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Road Racing/Auto X

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  1. HPDE? any hints?
  2. Ragjoint replacement
  3. science behind brake limits?
  4. Diff cooler for IRS
  5. 13" Brakes on a Fox....Pad Question.
  6. mild '85 suspension mods - 'C' springs, struts, etc
  7. lack of camber W/SN95 spindles?
  8. What springs for a v6 with IRS
  9. new brake cooling ducts
  10. Wheel bearing duct caps
  11. Will Bullitt shocks/struts work well with Eibach ProKit?
  12. Track Results inside
  13. What makes some c/c plates better then others?
  14. suspensionhelp
  15. Need some educated opinions...
  16. Baer 13"Track and Cobra R Fitment Issues?
  17. Any of you guys ever done Aero Tuning?
  18. Can you give me your opinion on these mods
  19. Opentrack Stampede Oct. 25 & 26 2003
  20. Anyone use a hitch/tiretrailer for their OT/Autox needs?
  21. Autocrossing with drag radials on rear only?
  22. Will the average alignment shop know how to align with caster camber plates?
  23. Eibach Anti-Roll Kit
  25. Panhard Bar
  26. SAAC-MCR Opentrack Event 10/05/2003
  27. Which spacers to use with tokicos
  28. Driver School at CMP (Kershaw, SC)
  29. Does any 4 point brace clear with BBK 1-3/4" Long tubes?
  30. moving engine rearward
  31. Is a 97-98 v8 rear swaybar a good upgrade for a fox?
  32. Steeda Ball Joints???
  33. Driveshaft swap with torque arm
  34. suspension set up
  35. BBK/Gripp 4 Point lower cross brace questions
  36. suspension help
  37. Tire ?s for open tracking
  38. dissapointed with CC plates
  39. Patrick Olsen / Which oil pan did you use?
  40. Allignment ???
  41. new to the auto/x open track world
  42. crown vic watts link
  43. tru-trac failures?
  44. Anyone use a box intake for auto x?
  45. Building a kit to water cool the brakes..opinions wanted
  46. Mid Ohio Oct 3
  47. cobra disc brakes?
  48. rear tire pressure for autox - kinda long winded.
  49. Are these alignment specs any good?
  50. Big thumbs up to Bilstein suspension from
  51. Question on Torrington bearings with C/O
  52. Will any stb clear a cobra intake and a 1ich spacer? Maybe a 351 stb?
  53. What wheels/tires for fox body road racer?
  54. Fellow members
  55. Springs or coil-overs?
  56. Are crash bolts F-Stock legal
  57. Is there a write up anywhere for installing caster camber plates? MFE?
  58. Auto X windshield?
  59. Performance rear sway bars-Recommendations
  60. entering 1 mile race!!!
  61. HELP - What size & brand tires for my 86 GT?
  62. New Nitto DRII
  63. Suspension Questions
  64. Oil, trans, and diff coolers
  65. Auto Crossing Dallas Ft Worth Area
  66. Dr. Gas X-pipe w/ cats installed on GR40 Cobra...
  67. 87-93 struts on lowered 01??
  68. STB or SFC
  69. Major wilwood issue
  70. can the front control arms be replaced without tearing up the upper ball joints?
  71. SFC Install question
  72. Struts with C springs
  73. Will any of the MM k-member braces clear longtube headers??
  74. best spring?
  75. carbon fiber, what products would you guys like to see?
  76. What a day..
  77. parkinglot raced my new mach 1!!!first time for me and the car.
  78. Balljoint dust boots have come loose
  79. club racing
  80. Wilwood brake issues
  81. Got Koni Yellow DA front Coil Overs, have question about rear...
  82. Tokico Illumina 5 Ways - Pics If You Have Them
  83. How much better is the IRS over solid if any?
  84. Road Race setup and BBK Longtubes
  85. 94 VS 96+ spindles
  86. How do you change brake fluid in a 98 Cobra?
  87. 99+ Mustangs with MM K member????
  88. How good are the new X2C motorsports control arms?
  89. 03 Cobra LCA IRS bushings fit 99 IRS?
  90. frontend trouble
  91. Can anyone make a set of poly LCA bushings for the IRS?
  92. Different brake pads on front or use same as rears?
  93. My baby was Stolen...
  94. 00R brakes....need new street pads.
