rebuild?
  462. question about FMIC
  463. injector wiring in megasquirt...HELP
  464. anyone using the Moates Quarterhorse?
  465. Is it comon to blowoff intake hose?
  466. Modular K-member
  467. 78mm On3Performance 93 Coupe
  468. Scheduled a dyno tune.... any guesses??
  469. Indicators for failing/weak fuel pump?
  470. what cam?
  471. Will this work? MAF voltage is maxing, so use an FMU???
  472. Intank pump feeding dual inlines?
  473. 95 mustang base tuning issues?? Any help appreciated.
  474. Best place for a tune in Central Florida Area (preferably Tampa area)
  475. Bought twim BG 55mm turbos now which stroker kit?
  476. Technical help with fuel pumps in line.
  477. Just one more selection now!
  479. Flipped Headers- Which ones work and which ones dont?
  480. Bracket Racing Turbo Car
  481. Magnum 6 speed, AOD or what?
  482. Anybody have a turbo kit that keeps A/C and P/S?
  483. What temp are all you turbo guys at?
  484. +1 lb of boost = xxhp, is there a rough estimate?
  485. 7 quart Canton oil pan question
  486. .81 exhaust housing too small for 331??
  487. Installed boost controller and changed WG reference - got some questions
  488. boost brothers kit on a sn95
  489. W2A setup
  490. Bumper support/cover killing intercooler flow.
  491. for those that have measured their exhaust backpressure
  492. Went 7.85 on motor, any idea with TURBO??
  493. Easy way to swap between two boost levels with manual boost controller?
  494. turbo kit question about 302 to 351w
  495. Fcam with 1.7 rockers
  496. I have a hellion twin turbo for 99 Cobra where do I get gaskets?
  497. question about adding a turbo
  498. Turning up the boost what fuel pump?
  499. 1 3/4 vs 1 5/8 primaries
  500. So what do you think of my combo???