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Road Racing/Auto X

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  1. best MC/BB to use
  2. anyone using eibach shocks?
  3. Shelby GT-500 brake rotor info
  4. Accessory Bracket Recommendations
  5. IRS vs. Solid Axle
  6. 5-lug conversion questions
  7. Can you go TOO stiff of spring rate for autocrossing?
  8. QA1 as a auto X setup?
  9. Anybody ever autocross with 275's up front and 245's in the rear?
  10. new info on power steering fluid
  11. AutoX approaching... parts advice
  12. cobra brake banjo bolts
  13. FOX body drag guy converterd..IRS out back, coil over up front spring suggestions
  14. I have the Baer 87-93 13'' brake upgrade kit and have a question on lines
  15. Racing season is starting, what do you have to thrash on?
  16. Creaking from front end. Driving me nuts.
  17. Will 350lb linear rate (standard, not c/o) springs in rear be a good match for T/A?
  18. Bleeding brakes. How often?
  19. 12 Hrs. at Sebring GT-2 finish
  20. Brake fade... normal?
  21. Recomendations for driving schools.
  22. For RedVenom and others like him - How about a "threads of note" sticky?
  23. 'Couple of good deals, thought i'd pass along
  24. Rear axle moan in corners ... still!
  25. Bumpsteer Kit
  26. Ground pounder coil overs
  27. Ever hear of these coilovers?
  29. Coil over help needed
  30. where is helmet rating located?
  31. BMR lower control arms?
  32. Spoke to Mr. Griggs today.
  33. Can anyone identify this spring?
  34. How accurate are these aligment tools?
  35. Sneakin' on up towards the top....(autocross results/video)
  36. How can you tell if a damper is shot?
  37. Finished the K-Member, Fender Swap for the New Season.
  38. AFS 03 Cobra Wheels and new brakes
  39. Any reason not to use X2 balljoints with Griggs K/A-arms?
  40. Just got back from my first HPDE at Thunderhill
  41. Stop Tech Front Brake Upgrade
  42. How much do you vary tire temp's at autocross's?
  43. Bouncy rear
  44. what spring rate to get ?????
  45. Need track pas suggestions
  46. Suspension packages?
  47. shock differences 79-93 vs 94-up
  48. Jeez, doesn't anyone make a street 315 that doesn't cost an arm and a leg?
  49. Has anyone ever tried this??
  50. MM coil-over spring rate
  51. SS brake hose kit for rears only?
  52. FRPP/Megabite Jrs.....Instant Center vs. Roll Steer
  53. Aligment settings for me
  54. Koni Sports(yellows) single adj. good up to what spring rate?
  55. More suspension work for the Truckster
  56. Bumpsteer (too much?) with 96+ Spindles on a Fox
  57. Help with mm 4 point kmember brace
  58. Springs/Struts (H&R/Bilstein)
  59. Some results after the 1000lbs springs and Torque Arm!(sorta)
  60. Tie Rods
  61. Need front control arm bushings...Offset or Regular?
  62. Falken RT615s for road racing?
  63. Can't reach my shifter!!!
  64. Griggs ???
  65. Tokico Illumina, HP, bilstiens, AGX? What would you advise with my set up?
  66. Poor man oil temp gauge
  67. Just blew my engine.....
  68. Ride period calculation
  69. Advantage: 275's on 9" wheel vs. 10.5" wheel?
  70. 2000 Cobra R Brembo Calipers Part #'s??
  71. Help me piece a suspension together
  72. AGX's and DnD motorsports coil overs
  73. Just got back from VIR
  74. Current suspension set+up and goals. What am I doing wrong?
  75. Fuel Cell Construction
  76. Are these 73mm Calipers? See Link
  77. I'm about to buy the koni yellows...
  78. Transmission advice
  79. 8.5" Wheel width, what tire (handling is priority).
  80. Auto-X in the rain?
  81. considering the m-2300-x (y2k cobra brembo brakes)
  82. Tire Wear - Cannot Find the Problem
  83. Brake Fluid Recommendations
  84. What makes a good instructor ?
  85. Buying my first set of R compound tires
  86. Anyone know who makes (or made) an aftermarket IRS for Fox cars?
  87. Tubular a-arms for a stock k-member...?
  88. Help me match the rear springs with my front coil over kit...please.
  89. Roll bar package size
  90. H&R Spring rate info?
  91. SVTOA Canadian On Track event, Dunnville, Ont., Canada, July 28 & 29, 2007
  92. How Wide Can you Go
  93. Best Street Suspension setup questions.
  94. Anyone use a brake bleeder tool like this one???
  95. Hawk black pads separating
  96. Fox Coupe Rear Spoiler
  97. Buying Used Coil Springs? Bad Idea?
  98. on easiness of install: EVM tri link, or MM T/A
  99. 2000/5.0
  100. road courses in houston area that dont require membership?