  95. What else should I replace while changing springs/struts?
  96. New mods are in- magnaflows, bassani X, and Griggs PHB/TA
  97. I'm considering the IRS for the 2000 GT
  98. Coil-over ?
  99. Lowering Springs
  100. Removing A-Arm Bushings
  101. Questions on auto x engine combo's
  102. Whats an optimal engine configuration for a car primarily based on a street drive roa
  103. what pring rate
  104. Anyone got experience with cross drilled / slotted rotors?
  105. suspension "renovation" this winter... help me plan
  107. Anyone know the stock ride height?
  108. Which springs do you guys run
  109. Can I buy just front springs to replace my FMS "B" springs?
  110. did fox saleens have brake cooling ducts?
  111. New seat question
  112. Excessive tire wear on outer edge after auto-x, how to stop?
  113. CC plate question from former 1/4 mile guy
  114. Falken azenis sport or Kumho MX????
  115. To anyone who has or knows about the Steeda road race rollbar...
  116. can front springs move around in the mount?
  117. Axle retention question
  118. Seeking Fox Autocross Alignment specs
  119. Droop travel question
  120. anybody had maximum motorsport bushing problems?
  121. Info needed on Auto X/noobie
  122. air bags or coil overs
  123. does it matter if car is on jackstands when tightening uca and lca?
  124. Power Steering Fluid Squirting from Pump?
  125. ? about C/C plates???
  127. Stoptech's on an 86?
  128. New Recaro SRD Installed... some questions about seating position.
  129. which rear diff. for autoX and street?
  130. Settings for Koni DA's
  131. p/s rack clearance
  132. Maximum Motorsport wheel spacers
  133. Steeda 4-bolt CC plates
  134. koni da's VS bilsteins?
  135. coilover crack strut tower?
  136. Mavromount Pony Rs clear Baer Kit?
  137. Racing Wheel help
  138. Suggestions for Rear Disc Break conversion?
  139. Anyone here ever dealt with the Maximum Motorsports Strut Tower Brace?
  140. IRS and SLA front
  141. '91 GT + 17x9 Cobra R's + Coilovers = will it work?
  142. understeer and oversteer question.
  143. Newbee here. Autox design questions
  144. Planning on going with MM Coil Over conversion, got some questions...
  145. Canton Drag pan good enough for auto-x?
  146. Mustang "Run and Gun" event - Do YOU have what it takes?
  147. Increase the SN95 chassis "spring" rate!
  148. Bump steer/ offset rack bushings???
  149. can the handling of my car reach the nissan 350 z
  150. Need some helpful links to get started in Auto-x (Just for fun, not competition)
  151. Will an IRS bolt into an 89 Fox with relatively no problems?
  152. sway bars???
  153. Griggs vs MM Panhard Bar
  154. Cobra R rear caliper problem HELP!
  155. Question on wheel weights.
  156. New Spring Question
  157. Strut Boot w/ Built in Bump Stop...Required???
  158. Have you seen these two video clips yet??
  159. Autocrossing a 2.3 Turbo with an Automatic?
  160. Cheap place to buy K & N or Accel Kiil Blue Filter?
  161. Looking to auto x, help me work with what I got.
  162. Poly or Rubber Spring Isolators for AutoX Fox?
  163. Cheap 17" road race/Auto-X option...
  164. first time autocross
  165. sn95 Bilstiens on stock height fox?
  166. entry level roll bar question?
  167. 91 GT 5-LUG & TIRES HELP
  168. How are the '03 Cobras soing in auto-x?
  169. Maximum Motorsports Question
  170. Magnaflow mufflers with stock tubing and aftermarket X pipe?
  171. rear end
  172. adjustable proportioning valve?
  173. Who makes a panhard bar that clears tailpipes?
  174. which springs/struts to match FMS "B" springs?
  175. Which way do the pigtails face on rear springs?
  176. Need to pick up ONE SECOND on a 40sec. course.....
  177. SAAC-MCR Opentrack Event 08/31/2003
  178. DIY brake cooling scoops, pics within
  179. Please help me find magnaflow mufflers
  180. Does the H pipe need modification for a griigs PHB and TA
  181. griggs panhard guys with exhaust withen pls
  182. Summit Point/HPDE?
  183. Who has changed to the '99+ GT Calipers (PBR twin piston)...
  184. Help bring American Iron to NW
  185. Autologic chip tuners in Reno, NV area+
  186. IS it possible to install MM fullength SFC with car on jack stands?
  187. Would i benefit from boxing the stock UPA's with poly bushings?
  188. ASAP! Stock struts to short after Cobra brake conversion...need to use SN95 struts???
  189. Squeaking Noise?
  190. Adjustable Shocks/Struts - Not Coil Overs
  191. Would the bullitt susp. kit be considered a "handling" package?
  192. Which K-Member?
  193. Will Front Shocks From A Fox Work In A SN95?
  194. cc plates help
  195. suspension problem; car goes right
  196. The shop that pressed in my bushings/ball joints said one ball joint didnt seat tight
  197. FF vs FR
  198. Griggs or MMS?????
  199. New X2C arms
  200. Are there any special tools needed to remove A-arms?
  201. Decided not to lower my car. Should I still install the C/C plates?
  202. Baer rear caliper install. ebrake mechanism up or down?
  203. OEM Shocks & Struts with New Lowering Springs
  204. 2K idle after engine rebuild?
