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  1. 2003 Cobra Auto-Xers... What's your setup???
  2. SCCA Solo1 Hillclimb in Weatherly, Pa.
  3. 16" vs 17"
  4. Cobra front brake proportioning
  5. MM Panhard Bar with Griggs coilovers
  6. Sway bar recomendations
  7. Vibes with Griggs Torque Arm?
  8. Same tire front/rear?
  9. Hard driving causes brake fluid to leak out? Normal?
  10. Whats to stop me from competing in ESP class?
  11. Cobra Caliper Rebuilt Kits?
  12. Anyone have MM offset a-arms & MM Kmember?
  13. It's not the LCA or swaybar. Could I have a busted Rear Shock or Torque Box?
  14. Best 17 " tire for control and handling wet & dry
  15. Anyone have those Porsche brakes on their stang?
  16. Are the Bullitt swaybars any good
  17. Big AutoX in Northern Michigan- anyone comin?
  18. question about alignment and coilovers
  20. 4, 5 or 6 point harness?
  21. C/C Plates & Bilstein Struts (need help quick!)
  22. k member opinions
  23. Installing MM CC plates, and swapping struts.... do I need air tools?
  24. Heel toe downshifting
  25. Steeda Question....?
  26. Brake booster rod adjustment question!
  27. Spring Seat Isolators w/ 5 Link
  28. OK MFE and other suspention gurus
  29. 245/60R15's in front w/out rubbing?
  30. can i make a t toped car into a serouis racer?
  31. Griggs Tourque Arm ?'s
  32. Thrown rod bearing at track event?
  33. What are good Rear lower control arms
  34. Steeda C& C plates
  35. Bump steer kits - do I need one?
  36. What is best Tire Gauge around?
  37. Koni "Yellow" SA and coil over spring rate
  38. Help me build my suspensions! Get recognition! :)
  39. Opinions on X2C suspension parts?
  40. MM Bilsteins for Daily Driving?
  41. MM IRS subframe bushing
  42. Hydra-boost and ABS on a fox??
  43. Rear shock measurement
  44. How you do know when you've boiled the brakes?
  45. Unstick a caliper??
  46. Evo 8 in ESP, any comments?
  47. 15" race wheel that clears 12" rear rotors???
  48. true trac
  49. Battery relocation setup questions
  50. My Cobra brake upgrade experience... ATTN Ihara
  51. Looking to get new seats, tried Recaro and didnt' like
  52. Rear brake questions
  53. Air ride tech suspension...any good?
  54. brembo vs power roters
  55. Best Tire for Street/Track??
  56. MM C/C plates and Koni Sport struts....
  57. Got springs and shocks on my car...whats next?
  58. Injured the rear end road racing... need help!
  59. Wheel Studs - Help
  60. Autocross with a Carburator
  61. Bullitt Proof Transmissions
  62. Loud moan from rear end
  63. IRS
  64. New parts installed!!!
  65. would racing seat raise or lower seat height?
  66. Cheapest Rear Disc COnversion 4-lug
  67. Need pad part numbers
  68. Please check my setup MM/kenny B
  69. What would you consider "too" low for springs? Help me out here.
  70. Just watched AI videos
  71. Cast and Camber???
  72. Skankin and other rear coilover guys...
  73. Corbeau Seat Brackets in a Fox
  74. Bilstein - Daily driven Cobra
  75. Griggs rear coilovers for IRS
  76. How do you fix this follow the rut's steering???
  77. Better and smaller brakes than 13" cobra fronts?
  78. Difference Between H0 and H1 Bilstein Struts?
  79. anyone have any experience with sparco evo2 or recaro Pole Position?
  80. Rear sits low, but front seems to be at stock heigth still? (long)
  81. Setup ???????
  82. What are some good high-performance driving schools in So. Cal??
  83. Rear end clunks when turning left
  84. NASA CMC front brakes ??
  85. Spring rate questions (is 1050 too high??)
  86. Koni Dbl Adj fitment to a 1984 Fox Chassis
  87. global west trac link
  88. Need info on how to get ivolved in Road&Auto-X
  89. Acorn Nut Initial Setting?
  90. MM Coil Over heights for 99 Cobra
  91. MM package thoughts?
  92. lowering springs
  93. StopTech Brakes
  94. Brake line caps used during Cobra Brake Upgrade
  95. Brembo FT, Cobra Rears, what size MC/Booster?
  96. SFC's & rocker reinforcements.
  97. Picture of Steeda 5 link installed
  98. Springs for my 94 vert
  99. Loweriing Springs????
  100. any1 attend Evolution Driving School?