  102. Rear shocks
  103. I have suspension sag
  104. Tire Wear
  105. Recommendations for Lowers or Panhard first?
  106. Help a newbie pick spring rates.
  107. Stock front swaybar brackets on 99> cars?
  108. Introducing myself....
  109. kyb agx?
  110. Koni Yellows or Bilstein Struts and Shocks?
  111. Synthetic power steering fluid?
  112. What suspension mods to do first???
  113. Anyway to keep this from happening?
  114. School me on running road race or auto-x tires on the street
  115. Alignment = Cornerweight change?
  116. Need your opinions again
  117. Corner weights, was it worth it?
  118. Stock rear lower conrol arm bushings?
  119. What is the stickiest street tire?
  120. What do you weigh
  121. A3S04 - Ok to use at open track?
  122. c-prepared rules
  123. Brake upgrades
  124. Mustang in ITR Class ...
  125. Questions on Max. Motorsports Road&Track Kit
  126. New member with ?
  127. Texas Performance Driving Event
  128. Do street tires 'go away'?
  129. Open Track Event @ TWS
  130. Can a fox run with a vette?
  131. Can a fox run with a vette?
  132. BTS-7503 on fox?
  133. considering dedicated wheels/tires
  134. Anyone have a Griggs WC subframe kit installed at Griggs?
  135. Fender panel weight
  136. 4 disc swap and SS brake line
  137. new rearend
  138. Which struts and shocks?
  139. I'm getting myself confused here...
  140. Steel brake lines (fitting not grooved?)
  141. SVTOA @ Sebring International Raceway, April 21-22, 2007
  142. WTB entry level functional wing
  143. Need help indentifying these H&R's
  144. MM Panard Install problem
  145. Does 05'-07' AUTOMATIC trans work ok for autocross??
  146. Tire/rim size question.
  147. How are Mustangs as AutoX cars?
  148. Maximum/Griggs Compatibility
  149. How to mount a 5 point harness, need a harness bar
  150. Anybody do their own front end alignment?
  151. Do they sell/make 17" racing slicks(non-DOT)?
  152. Whats the diff between M and SA rated helments?
  153. cobra pad irregular wear
  154. Griggs 4 on 4 Brake System.
  155. Question about Poly-Urethane bushings.
  156. Camber settings, S197, cam bolts....
  157. calling all TA gurus
  158. What Do You Guys Think
  159. 5-Link question
  160. SVTOA / Track Guys @ Texas World Speedway, March 31 - April 1, 2007
  161. bumpsteer kit
  162. Difference between MM Bilstein Shocks Options
  163. Havin' some fun in a paddle shifted 68 Camaro(VID)
  164. Fire Extinguisher Mounting
  165. Suspension adjustments..
  166. Tires for 8.5" wheel, 235 or 255?
  167. Simplicity in carb setup???
  168. Does dropping the K member affect the bumpsteer?
  169. Standard vs. full-length subframe connects.
  170. Where oh where is Kenny Brown?
  171. help me choose a tire for 16-inch wheels
  172. 03 front control arms on an sn-95
  173. thinking of making my own jacking rails...
  174. Is this a dumb idea?
  175. Misc. pictures of Steeda X2 balljoints and Steeda offset A-arm bushings
  176. NASA Midwest 2007 Schedule
  177. What Shocks/Struts do I need
  178. Hoosier discontinuation sale.... wow
  179. Hissing when applying brakes?
  181. H&R Race rear spring part number
  182. exploer motor with B / E cam for road racing?
  183. steeda spring spacer question
  184. Manual steering and road racing
  185. Chassis inconsistancies and suspension leveling question???
  186. Are these upper LCA bushings bad (pics)
  187. Steeda Competition Springs
  188. jacking point of rear suspension with a torque arm?
  189. MM LCA bearing measurements/specs
  190. How long is the stock 05 Panhard bar????
  191. How many spacers under the CC plate?
  192. Spring rates with weight distribution change
  193. First test drive with the MM torque arm
  194. Rear shocks to use with torque arm springs?
  195. Anyone know where to purchase '00 Cobra R FRONT springs?
  196. Man what is the deal with these MM coil overs making all kinds of noises
  197. need helmet suggestions
  198. Which rear sway bar to run?
  199. Harness installation.
  200. Suspension upgrades
  201. Going CARB, what intake/carb for OT?
  202. How hard is it to swap the hubs on sn95 spindles?
  203. my suspension/brake setup--opinions
  204. 5 Lug Conversion/ Testing ???