  205. Where to get FRPP HD uppers???
  206. First time auto-xing, tips?
  207. What should I do next for handling?
  208. tie rod/bumpsteer question for you all...
  209. 97 Cobra Suspension Auto-X
  210. Will the MM adjustable ride height LCA's...
  211. Power steering cooler?
  212. Daily Driver/OT Mustang
  213. How to make my car out handle a c5 vette
  214. koni reds and t/a springs?
  215. Huge news for American Iron
  216. any idea of what my car is worth?
  217. Tokico Springs???
  218. battery relocation
  219. anyone have pics of granatelli rear coil overs?
  220. Ruckus Motorsports Car #101 - updated pics!
  221. rear control arms
  222. k-members
  223. what is the weight distibution for your car
  224. Changed from 5w50 to 5w30 and lost oil pressure. Is that normal?
  225. Spindle recommendations
  226. Tire pressures on ultra performance Street tires for Auto-x
  227. Hotchkis products?
  228. What's better about FMS UCA
  229. I want slightly lowered look with stock feel to the ride. Will this combo do it for?
  230. Georgia-Alabama Track Day- Space Still Available 8/30/03
  231. MM Rear Sway Bar and RR LCA Install (PICS!)
  232. 2000 GT autox
  233. Sportline and 4:10 Question
  234. Viper steering wheel on Fox
  235. Real world gains with the addition of a PHB and TA?
  236. SVTOA On Track - Heartland Park (Topeka, KS)
  237. 03 Cobra springs/struts, Mach1 springs/struts or mix and match?
  238. Pix of stocker at AutoX
  239. SN95 Lowering
  240. anyone run X2C coilovers? also need rear suspension advice
  241. Brake question
  242. OK, I will show my ignorance. Where do the Steeda X-2 ball joint spacers go?
  243. SVO LCA's on a Fox 86
  244. Can I get more camber with SN95 A-arms?
  245. 00r 4 piston calipers and Hawk Pads?
  246. Where to go for good, solid info for Newbies?
  247. coil over time
  248. Anyone running the EVM watts link yet or compared to griggs/MM???
  249. Wilwood vs. Baer
  250. master cylinder bore size question
  251. Steeda 5-Link, How well does it preform?
  252. suspension swap
  253. Eibach springs + 255/40's= Will they rub???
  254. Please recommend a tire size for my 17x8 Cobra rims....???
  255. Premature Brake Lockup w/stock Fox Brakes
  256. Where to get MM LCA's??
  257. Suspension Guru's - dynamics of a good street setup
  258. Willow Springs Aug 23, 24
  259. Best Baer Prices Where?
  260. X2c Scam unfoiled
  261. how to level a V6 with IRS?
  262. Rear brake options for an 00 GT
  263. Cobra IRS Swap Question
  264. Anyone using Strange Engineering Shocks/Struts?
  265. Steeda X-2 balljoint users, step inside...
  266. alignment question
  267. Tokico Front Strut Problem
  268. 1st autocross today
  269. torsen or tru-trac diff?
  270. T-bird brakes 45mm???
  271. Questions about late model 5.0 liter/Saleen mustang roadracing or autocrossing
  272. Cheap tires vs. expensive tires
  273. Tire/Handling question
  274. Race seat questions
  275. Control arms comparison *PICS*
  276. Who's using STEEDA caster camber plates? reviews
  277. first time autox questions
  278. Spindle mount holes on Tokikos vs. Bilistiens..different?
  279. Rubbing on one side with Griggs Coil-Overs...?
  280. which tokico front strut to buy?
  281. Brake duct hose
  282. ??? 5 Lug Conversion ???
