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Drag Racing

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  1. Need some suggestions, going 1/8 mile racing.
  2. is this pinion angle going to work
  3. Looking to gain rwhp in 2000 v6
  4. ET numbers please look at them and let me know what you'd do
  5. Looking to buy new gears; Need to know....
  6. How much better on slicks??
  7. any hook-ups on PA or Dynamic c4
  8. Help i need some help
  9. I have an appoinment at with the dyno tomorrow...
  10. what size rear wheels and tires do i really need?
  11. getting skinnys for my 95, how to make um fit and be legal?
  12. Has anyone used this Datalogger?
  13. All night test-n-tune!
  14. Going to the track tonight. Question
  15. Carb combo track times?
  16. Nitto 555R's Auto launch help
  17. MT ET Fronts & Weld 3 1/2 wheels
  18. Popping sound from rear suspension with spool
  19. How do i setup my suspension to race?
  20. LVD was packed this w/e and I ran like A$$
  21. Rear Shocks
  22. Are t-tops allowed for drag racing?
  23. wheel hop
  24. best Rpm to shift a near stock car
  25. rubber removal
  26. embarassing times with the 408w
  28. Drag Suspension
  29. Project wrapping up...
  30. Carb spacer question?
  31. Kevin$ or other knowlegeble in this area: Pinion angle question
  32. jegster adj control arms
  33. new best 1/8 ET...
  34. traction
  35. Woohoo..made it to the final round of The Clash of the Titans
  36. Anyone know a web site that converts times to standard conditions?
  37. Steeda Drag Stabilizer Bar
  38. Drag Race suspension questions.
  39. What do you guys prefer for drag springs?
  40. cars feels very unstable in the 1/4.. questions
  41. '99 Cobra back-space question??
  42. Went to the track last night and need some feedback
  43. tokico question..please help!
  44. Powertrax no-slip unit
  45. Weld Draglites: 3 questions
  46. New track times!
  47. What size ET Streets on stock 94-95 5 star 16" rim
  48. Shock ratios
  49. Eliminating everything but water pump and Alt. Question about water pump?
  50. tire choice tire choice.
  51. 31 spline Help!?
  52. Gear ?'s
  53. What PSI to use for 26X8.5X15 Slicks
  54. Kevin$/Others, Where is my instant center ?
  55. Invite to Crossroad Race Day #1 !
  56. Front suspension setup Question
  57. This place sucks....
  58. What pills to use for the 2-step?
  59. Hardcore suspension gurus any help?
  60. Where should I mount my battery?
  61. Top 25 Drag radial/radial list, any combo.....
  62. Can someone help me determine the conversion for E.T.?
  63. first time at the track!woohoo!
  64. Anyone with FFW True Street Experience?
  65. My Website
  66. Swaybar quick connects???
  67. Will 28 spline do for me?
  68. S.O.S. Nitrous questions Please Help
  69. The Corral could use this hack! (Searchable ET/MPH/MODS list)
  70. cars with nitrous how do u launch?
  71. Help my car run a ten. Need suggestions?
  72. Low buck drag suspension.
  73. Upper control arms...need suggestions
  74. Whats it gonna take to get a sn95vert in the tens?
  75. NE1 with the UPR Radius Rod UCAs & Spherical Bushing Kit?
  76. what should i be running?
  78. Finally made it out, check out the times
  79. installing Tokico adjustable shocks.... where do I set them so its like 'stock'.
  80. ET Street questions and more.
  81. Attn: Houston Area Guys! New concrete 1/8 mile track finished in southeast TX
  82. What tire pressure to run at track?
  83. Went to the track last night....
  84. Bent a pushrod
  85. Trick Flow track heatss
  86. Wolfe Race Craft New Web Site
  87. New Best Time(s) tonight!!!
  88. How bad does wind effect times?
  89. limiting front suspension travel
  90. launching
  91. Drag spring comparison info wanted
  92. Finally installed my HPM Drive shaft loop
  93. Opinionated Questions
  94. Streetable drag suspension ideas
  95. Wild Rides Cage
  96. 3G with relocated battery. gauge wiring questions within.
  97. Best intake/cam combo for TFS High Ports
  98. New Best but alot of mistakes
  99. Want to run 12's on street tires......which should my next mod be?
  100. can i get high 1.50 to low 1.60 6o ft's with 373rwhp ?