  205. Rear axle moan in corners
  206. Which tires for drag racing and autocrossing?
  207. Make yourself feel better at driver through others mistakes(video)
  208. MM Heavy Duty Torque Arm & exhaust options
  209. sub-frame connectors
  210. Question about Kuhmos
  211. NASA-SE::"Winter Meltdown" @ CMP Feb 10-11, 2007
  212. What size is the nylon lock nut on the front sn95 ball joint?
  213. Higher rpm street/track 5 or 6 spd options
  214. Brake Rotor Weight
  215. MM Panhard Bar
  216. Why are torque arm springs progressive?
  217. Where are all the road race Stangs for sale
  218. Which trans for 600 ftlbs!
  219. Check out this "not so normal" Trailer
  220. Great deal on *possible* open track/auto-x wheels
  221. bumpsteer question
  222. Well I just bought a set of Bilsteins...
  223. 65 mustang corner carver
  224. Lightweight clutch
  225. A view from the inside.
  226. To Torsen or not to Torsen
  227. Kirk Rollbar
  228. Coupe GR40/Tri-Link/MM project (DUW)
  229. Noisy Rear
  231. 331 CAM SELECTION????
  232. Good street/ auto X tires?
  233. Midwest Track Days in 2007
  234. steeda 5 link
  235. Road Race Engine Plan?
  236. Is this budget brake setup worth it?
  237. Auto crossing a 07 GT CS edition....
  238. Whos got the BADDEST paint scheme on their race car?
  239. MM SN-95 front lower control arm question?
  240. Meizer Electric H20 pump on track car?
  241. Tokico Illumina Struts/Shock with Coil Overs, Will it Work?
  242. Foxbody IRS swap....shocks?
  243. Griggs K-member questions (-:
  244. how do these tires look?
  245. Ball Joints
  246. Street Modified changes for forced induction
  247. Anyone with a Corner Carver account
  248. Flowmaster 3" kit and Panhard bar....
  249. M2300K and MM coil overs done, couple questions.
  250. opinions on tokico d-specs
  251. Enkei RP-F1 wheels?
  252. roll bar question
  253. Are MM Torque Arm noisey?
  254. Need help selecting some discount/beginner shocks
  255. road race with a turbo???
  256. Steeda X2 Balljoints on a Fox
  257. Rear Cobra IRS lower control arm bushing issues
  258. Oil pressures w/ cooler??
  259. Tire Rubbing Sway Bar Fixes
  260. sway bars
  261. Best chrome moly Auto-X cage
  262. A-Arm bolt question?
  263. Fiberglass Trunk Lid 99-04 Mustang?
  264. Anyone use 94/94 front swaybar on their Fox body?
  265. Which catback for a 5.0 with a Cobra IRS swap?
  266. MM Panhard Bar
  267. Road racers wanted for TV
  268. SVTOA Event in Gainesville
  269. Just ordered MM Road and Track springs
  270. american iron vs. american sedan?
  271. Corner-Carving Competitors of the Corral: How'd you do this season?
  272. CP Mustang Spin Video Linked from GRM
  273. Reading about differing opinions on coil over spring rates
  274. What oil cooler setup WORK?
  275. Finished 1st in my class in 06 season!!
  276. Stopping performance between SN95 GT and Cobra Fronts?
  277. bassini 3" exhaust and mm phb/ta fitment
  278. QA1 for the street ok?
  279. NASA West BW Race report, round 7
  280. Fuel Cell questions
  281. Seat Belt Indicator
  283. For the corner-carvers crowd
  284. tightening sway bar end links...
  285. What happened to Kenny Brown?
  286. '00 Cobra R brakes, '01 Cobra wheels, no fit?
  287. Strut comparison for H&R SS sprung 99 vert
  288. Shocks and Struts
  289. wich h pipe fits best
  290. 5-lug rear brake options on a '93 Cobra...