  283. Hey Guys, Quick Suspension Thread
  284. Which LCA's
  285. What is the purpose of the the horizontal shocks in the rear?
  286. front spring install question while doing front brakes
  287. Road racers ...come on in.
  288. Strut Tower Brace fitment with TFS Street Heat?
  289. MM K-member and 1" engine setback?
  290. Hooker Fox LT headers in SN95?
  291. Road Racing questions?s
  292. Streets of Willow Event Aug 2-3
  293. Adjusting for Bumpsteer with bumpseer kit
  294. Will Varga calipers bolt up to SN95 brackets ?
  295. Purpose built T5's ?
  296. Custom Brake Upgrade
  297. Wheel Spacer for Brembo (2000R) brakes
  298. MM coilover fine-tuning after installation
  299. Suspension Issues
  300. Have question on Bullet suspension
  301. AZ Motorsports Park
  302. mustang II suspension in a fox
  303. LG Motorsports event at TWS on Aug 2nd-3rd
  304. SPINTECH releases new exhaust for griggs susp
  305. What master cylinder to use?????
  307. Anyone doing the [email protected] Speedway this weekend?
  308. More questions about the IRS
  309. Before I weld.... chassis straightening?
  310. MATT90GT help...Sn95 spindles on FOX-balljoint issues....
  311. those using MM cc plates and tokico's in here please..I NEED YOUR HELP!
  312. Best Replacement LSD for a '90
  313. Having major flex problems with new MArk VIII fan
  314. New Street Racing website???
  315. Overheating Starter Solenoid - Any ideas ??
  316. Maximum Motorsport IRS coil-over problem
  317. the ongoing saga; that is my brakes!
  318. Damn newbie question in regards to suspension
  319. Videos from American Iron race at Summit Point
  320. Roll call- Who is running FMS C springs?
  321. Video from my race at Summit Point, MARRS IV
  322. MM K Member Impressions
  323. How can I tell 94-03 A-arms from 89-93 A-arms?
  324. Aerospace brake install problems
  325. All those with upgraded brakes: Question.
  326. c-clip eliminators???????
  327. 93 cobra brakes
  328. I'd like to try Nitto 555R II's, but can I use them on 17x8s? Anyone doing it?
  329. Steeda Subframes Any Good??
  330. Cobra Rear Brakes Interchangable?
  331. Removal of upper control arm
  332. Jacking up a car with a Griggs torque arm
  333. NASA HPDE tire pressures
  334. Gingerman this weekend
  335. Steeda Dealers
  336. Anyone using 96+ Spindles on a Fox?
  337. New rubber UCA bush
  338. Griggs rear coil overs with Baer rear disc brakes..HELP
  339. cobra brake noise problem
  340. Brake Cooling
  341. Welders- quick question
  342. rims or tires...
  343. 3608 spin almost in a ditch.. what do i need?
  344. Wilwood 6 piston brake owners
  345. Which Coilovers should i use??
  346. 8.5" QuarterMaster clutch experience?
  347. 7 qrt drag pan on a road course?
  348. Who has SPINTECH Side-exit exhaust?
  349. What spring to get a 3" drop or possibly 2.5"??
  350. dragging new 73mm brakes
  351. Baer brakes squealing
  352. brake question
  353. slim car floor jack?
  354. Suspension questions, not Mustang....
  355. Anyone get the New issue of "Mustang Enthusiast" Rag
  356. AutoX Alignment Advice
  357. roll cage help
  358. Probably going to order a MM STD TA in a couple of days.
  359. For those of you who auto-x your '03 Cobra...
  360. MM Panhard bar Question
  361. question
  362. How To Adjust Konis ??
  363. H&R SS + Bilsteins or Coil-overs + ?
  364. 94-98 Master cylinder fitting sizes?
  365. Rear coil Over??? Learning question...
  366. suspension help
  367. GingerMan Opentrack Event 07/28/2003
  368. Springs???
  369. Fun at Bondurant -- some of his Mustangs for sale
  370. upper control arm bushing?