  101. Linelock install???
  102. Safety of mismatching tires Safety Issue.
  104. Help, what do I do next? 4.56 Gear or weight/susp?
  105. Horsepower question.
  106. how much gain from takin off swaybars and running skinnys?
  107. E to Z Cam change. Think any 1/4 mile gain?
  108. HELP fox w/351 and s trim, removed power steering and A/C
  109. Nitto 555 Drag Radial Question
  110. Is crower baby cam legal in NRMA F/S?
  111. Best Rear Suspension Set-up
  112. M/T E.T. Streets.....
  113. how fast with new combo
  114. Northern California Ford-vs-Chevy Drag Race results.
  115. shifting
  116. B/M Hammer Shifter Can it be used w a Reverse Shift Pattern??
  117. Drag racing cooling system for street car
  118. Launching RPMs....with peak torque at 3500RPM?
  119. What to launch at, and how to launch
  120. Help me drive it like I stole it...last night 1/4 times
  121. will cutting drag spring help transfer weight
  122. 14.7 on the G-tech, is this slow for my car?
  123. is there any reason to keep pinion snubber?
  124. How fast in 1/8 mile before a cage is required?
  125. 28 spline spool
  126. ? about eibach drag springs
  127. Drag Radial Racer's / Look Inside
  128. Who thinks i will break and axle this friday?
  129. Any one coming to the Midnight madness Race in LA?
  130. 100k, rebuild traction lock and bearings?
  131. Removing front sway bar on IRS car???
  132. Just got new 6-point installed
  133. Quick Cage ?
  134. 1st timer
  135. Best LCA's for high9's-low10's
  136. Mounted the 28x12.5" ET Streets: Need info on inner fender clearancing!
  137. Stock Torque Boxes?
  138. ? about 3" race crank pulley (belt)
  139. Anyone ever use tire treatments?
  140. Raise rev limiter or swap gears???
  141. Trouble hooking up
  142. 11.24 @ 122 on an 8.5" tire, need bigger tires and advise
  143. pinion angle
  144. Fresh from the paint shop pics
  145. What kind of trap speeds should I expect with my combo?
  146. Launch Vids within. How do they look?
  147. Help me out with a 35 spline 8.8"
  148. Tri-Ax or Pro 5.0?
  149. first time at the track.....
  150. New to site
  151. Coil over setup/height
  152. S&W mustang roll cages on SALE 109.00
  153. Best time last night 14.991 WTF - HELP!!!
  154. Front coil-over spring rate for '01 'vert???
  155. does the eaton posi's require friction mofifier ?
  156. 12.8 @ 110.80 how much more ?
  157. When are Nittos too warn to race with?
  158. Just got cage in mail.
  159. kevin$, suspension gurus help?
  160. Ran my Bolt-ons 95 GTS
  161. Why do my times suck? Am I slow?
  162. QA1 (HAL) 12-way adj rear shocks on 99+
  163. Looking for good chassis shop ???
  164. Who's running a 28x10 slick on a 15x9 wheel?
  165. Back from the Desert...update car pics..
  166. 350 rwhp problems :)
  167. Reliabity question?
  168. Car needs to hook! Where to start???
  169. Help me dip into the 13's
  170. Will I bog with my combo (AOD) and ET Streets?
  171. tubes on slicks
  172. which gear to go to?
  173. dissapointing ets.. times inside.. help..plz
  174. Adjustable Shock Users
  175. Just got back from the track, how do I look
  176. Strange 28-pline hardened axles. What to expect?
  177. Where to get the brackets from?
  178. A ? for all you rear coil-over users!
  179. BFG's.. Slip or Dump?
  180. FFW @ Gainsville, MM guys How did you do?
  181. anyone have the hurst pistol grip shifter?
  183. installing a cage in a daily driver... removable harness bar??
  184. Please recommend some drag tires/rims for me - mods included.
  185. What's the secret to the 5.0 Mustang's performance?
  186. Just Dynoed! What times can I Expect?
  187. HP & ET'S ??
  188. South Side Traction Bars ???
  189. Shifts sticky at high RPMs - Tremec Help?
  190. Who says pigs don't fly? New BEST ET/MPH out of my 3670lb vert
  191. Please relate experiences with 90/10 struts
  192. Flowmasters cost me 5 mph at the 1/8th
  193. 2 stage on digital 6
  194. Hitting factory rpm limit.
  195. Relocated battery and now I have to do what?
  196. 3800 stall slipping to 2000 ?