  291. Have some MM parts on their way.
  292. Clutch Quadrant tuning; spacer size question...
  293. Are stock Fox K members all the same?
  294. PARacing k member a arms and coilovers...anyone run their stuff?
  295. MM now has their own springs
  296. As Requested by Apexer...Super Van... Check it out guys
  297. Those who switched from coil to coilover springs, Does it ride better?
  298. How much does an 8.8" rear end weigh?
  299. Installing seats
  300. GT500 brakes on a SN95???
  301. How to identify Master Cylinders?
  302. Road Race Tire Survey
  303. h&r super race vs eibach sportline
  304. Tires for roadcourse
  305. 86 K member + 95 spindles = no camber...
  306. This is not about mustangs but a Ferrari Enzo
  307. Coil over clearance issues...?
  308. Tire/Strut Clearance
  309. Winged Warrior 3
  310. Adjustable Struts and Shocks
  311. Anyone use "camber bolts" on 94> cars?
  312. A question on allowed mods for Fox body in ESP
  313. New to road racing- a few questions
  314. Differential choices for autoX and road race.
  315. best choice for differential for road racing?
  316. my Cobra brake system needs help... [email protected][email protected]!
  317. griggs subframes
  318. Noobish questions...
  319. MM sway bar pics...
  320. K-members... help
  321. Another GT caliper/cobra rotor question
  322. Autocross/RoadRacing Books
  323. m-2300-k brakes -feeler??
  324. To all my Fl AX friends..
  325. new clutch/flywheel
  326. To much power???
  327. Wheel width handling question
  328. Light reading about Tire tech
  329. Stang Suspension LCAs vs MM
  330. Rear hardline to soft line mounting
  331. Rear GT caliper clearancing for Cobra rotors? (pics)
  332. getting a Brembo/Viper caliper to fit an SN95 spindle
  333. Seats, mounts, and bars
  334. looking for a suspesnsion book
  335. Well I think you guys have me sold...
  336. Just got back from driving school.
  337. Worn out bump steer kit
  338. griggs/incon k-member and a-arms strong enough for the street?
  339. roll stiffness balancing act
  340. Can I do shocks/struts myself?
  341. Tire width, track width and handling?
  342. Custom Aluminum Dash??
  343. IRS halfshaft differences
  344. What X-Pipe will clear my Griggs T/A
  345. Anyone using H&R race springs?
  346. How much does wheel weight really affect handling?
  347. whill i have rubbing problems
  348. Aluminum Bumpers ...
  349. 2003 Cobra IRS in my 95
  350. shifting
  351. My recent endeavors
  352. Anyone AutoX here?
  353. Shocks & Springs
  354. suspension setup - fox body
  355. Colorado racing
  356. New AutoXer
  357. Any road racers have input on this thread and wheels?
  358. Monroe Quad shocks as good as Gabriel 14039?
  359. KB spring rates?
  360. Need pics of a 99-04 Gt lowered 2 inches
  361. Good Starter for play/race
  362. Newest Pro Challenge Race Cars body style!!!
  363. Porsche Calipers on a Mustang???
  364. opinions on bumpsteer kits?
  365. Mach 1/Bullit Front Springs + Cut stock rear springs = Decient cheap street set-up?
  366. Do I really need caster/camber plates?
  367. Trouble installing MM C/C plates
  368. Video of Brad's Custom Auto Mystic Cobra @ Mission BC
  369. Maximum Motorpsort Strut Tower Brace ?
  370. NASA Pro Racing – American Iron West Race Report – Round Six
  371. MM C/C and Bumpsteer gauges?
  372. whats the ideal camber for s street car that sees mostly highway driving ?
  373. Upgrading Bushings on an SN95; which and how difficult?
  374. FRPP rear control arm upgrade worth it on an SN95 DD?
  375. K-member+ on a fox wants to be sn95
  376. Seat-time at Roebling Road?
  377. Instructors needed: Great Pumpkin Run Rockingham Oct 21-22
  378. three wheelin
  379. What do you guys use for tow hooks?
  380. Texas Driving Experience....
  381. 245/45/17 on 9" wheel
  382. Back in the saddle
  383. seam welding
  384. BIG Brake upgrade, need some tech info.
  385. 8.8 rear/ where to buy?
  386. Cheapest way to 4wheel disc 5 Lug a fox body.
  387. home alignment tools
  388. Handling questions for SN95
  389. does Steeda just repackage/resell the Konig Villains?
  390. upr front coil over kit any good?
  391. Had some fun @ Pocono Raceway..Video
  392. Getting Pro3i's, Street or Street/Race
  393. Some Qs about autoX setup
  394. Shocks & Struts in Bullitt package same as Tokico "Blue"?
  395. PHB with spherical UCA bushings?
  396. Race Report
  397. Question about shock and spring swap on my car
  398. Roebling Road
  399. Question on Brakes
  400. how do fix a cocked steering wheel ?