  101. UPR bushing question
  102. AutoXers running without Quads... where are you?
  103. how to get .90 G's on Vert.
  104. Just picked up Brembo 4 piston calipers...How do you...
  105. It has been reported to me
  106. MM Coilovers and front wheel clearance
  107. Gas coming out of gas cap while Road Racing
  108. Australian speed sensitive (variable assist) power steering?
  109. H&R race springs vs super race springs
  110. Tire Pressure?
  111. D&D coilovers and 17x9 cobra R's will it work?
  112. Install cost for panhard bar...
  113. Best Price for Wilwood style adjustable PV?
  114. Matt90Gt: Brake Upgrade/MC question...
  115. Component break down for Cobra rear brakes?
  116. Is this how you AUTOX?(short video)
  117. sway bars and MM setup
  118. whats the lightest 99-01 cobra??
  119. 93 cobra rear brake upgrade
  120. SN95 Brake PV install question(s)
  121. Steeda vs. Griggs coilovers for the street.
  122. 03 Cobra Bilstein Struts on an 89 fox ?
  123. Griggs front coil over help
  124. proportioning value and spongy brakes
  125. sla questions
  126. why is one side softer than the other?
  127. 2002 Gt vs. 1993 GT......pic the better platform.
  128. 2001 G.T brake pads, upgrade?
  129. How do u get cobra front brakes to fit in rear?
  130. Koni "Sport" owners
  131. Coil Overs
  132. torque arm
  133. Saleen panhard bar
  134. semi-dumb q: traction with torque arm?
  135. Cool autox pic with great time results!
  136. Shock/Strut question
  137. Looks like I'll need a new clutch...daily driver, drag, road race...
  138. Need tips for removing Rear UCA Bushings f/differential
  139. Another round of 'What's that clunk?'
  140. 5-link questions
  141. Need help, Newbie who wants to get into Auto X
  142. Chris Ihara is in Grassroots Motorsports!!!!
  143. Opentracking w/S-Trim...Heat Problems
  145. X2C Motorsports LLC coil over kits
  146. Locking/Unlocking Diffs vs. Limited-Slip
  147. A reason to NOT upgrage 02GT brakes to Cobra
  148. Bullit autox classification.....F-STOCK?!
  149. orange koni struts
  150. '02 GT set up questions
  151. fox and mini tubs
  152. What parts needed for 3 port to 2 port master cyl. conversion?
  153. what rate front coilover spring for my car?
  154. front spring spacers?
  155. Bogart Road Race Wheels?
  156. 03 Cobra wheels on Fox car
  157. help with Koni's
  158. installing a maximum motorsports panhard bar
  159. Autocross slalom/body roll video
  160. Brake Upgrade - Rotor Size?
  161. QA1 Struts
  162. open track days
  163. Front bushing for Griggs TQ arm...?
  164. is this worth it? mach 1 shock/strut?
  165. '99-newer front Control Arms Different?
  166. my car rides like crap...
  167. help here on power steering stuff QN's
  168. 97 Cobra SCCA T-2: Best Chip/program?
  169. Maximum Motorsport IRS rear bumpsteer
  170. Brake conversion now ?'s
  171. [email protected] bumpster kit
  172. Tight Rt turn and gas comes outta the tank
  173. Strut compression v. rebound question
  174. Griggs fender modification Questions
  175. Cheapest vendor for MM products
  176. sparco steering wheel Boss?
  177. Sway bar links and frame bushings
  178. What manufacturer makes the best k-member for street and open track?
  179. Those familiar w/Maximum Motorsports rear suspension
  180. help with brakes.
  181. Got GW SFC's - but do I need these other parts?
  182. Do coilovers make loud noises?
  183. What Next
  184. Suspension Package thoughts......
  185. Valve Body selection help, please.
  186. Welding in sub connectors...with preload or not???
  187. AI/AIX at Lime Rock?
  188. IRS aftermarket parts
  189. 03 cobra bilsteins question
  190. Rear brake cable Q's and sn-95 spindle Q's
  191. 2000+ take-off shocks and struts ?'s
  192. CC Plate Types that work with MM STB
  193. Bilstein BTS suspension System ??????
  194. best place for Global West parts???
  195. New tires rub
  196. Federick Motorsports/Steeda win at Homestead
  197. NASCAR Speedway in New Jersey?
  198. Kenny Brown car wins in OTC!
  199. Suspention nuts, Fill in the blank.
  200. Money to spend! Suggestions?
  201. turn tie rod in?