  197. Fun Ford Gainesville Trackside Pics.
  198. The old 72 running 13.9's.
  199. Anyone used UPR's stainless steel lugnuts for WELD wheels???
  201. Does a 3200 stall sound right?
  202. Battery box and cage
  203. Brake help?
  204. Can you buy WELD center caps seperate?
  205. what brand subframes are these (pic inside)
  206. Do higher numeric gears Kill 1/4 MPH??
  207. New best Saturday........
  208. Race C4 front pump leak...real bad
  209. Do I need carpet to bracket race?
  210. Slick size info needed.
  211. 4.10's to 4.30's 1/4 mile gains???
  212. A few questions about racing at the track?
  213. Anyone using a top gun nitrous system please enter
  214. Opinions on my planned setup please...
  215. Questions about 5 pt harnesses. (please help)
  216. times from track last night
  217. Attn: 4.6 DOHC racers w/ Longtubes
  218. How should I set my Weight Jackers for the best launch?
  219. Looking for help building car
  220. Mounting Quarter Stick
  221. question on tires and times
  222. NEW 1/4 mile times (No big improvements though...)
  223. latest pics of the 86 coupe under construction
  224. drag strips in NorthEast OH??
  225. M/T slick psi and launch rpm questions..
  226. Good Time???
  227. New best last night with 4.30's, but I need help with the launch!!!
  228. Mini-tubbing
  229. any of you gain et going to dumps?
  230. how to make 60fts better
  231. Locker/Spool/Mini Spool ??
  232. 13.69 @ 102.3 mph WTF am I doing wrong???
  233. 15" Welds with Cobra brakes and solid axle?
  234. More Wild Wheels Up Pics !! Enjoy !!
  235. Pro tree ???
  236. Anyone using 27x10.5x15 ET Drag?
  237. what kind of 60 fts can i expect with the following new mods ?
  238. first time at track
  239. g 60's at track
  240. Quad shock removal = drifting on the high end??
  241. 10's Finally!!
  242. Need new fuel tank - NHRA regulations?
  243. Finally did it 12.97 @ 104 mph
  244. suspension
  245. Help me HOOK
  246. DOTs or slicks?
  247. Where to get unleaded race fuel?
  248. Brake issues and drag racing?
  249. Finaly some hook
  250. torque boxes???
  251. Let me see your seats!
  252. Anyone try a 27x15 ET Drag?
  253. 26x10's or 28x10's?? Help please??
  254. How much clearance do you need on the pinion snubber?
  255. BSing on Fox with SN95 axle and brakes
  256. Can anyone recommend shop to weld torque boxes?
  257. Drag spring installation ?
  258. What are the rules about leaking fluids on the track?
  259. Anyone here ever break an upper control arm , or am I the first?
  260. Do I have a problem?
  261. question for you drag radial guys
  262. Is there improvement in my 60' times?
  263. Guys check this out. Ran my first 11s earlier today.:)
  264. Questions about burnouts & drag radials
  265. New best time!!
  266. Will the Ford 31 spline T-Lock work?
  267. NEW PERSONAL BEST, YAY!!!!!!!!!!
  268. what type of roll bar?? help please
  269. New times with V-2 S-trim 12.3 @121.90
  270. Header coatings
  271. (Stroked)Windor Boys
  272. Making some changes, What should I expect?
  273. accuracy of gtech pro??
  274. Help with C-Clip elim.
  275. Need Some Help! (Wheel/Slick Related)
  276. Recommend a shop for a 10pt. cage install in IN, OH, MI
  277. TKO swap to AOD what to expect?
  278. vette
  279. DS rubbing on tunnel at WOT
  281. How much beating to fit a 15x10 Weld with slicks?????
  282. Thoughts on "over-inflating" front tires at track
  283. Optima red top in Moroso battery box, will it fit?
  284. Roll bar on a convertable question
  285. Battery relocate question (NHRA rules)
  286. RWHP difference between 15-9LBS-boost
  287. How fast do you spin your S Trim?
  288. Harness length and rear seat delete setup?'s
  289. which would you say is more restrictive stock heads or stock intake
  290. Which setting on KYB's and DR's for best launch?
  291. New personal Best with ED Curtis cam and Intake
  292. How much did an intake swap help your ET?
  293. Can you 60ft any harder if you are currently not spinning?
  294. Help me lower my 60'
  295. ET streets for 10 holes
  296. 9" question
  297. Is there any truth to running faster with a gap at the back of the hood by the cowl
  298. What lower control arms do you like on your drag car?
  299. Test and Tune at New England Dragway
  300. what size wheels and tires up front with bullet brakes?