  401. Awesome vid of my cobra at the track!
  402. Where to buy "used" race cars?
  403. How low is to low?
  404. Road Racing Seat Suggestions?
  405. What size rear gears ?
  406. SN 95 Cooling
  407. Prothane poly a-arm bushings. Need some help.
  408. Oct 20 Pacific Raceways, Kent WA
  410. Removing ABS in a 1994 mustang?
  411. 94 control arms on a fox? Will they work?
  412. 93 Coupe - Baer Brakes - Booster Question
  413. helmets
  414. Which Lowering Spring do i get ( 17x9 / 17x10.5 )
  415. Fox body Cobra Front Brakes
  416. Effects of Removing Coil Spring Isolators?
  417. Any interest in a well-vented fiberglass hood for a Fox Mustang?
  418. quick question on total toe in ?
  419. Brake Ducts
  420. 4 cylinder track car ?
  421. Anyone Auto-xing or Road Racing a Vert
  422. what i need for brakes
  423. Will '85 and up Swaybar fit on the '79-'84??
  424. Possible new race track near Mobile AL.
  425. pavement art
  426. Open Track D E Event at MSR Houston November 11/12/ 2006.
  427. Couple video's from the and autocross:
  428. Please Help Spruce Up Old Suspension
  429. TriLink/Watts Link Install?
  430. NASA Nationals AI/CMC Pictures
  431. 4.6 Power steering pump on a 351?
  432. Going to 4 wheel disc on my 93 fox, hydroboost?
  433. Fitting 17x9 10th anny rims on an '86?
  434. Road Racing Event!!!
  435. how much oil to use with 7 qt pan?
  436. MM TQ arms ??
  437. Front Suspension Swap
  438. GT500 Brembo Calipers
  439. Simulators, PC or Console
  440. Upgrading 95 Cobra Front Callipers
  441. MM install....
  442. Big ordeal to cut off old subframes?
  443. Panhard Bar and UCA bushings?
  444. can someone tell me what 3/32 toe in is equal to in degrees ?
  445. Khumos giving out...
  446. what do you guys think...
  447. Finally got out to an auto-x!
  448. Sn 95 brakes or Cobra brakes
  449. alignment guru's
  450. Corbeau Seat install
  451. on-car cam from the Russel Racing Advanced Road Race school
  452. HELP!! Opinion/Info Needeed on Cobra Rear Conversion axles
  453. WANTED: Racing Seat
  454. Closer to figuring out my motor
  455. G-Force Datalogging and wideband O2, What do you guys use?
  456. Strange brake issue after S-Trim install???
  457. Suspension Help?
  458. 94/95 vs 96+ spindle differences
  459. Rear Lower Control arms
  460. How many Open Track miles on the Khumo V710??
  461. I think I have something broke in the rear suspension
  462. Anyone using Amsoil MTF in their manual trans?
  463. Chassis Stiffness
  464. front swaybar mounting
  465. Track Trial info?
  466. Which Open Tracking Clubs are you SOCAL guys running with?
  467. do qa1 tubular pro front arms have a sway bar mount?
  468. Open track engine
  469. Autocross/banked oval pix this weekend:
  470. My new tow rig
  471. Tires on 18x9.5 rims
  472. Ways to help "push" understeer
  473. What is the best steering rack?
  474. Home-brew Watts binds
  475. Auto-X results
  476. Spindle Question for my 1995 GT
  477. How to make your Fox Mustang feel like a Peterbuilt
  478. stock seat belt with race seat?
  479. Removable Trailer fender or what size trailer?
  480. Need installation tips for MM PHB
  481. EVM Tri-link vs. Griggs SD torque arm
  482. Steeda 5 Link or MM TA/PHB setup
  483. motor question: no drag racers please
  484. SN95 Front arms on a fox, tie rod questions
  485. Panhardbar installation with 4-link
  487. Tuning suspension for next sundays auto-X
  488. reduce understeer
  489. Water temp warning light?
  490. help with options for 13" rear brakes on my 93 cobra?
  491. Tremec II
  492. Questions about C4 and C5 calipers
  493. Best shock for lowered foxbody
  494. New track in the midwest-Nebraska
  495. Wilwood proportion valve question.
  496. Is engine -1" setback worth it on Tubular k?
  497. Fabricating a torque arm for a 9"?
  498. GT to Cobra rear disks....worth it???
  499. First autocross with the MACH1 brake stuff:
  500. Shelby GT class?