  202. Hawk HP+ Brake Pads and Best Price?
  203. Ontrack event at Hallett May 9-11, 2003
  204. Road racers for daily drivers. What strut package are you running?
  205. Koni Red's and FMS C springs
  206. oil leaking at the top of my 5 month old tokico strut.why ?
  207. suspension newbie... :D
  208. Griggs Coil-Over question...
  209. Removing isolators?
  210. How does ABS work?
  211. K Members: pros, cons, opinions?
  212. Which Brand of Front Struts
  213. Questions about rotors and pads.
  214. What is the proper ride height?
  215. F*#!ing A-Arm Bolts!!!
  216. Progressive or Specific
  217. Does anybody else have an SLA suspension?
  218. MM or Hotckins caster plates?
  219. So what would u do?
  220. What class ?
  221. Battry cut of switch for road racing...couple of questions.
  222. opinions
  223. Should I upgrade my springs or get better shocks?
  224. Are KYB Shocks too soft for FMS "C" springs?
  225. Help! Where are some auto x events
  226. video from this afternoon
  227. Choosing the correct shock valving...
  228. tire selection for 17x8 and 17x9
  229. Springs+S&S+wheels What happened to my Suspension?
  230. Rolling over Kumhos even at 50 psi
  231. Burnt smell to steering fluid
  232. coil over brands??
  233. Dumping the H&R Supersport springs: suggested alternatives?
  234. TKO Question
  235. ??? about pinion angle
  236. Brake cooling ducts - Mirage Motorsports?
  237. Performance Friction Z - Rated pads - where to get
  238. Does anybody know what ABS error code 33 is and how to fix it???
  239. Eibachs with Koni Yellers
  240. Engine weights
  241. Question for those with Griggs Torque Arm...
  242. 68 Fastback/Global West Suspension/Shocks ??????
  243. 2003 Cobra Pwr Steering Cooler
  244. Plz help...KYB AGX or Koni Reds
  245. To coil-over or not to coil-over
  246. Getting Started
  247. Suggestions on Wilwood brakes on a Fox body
  248. EBC Greenstuff pads???
  249. Coilover guys! What spring rates are you running?
  250. Need to get new brake pads...what to get?
  251. Mach 1 Handling Improvement Question?
  252. Need Help Bad! In middle of brake job cant get rotor off
  253. Panhard Bar Alignment
  254. Help me out with my susp. combo,guys....
  255. Urgent - How To Do Rear Cobra Disk Brakes??
  256. Protecting the undercarriage? Skid plate?
  257. Alignment specs...
  258. Tire Age (for open tracking)???
  259. 5-Link Results!
  260. Another Spring Question??
  261. Just installed H&R supersport springs, have a ?
  262. Stripped the bolt on brake caliper any ideas on how to get out?
  263. Is it worth it to get the Panhard Bar/ Torque Arm??
  264. paragon performance?
  265. AI/X Race weekend Aug. 23-24
  266. Coilovers - I need some help
  267. Griggs & Bassani LT's ?
  268. Is it possible to take off brake rotor with caliper still attached??
  269. Who has best price on 13 Cobra brake ypgrade kit?
  270. What lowering springs does everyone recommend?
  271. Bullit springs VS H&R Super Sport?
  272. HELP!!M2300K Q's/Short Flame
  273. Poly / Aluminum rack bushings (yes, I searched!)
  274. High Performance Driving School Question
  275. Chassis brace questions
  276. What size is the front swaybar on a 92GT?
  277. Griggs Panhard, Bullit Suspension....etc
  278. my car pulls to the left when i hit the brake.why ?
  279. Mid-Ohio event Aprl 14-15th
  280. Struts
  281. Lap times for [email protected] Road Atlanta
  282. Added Braided front brake lines, WOW!
  283. So who made it to Mid Ohio?
  284. griggs street or mm maximum grip box
  285. Best pricing on Griggs?
  286. Shock and strut choices
  287. In car video from last weeks autocross
  288. AI/X East results from CMP
  289. Where to buy helmet in Kansas City?
  290. Will FMS alum driveshaft clear w/ Griggs Torque Arm?
  291. Steeda Radiator for SN95
  292. Mustang Brace
  293. Which oil pump?
  294. How accurate is G-Tech for a Skidpad test?
  295. Mustang Brace
  296. 5-Lug and Bullit/Cobra Brake convo complete!
  297. More Bullitt spring pics
  298. More Bullitt spring pics
  299. Where Can I Find A Coilover Install How-To?
  300. Friction modifier
  301. H&R Super Sport 600-720 in front, stock in rear?
  302. Need help with wheel off-set
  303. HELP QUICK - Bilstein shock part number?
  304. will maximum motorsport lower control arms make a difference
  305. Auto X sites for southern california?
  306. Tire Pressure
  307. Found good price on 03 struts, can some one help me pick springs?
  308. does different postions on the rear springs affect ride hight ?