  301. 15" race wheels that clear 12" rear rotors???
  302. How much will powershifting help?
  303. Weather and predicting ET?
  304. true trac
  305. Recent weather
  306. Pinion Angle
  307. Me Vs Saleen? Do i stand a chance?
  308. got some short 1/8 mile track times
  309. looking for quick answer about stock seats
  310. trailer queens, tire "flat-spots"...
  311. Sumped Fuel Tank Questions
  312. The Clash of the Titans - June 28th
  313. Relocating the upper control arm mounting point
  314. anyone using the torque link from competion engineering
  315. Vacuum Pump sucking a lot of oil?
  316. What's my potential with 315 35R17 BFGs?
  317. Need time slip analyzing and torque converter help.......
  318. sway bar removal ?
  319. Roll Cage ?
  320. Instant Center vs Ride Height
  321. Who is using Mega bite jr. lower controls.
  322. Do I need special tubes for my slicks??
  323. Going to the track for the first time what should i expect
  324. 28x13.5?!?
  325. Nitto 315/35R17 DR Launch technique...
  326. whats you best 60' time on street tires
  327. Are slicks patchable?
  328. Rear coil-overs with anti-roll bar
  329. How should I set the stance of my car?
  330. C4 shifter options?
  331. 5spd people inside
  332. What can i do to run a ten? ? ?
  333. Rear end Lift kit
  334. Lakewood driveshaft loop and motorsport alum drive shaft?
  335. Your predictions please!
  336. Line Locks for ABS equipped Cobras?
  337. Tire pressure for DR's and runner's?
  338. You think this will take a second off et?
  339. Would a 4k stall be too big for my combo?
  340. New rear suspension to be installed soon...How will I hook?
  341. mounting seat belts
  342. Is a battery cutoff necessary?
  343. driveshaft question
  344. ran my best et on sat
  345. short belt...
  346. Pictures,Ideas on How to brace seat from roll bar?
  347. Launching a 4.6 Auto on Slicks?
  348. Will i run a 10 next saturday? ? ?
  349. need help with 4cyl spring install
  351. American Iron Shootout II, Pics and Results !! Enjoy !!
  352. Caster/camber plates...when?
  353. How did he launch this hard ?
  354. WFC Pictures & Results
  355. How effective are 90/10 Lakewood struts?
  356. Got some times finally. Respectable?
  357. How much faster do you think my car could be?
  358. How to strengthen chassis for 9 second car.
  359. can advancing the cam cause problems?
  360. Some times from first time at track
  361. Battery Cutoff Install Pics
  362. UCA's and LCA's questions!
  363. The official I suck at Drag Racing thread...
  364. LT1 Injectors on 5.0L
  365. What size ET Streets to order for ponies?
  366. 19lb Injector HP threshold
  367. need a new t-5 z
  368. Finally got some times, with new sc trim combo
  369. How to do a STATIONARY burnout in the waterbox?
  370. New Track TImes
  371. Nitto's at the track, pressure and technique ?
  372. Pics of my custom chromoly 6pt by Bullet Racing!
  373. Pinion angle: Set it for driveshaft angle or IC?
  374. Wheel questions...
  375. Rim screw problems, think I got stripped holes in rims........................
  376. Attn: Rotax
  377. What springs should i run??
  378. Need help from launching experts: installed airbags & 60ft got worse!!
  379. 02 GT Launch/shift points???
  380. Got some props from 5.0 magazine!
  381. Next step...traction.
  382. I need new UCA and LCA bushings...help!
  383. Neutral Safety Switch Wireing?
  384. Best way to launch with 2.73's...
  385. Could my car hit a 7.99 in the 1/8th?
  386. Will I have to cut my rear springs?
  387. Finally broke into the 13.7's
  388. tru trac
  389. Rollbar tech ?'s
  390. is my car running ****ty? info inside...
  391. How to do a burn-out properly w/ 5-speed
  392. new best time!
  393. help!!which front/rear suspension to go with?
  394. Adjustable Clutch Cable
  395. New setup gets me into the 10's
  396. Need opinions on combo, build up.
  397. Whats the best size E.T. Street for my combo?
  398. Eibach or Ford Racing Drag Springs
  399. difference between....