  371. brake/suspension ?'s
  372. Quickie brake fluid discussion
  373. MM Maximum Grip Box package
  374. MM oil filter relocation kit for 99+ cars - Problem
  375. Tire Trouble Please Help!
  376. Solid Axle is in, Vibe is present.. >>>
  377. Problem with rack bushing install...
  378. Bilsteins leaking?
  379. Open Track Event Oct. 25th & 26th
  380. American Iron action at Summit Point.....
  381. Auto-x guys, What's a good class to compete in a budget mustang
  382. Maximum Motorsports K-member
  383. HypeRFest Photos & Video now online...
  384. Help. New Steering shaft too short
  385. MM SLA???
  386. Ways to omprove my front suspension
  387. 86 below struts
  388. springs for a 98 cobra
  389. tailpipes with griggs phb
  390. PHB/TA Anti sway bar suggestion
  391. Would a PHB cause an upper torque box to fail
  392. New radiator for 347
  393. Help me out! Get upper TQ boxes fixed or consider going with a Torque arm instead.
  394. Sticky street tires for a car not driven much
  396. Wheel hop with torque arm
  397. Side Exhaust with SFC?
  398. What exactly does it take to put 275/40R17's in the front of a Fox?
  399. Just walked 01 viper!!!!!!!!
  400. Autox pics from CA Speedway event, 6/29/03
  401. Couldn't find the answer using the search button
  402. GW SN95 Front LCA Bushing install?
  403. MM front grip kit install tips?
  404. help with autox class
  405. Griggs K-member (SN95) install question...
  406. I Need an adjustable shock??????
  407. Maximum Motorsports STB and Vortech
  408. Engine failure at autoX
  409. Late models gettin' down video...........
  410. what are the signs and symptons of sagging springs ?
  412. Koni DA setings
  413. IRS for me
  415. kenny brown
  416. $2,000 to spend what should I get
  417. Are Bilstein really worth the Extra Money over Mach 1's
  418. IRS adjustment
  419. front caliper sticks, please help!!
  420. American Iron - Late model vs Early model...
  421. 79-93 vs. 94-up front control arms
  422. Spanked by LS1...
  423. How much difference will I notice in tire sizes?
  424. Suspension Poll / Question
  425. Spend My Money!!!!
  426. question about the necessity of sfc's
  427. i need some good alignment specs for increase handling.
  428. Anyone in Colorado have a Bassani X installed?
  429. Size of '94 Cobra front sway bar?
  430. Steeda Bump Steer Kit
  431. Good auto x/street racing tire
  432. Who's using flaming river steering racks
  433. Strut Tower Braces: Center of Firewall vs. Sides
  434. Car Looks Good Chris
  435. Big play in steering! Need help.
  436. Understeer Woes
  437. i need front bearing help!!
  438. Where to buy Tokico Illuminas cheap?
  439. Where to buy bilsteins cheap??
  440. Supercharger or not ??
  441. carb'd mustang w/cobra braking
  442. Differences in Struts
  443. SVO A Arms on a 93 Coupe?????
  444. Parts list for MM strut tower brace?
  445. Griggs K Member w/ stock control arms
  446. Opinionated Questions
  447. I just friggin WALKED a WS6!
  448. Do these Caster/Camber Plates look right? *2 pics*
  449. Next part selection suggestions needed...
  450. Which brake pads?
  451. Anyone have Griggs K-member on 94/95?
  452. '03 Cobra rear control-arms and/or bushings???
  453. Will make your day
  454. Brake cooling ducts
  455. Does anyone sell Griggs products for less??
  456. Another dumb "what mod next" post
  457. Ta and Panard Bar
  458. How to correct understeer?
  459. 2003 SVTOA @ GingerMan photos...
  460. Will I ever handle good with leaf springs?
  461. where can I get armrest delete?
  462. Riddle me this, riddle me that. . .
  463. Auto-X/Drag Rear Suspensions
  464. Kenny Brown Lower Chassis Bar
  465. Spring isolator sizes?
  466. MM SFC install come on in
  467. NASA OH/IN at Gingerman Raceway July 19-20!
  468. Rear Vented and Slotter Rotors
  469. where can I get front lip from American Iron?
  470. Anyone using M/M HD torque arm?
  471. unstable braking problems
  472. Ford SFC #'s
  473. Where to get best price on Porterfield Pads?
  474. Alignment question.... or concern
  475. Is there a 4pt harness available for stock seats?
  476. Tire wear question
  477. Rear shock tower brace???
  478. steeda x2 ball joints-comments
  479. MM advice needed - I can't decide :(
  480. Bullit rear springs?
  481. bushing/isolator between coilover and CC plates???
  482. CP class question
  483. Helmet suggestions
  484. Maximum Motorsports Starter Box
  485. Auto X'ed today... Need rear tuning help!
  486. Need spring install help ..... FAST !!
  487. Autox'ing with no SFC's or panard bar, damage?
  488. 5 Link Install with out Quad Shock bolt holes
  489. A bolt in roll cage for a '99 Mustang
  490. F-Stock Mods, Bullitt springs, shocks, pulleys ...
  491. Fuel Safe dealers?
  492. Ideas on mounting a camcorder
  493. MM torque arm and Griggs watts link
  494. Front or Rear First?
  495. Legal H Stock mods?
  496. Anyone have a VIPER compete in their Autox region?
  497. Why does my suspension keep bottoming out?
  498. MM vs. KB subframes
  499. SN95 Brake Conversion...Brake Lines???
  500. First time auto cross