  309. Enlarge Caster- Strut Tower Slots ??
  310. Anyone know what the differences are between C & Bullet springs
  311. Thoughts & ramblings after a few days at the track
  312. Question on coil over spring rates
  313. Shelby Track days at Thunderhill April 12-13
  314. How hard should I wrench on Rswaybar bolts?
  315. Stock Oil Pan - Should I be concerned?
  316. maximum motosports non offset rack bushings made my bump steer worst
  317. Nice track video from in-car
  318. Front Suspension Comparison Questions
  319. QA1 opinions
  320. Intalling brake booster, where is the link??
  321. Griggs Equipped Car In Central Texas
  322. LT header/ oil pan clearance
  323. MM caliper bushings
  324. Steeda 5-link and rear coil-overs??
  325. Latch n Link Harness Compatibility?
  326. Are 79-03 stock LCAs all the same?
  327. Best Street/Road Coarse 18" tire?
  328. Front Coil-Over Clearance questiom
  330. Need Brake parts
  331. What happens to spring rate as springs age?
  332. solid steering rack bushing / steering geometry question
  333. Spring advice - FMS C-spring VS Eibach Pro kit
  334. is it ok to install a bumpsteer kit with off set rack bushings ?
  335. car sits a 1/2 higher at the left rear.why ?
  336. end links keep breaking. Why?
  337. New Brake hardline
  338. Posi suggestions?
  339. Need opinions on strut/shock/spring combo.
  340. where to find stainless steel brake lines for 88 GT
  341. best prices onbear brakes
  342. MM k member install question
  343. is there a tie rod kit that would require enlarging the hole in the spindle?
  344. Big brakes with parking brakes - crossed
  345. need alignment setting recommendations
  346. Found an old post from my RX-7 Racing Days
  347. question: installing k-member brace on vert
  348. springs and struts for fox with 95 spindles
  349. 16" wheel fit rear Cobra brakes?
  350. Can I run a twin turbo on my 84.5 Stang?
  351. HELP on caster camber plates
  352. Michigan roads, Tokico 5-ways: Which springs?
  353. Spring/Suspension Questions...
  354. A-Arm Bushings, When are they BAD?
  355. Spring rates of stock SN95 spings
  356. DFW Pennington Field - Sportbike & Sportscar Riding & Driving
  357. I have a clunk.....
  358. cant get my kenny brown 4pt g load brace to fit with bbk LT headers!
  359. IPS sla
  360. Rear SS Y brake line banjo bolt
  361. Who has best price on Z rated cobra brake pads
  362. Diff fluid overheating / splill
  363. can someone help figure out why my car handles so poorly ?
  364. Cobra brake Qs
  365. SVTOA On-Track / Camp Steeda Anyone Going ?
  366. what happend to the $65/strut '03 cobra struts???
  367. FRPP M-3075-B A-arms for 94-98???
  368. Replacing UCA Bushings
  369. Search failed: IRS into GT vs. Watts/T.A./P.B. in GT?
  370. Best Price on T2R 31 Spline
  371. Any experiences with Hillclimbs??
  372. caster camber plate help needed
  373. why not hotchkis?
  374. Anyone Autocross With a Turbo?
  375. Road Racing course in Michigan???
  376. 12 HRS Sebring on Speed Channel
  378. caster/camber plate install
  379. Cobra IRS camber
  380. Watts link
  381. Sway bar Differences in 93 GT Vs. Cobra?
  382. How to take auto-x to the next level
  383. Anyone know Rockwell hardness of Brembo rotors??
  384. Installing suspension
  385. Why cant i just buy calipers from brake companies?
  386. nut size for M2810A FMS brake cable??
  387. Auburn limited slip question
  388. is there a way to tighten the steering wheel up ?
  389. Looking into a rain tire...
  390. SCCA Solo 1 Hillclimbs
  391. Mcleod informed me a Kevlar clutch will hold until 600RWHP? Any real lif experience?
  392. Need front struts..
  393. Putnam IN Mar 29th
  394. home/driveway alignment people, few ?'s
  395. Mid-America Motorplex Event May 3rd-4th 2003
  396. Interior replacement panels
  397. Anyone got Tokico Struts/Shocks/Springs kit?
  398. '99 Mustang GT weighs only 3120 lbs. !!!