  400. What should it run with these parts?
  401. what backspacing for 10" wide draglite ?
  402. here is my current setup, what should i do now?
  403. 4.10 with nitto drag
  404. Is there an advantage to using a "stiff wall" slick?
  405. What does high humidity do to cars at the track??
  406. FOR SALE...HPM Jr.s
  408. Help with 60' times
  409. Drag brakes on the street...
  410. c clips or c clip eliminators???
  411. Trailer Wiring
  412. Worried about stock Ford block splitting
  413. bfg's or nitto's
  414. Track times inside, need suggestions...
  415. Anybody using EGT's?
  416. slow times
  417. Is my converter hurting my ET?
  418. New Numbers look!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  419. New Best Today
  420. draglights on the front ..what size
  421. new best, nearly motored an 11 w/stock 302
  422. Anyone mix nitrous with supercharging?
  423. Racing Seats for Big People
  424. Somebody Help me Make up my mind!
  425. 94 mustang 460 engine swap
  426. Power windows to Man. ones?
  427. Any Ontario folk going to TMP on Saturday?
  428. need to instal longer wheel stud have ?
  429. anyone running a 5" wide rim up front?
  430. Anyone moved engine back? Good results?
  431. Drag launch kit with D&D A-arms
  432. Racing at WFC?
  433. Who has the best price on AJE k-member??
  434. what you guys using for lighweight brakes ?
  435. Milan Drag Day - May 31
  436. B&M Pro Ratchet Shifter (C4) ?'s
  437. Anyone running a Stallion Torque Converter in AOD? Opinions?
  438. Is it safe to run ET Streets for daily driver?
  439. Anyone with FMS 460 fox motor mounts and hooker headers?
  440. 12.9?
  441. *sigh* stock motor blues
  442. control arm ?'s
  443. Kmember for my snake
  444. M&H Muscle Car Drag Race Tires on Ponys
  445. nine inch rear end tech help
  446. Carb or EFI....what kind of car to build??? looking for input..
  447. air bag in coil.. pounds?
  448. ANyone running UPR chromoly front end kit? Got any more weight saving tips?
  449. Skinnies on a 98 cobra????
  450. Lift Bar question...
  451. It looks like I need a new clutch...Daily driver, drag and road race..
  452. How much to gain by getting 90/10 struts and new springs?
  453. nmra @ columbus
  454. Which would be better for my combo, 26X10.5 or 26X11.5 tires?
  455. Set a new personal best 60 foot today.
  456. At what point is rim screws a good idea??
  457. Anyone spun a rim on a tire launching?????
  458. how much will 28s et streets kill my combo
  459. Suspension Gurus only!
  460. Need advice on inline pump!!
  461. Is my clutch slipping at launch?
  462. 1st times with S trim combo... what do ya think?
  463. 60ft times suck!!!!!!Help AOD Guys!!!
  464. AIIIIIIGHHH! Orlando Speedworld stinks!
  465. Sources for complete 9" rear?
  466. wfc6 tech ? experts to the pits
  467. will a fox rear fit my 00???
  468. Why are BFG DR's on National B/O?
  469. What cage is required for 9.99 or better? I have a 6-point now.....
  470. First Time at track, Dissapointed.
  471. Roll Bar Question
  472. Will 26x10's work?
  473. QA1 strut adjustment knob
  474. Short Shifter?
  475. quad shocks?
  476. Help a newbie get a decent time...
  477. Heads-up on rollcage diagonal bars
  478. tire screws and tubes
  479. Help me build this axle.
  480. Roll cage
  481. does anyone know the stock cfm rating for stock throttle body on 91 5.0
  482. 3.73 or 4.10?
  483. 60' street tires
  484. almost together any ideas?
  485. Northern California FORD vs CHEVY race!
  486. B&M Ripper Shifter?
  487. T-5 pops out of 1st when I launch...
  488. Timeslip analysis! What is the car capable of?
  489. What tires should I run?
  490. questions about ET/MPH
  491. Launch ?s
  492. Bassani Stepped Headers..
  493. Wild Wheels Up Pics and More !! Again !!
  494. First time at the track, tell me what you think
  495. ??? about a smoking exhaust
  496. No purge kit = better traction ?
  497. Thanks for all the help, ran my best time so far last weekend at Bakersfield!
  498. what is the differance between the 98 and 99 lower control arms?
  499. Just got me some Weld Rodlite's...
  500. first time to the track...