  399. Help! Bad Vibes
  400. Removing UCA Axle Bushings
  401. H&R Race spring users come on in ...
  402. Open Track Event-Nashville Speedway
  403. 1 uca, 2 lca's, and a PHB
  404. MM Road and Track Box
  405. MM lower contol arm Bushings help
  406. $1000 for corners suspension, build one
  407. need fox body 87-93
  408. Hunting a good transmission
  409. k-members
  410. 99 cobra coilover/wheel tire ?
  411. Questions about my MM adj lowers...
  412. Susp shopping list, comments???
  413. No ALMS Race for Washington DC (or Mexico City)
  414. Who's fabbed a 3-link? Sorry for the cross post!
  415. front end first or back??
  416. FOUND: Great site for Mustang suspension newbies, save link
  417. NASA fuel cell questions
  418. Cross-drilled rotor question...?
  419. Power steering good or bad?
  420. differential fluid for a tr2
  421. barts work sla users
  422. California Speedway
  423. Alignment settings for Street/Open track...
  424. Anyone with a 65-67 with the GR-350 setup?
  425. Road Racing Concerns / Questions
  426. Backspacing on 95 Cobra R rims?
  427. 5-link race results
  428. Quick Change Rearend ... Legal in C Prepared?
  429. need some opinions, may have made a bad choice:
  430. What tranny and rear gears for FFR Daytona coupe
  431. Skicks on 10 holes?
  432. IRS in a FOX?
  433. 10,000 RPM Clutch Assembly?
  434. Tires
  435. need help w/ backspacing
  436. whats allowed in E street prepared??
  437. What is the rate for Steeda springs?
  438. SCCA Solo II Touring X Allowances
  439. Subframe, driveshaft, vibration ?!?!?
  440. Where can I find spring info?
  441. Handling mods for cobra in autocross
  442. has anyone had thier tokico 5 ways warantied ?
  443. E-brake for rear disc conversion
  444. Canton accusump installation/plumbing
  445. GW vs Other Systems
  446. opinions on 03 Cobra Bilsteins (coupe vs. convertable)
  447. Big Thanks to Steve D and Brad at Houston Performance!!
  448. Question about becoming a member of SCCA
  449. Reliability: Need stud mounted rockers?
  450. battery suggestions
  451. Sway Bars
  452. HP Motorsports Panhard Bar
  453. Fox Guys with 5 Lug, Stock Offset Wheels, SN95 Length Axles, and 275's!
  454. anyone her ever had tokico 5 way shocks go bad ?
  455. To those who pre-ordered a K member from MM...
  456. t
  457. Bullitt Brake Upgrade
  458. 3,4,5, watts link?
  459. do i have a serious case of bumpsteer ? help badly
  460. URGENT........Corbeau TRS' or CR1's?
  461. jacking rails yes/no
  462. Want to get into road racing, thinking of converting my TT 87, where to start
  463. musclemotors coil over kit and stock struts..
  464. Simple Subframe Question (w/pics)
  466. swapping out drag suspension to street?
  467. What harnesses to buy for my 95 GT?
  468. inline 5-speeds
  469. Best Replacement Brake Pads
  470. Organizing an autocross event ??
  471. Are DBA rotors any good??
  472. Max Motorsports or J&M CC plates?
  473. Anyone install an AGR rack? Need help fast.
  474. I came to ask the experts!!
  475. Steeda G-TRAC stage 1&2
  476. Anyone using 350-375# front coilovers?
  477. Q: Tie-rod ends/ bump steer kits
  478. low cost autoX set-up
  479. Griggs or MM CC Plates
  480. setting alignment in my driveway...
  481. Griggs Rear and Exhaust on SN95
  482. cobra front calipers on the rear
  483. Clunk in C/C plates?
  484. Axle question???
  485. Bullit shocks and struts with steeda sport springs?
  486. Power or suspension mods - which make you faster?
  487. Suggestions on suspension, pls
  488. urethane spring isolators
  489. When are "Race Valved" Bilsteins needed...
  490. another t-bird a-arm question
  491. Road Racers: recommend x-drilled rotors?
  492. Brake pad upgrade needed suggestions?
  493. Tubular A Arms and Factory K Member
  494. installing SN95 lower a-arms on a Fox body
  495. Cincinnati autocrossers - QUESTION
  496. VIR Rolex Race Oct 3-5
  497. P.R.O. racing to be in Houston; CHECK IT OUT
  498. Brembo 4 piston versus Wilwood 6 piston
  499. Autocross; Opening Day in Indiana!! Next Weekend
  500. Feedback on Diskbrakes and PPI 13" Cobra kits