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Drag Racing

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  1. [email protected] for the 1st pass!
  2. Trailer Question
  3. [email protected]
  4. t5 whining after a few launches on slicks???
  5. Battery box bolt down question.
  6. Do I need 26" or 28" slicks??
  7. Rules of Thumb
  8. Some tips on getting top strut nut off...
  9. Got a little quicker N/A
  10. no posi lube in rear end??
  11. Need to know ASAP what a mini spool is and how it works???
  12. Ok,got the front coil overs on...now how did you set them..???
  13. Will i gain any launching off t-brake?
  14. Any good drivers near sacramento?
  15. tires harden over age?
  16. Does it matter if suspension is hanging when tightening uca and lca?
  17. anybody using the MM new LCAs for drag racing?
  18. launching on the street
  19. New Best All around.....
  20. Track times with new Mach 1
  21. nitto vs bfg!!!!!!!!???????
  22. Need help on Powerglide specs
  23. Take out headliner for cage install?
  24. Major Suspension Mods....Need lots of Help!
  25. NE-SVTOA drag day Oct. 10th
  26. Drag radials?
  27. 31 Spline T-Lok, Are the spider gears stronger than to 28 spline's?
  28. Strange Axles w/C-clip Elims - Anyone using them?
  29. NE1 attending Ford Performance Association Race @ Gulfport, MS. ?
  30. Grinding the Caliper
  31. Launching a 5 speed Carbed 302...
  32. How much does gas weigh?
  33. M/T ET Drags Question....
  34. Is it possible to get another tenth out of my car the way it sits?
  35. 90/10's or 70/30's shocks...
  36. Where to sit in seats in Atlanta area
  37. 1/8 mile times help
  38. Can someone explain "racing on an index" to me?
  39. why do my drag radials slow me down
  40. Drag Wheels to fit over Cobra brakes
  41. Wolfe pro clutch pedal questions
  42. How streetable is SPEC stage 3?
  43. Transbrake on 4R70W?
  44. HELP New QA1 Adj. Struts and 175lb Coil over kit
  45. help !!!!!good set-up and et or not ????
  46. Urgent! 5 lug conversion guys with SN95 length axles
  47. What kind of times could I be turning with traction?
  48. Tubular K-Frame Question...
  49. 03 Cobra 1/8th Mile times within..
  50. 300rwtq + 28" slicks + 4.10's =
  51. Roll control?
  52. Mustang "Run and Gun" event - Do YOU have what it takes?
  53. Where can I buy rollbar padding longer than 3 ft?
  54. How much would ET streets and using my transbrake help me in the 1/8th?
  55. Need advice on how to get in to the 12's
  56. S&W or Wild Rides cage??
  57. Corner weighting a drag car...set up question inside
  58. Cheepest 500hp 5spd?
  59. Front suspension travel limiters
  60. 50/50 rear shocks
  61. When Does NHRA Require C-clip Eliminators?
  62. Stock rear and 26x10" slicks????
  63. Rear end width
  64. New times
  65. Need a shifting lession
  66. Another Q for you guys with Aerospace rears
  67. when will 28,31 and 33 spline axles break
  68. Will I regret going with mosers 28 vs 31?
  69. 5 speeds w/ 400+ rwhp: can a detroit locker or aftermarket LSDs improve ET?
  70. Will 15" rims fit around 12" rear brakes? (Baers)
  71. Racing a Neon?
  72. Show pics of your 28X10.5 ET/Drags
  73. do i need c-clip eliminators to run et streets ?
  74. after cutting 1.77 and 1.76 60 ft's on 17 inch bfg's,what can in expect on 26*11.5 et
  75. how fast can u go on 8 inch slicks?
  76. drag race software
  77. Will MT 28X10.5-15s fit my 90 Foxbody?
  78. need help for traction!!!!
  79. trap rpms with 4.10 and 26in. tire
  80. Torque box reinforcement kits etc
  81. Analyze my timeslips from last night
  82. Do all Mustangs have wheelhop!?
  83. Would it be safe to remove the REAR swaybar for the track?
  84. GtechPro Tach Readings vs. Autometer or Stock
  85. timeslips for my stang
  86. suspension guys
  87. Sportsman B50 Block Numbers?
  88. Is it unusually quick?
  89. 60' times going way down!! Why?
  90. Trap with 4.10s @119 mph
  91. New Report from Track
  92. Raced the Edelbrock PRO series last wknd. & won my True Street bracket!!!
  93. C4 on T-brake with N.O.S
  94. crappy 1/4 times in the cobra again???
  95. core support
  96. best lower control arms....
  97. Raced my friend in an 2000 vette
  98. Who makes 3" flow tubes/extension pipes?
  99. For those with 28" tire and adj lowers
  100. Let's talk about REAR sway bars. (question)
  101. 4:10 question
  102. What does the stock rear swaybar do?
  104. Which to get...Hoosier QT or QTP's??
  105. How to Test 9" Traction-Lok??
  106. Is it possible to fey both sides of your traction loc clutches so the tires won't spi
  107. Flash
  108. new times with S-trim and AOD
  109. 1/4 mile times / set-up
  110. MPH increase, What increase should I see on my time slip?
  111. NHRA Rule help... Aftermarket seat must be bolted to rear crossbar?
  112. How light do I need to be?
  113. First night out with the 'stang..
  114. Evaluate my new best time, 01GT timeslip inside
  115. Going for 10s NA, need help on set up...long
  116. Rodlite front skinnies fitment?
  117. Differentials
  118. What does it take to go wheels up in a SN95 vert?
  119. king cobra clutch
  120. Guys with Aerospace/Wilwood rear disks...
  121. sumped fuel cell for injected car
  122. Going from Steeda springs to drag springs, any non b.s. links?
  123. springs for drag launches
  124. good time for beginner???
  125. new track times in..got booted from e-town!
  126. ???Suspension???
  127. Line Lock Position?
  128. Floor mounted or cage mounted harnesses?
  129. C4 shift kit
  130. Best width slick for 8" wide rim ?
  131. analyze my timeslips and tell me what i'm doing wrong.
  132. Clear up a cage question for me
  133. Worth it just for the track?
  134. thought I'd chime in with my new times
  135. Ran the car last night, notice some VERY interesting things that I don't understand
  136. Killing starters..PLEASE HELP
  137. Holy Chit!! I beat a newer firehawk w/ LS1
  138. Would it be foolish of me to put my ET streets and skinnies on my 01GT??????
  139. Flash my 3800rpm stall AOD or Pwer brake ?
  140. 26X10's and 15X7's??
  141. 500 hp what would i run?
  142. Fuel level,60 ft,MPH Questions??
  143. Less gear or taller tires?
  144. Advice please
  145. track time
  146. Guys w/ Drag Springs & Drag Shocks
  147. What kind of et should I be running at 112 mph?
  148. cutting good 60ft. marks
  149. camera mounts on the cage
  150. Tranny Brake Owners, Please Look
  151. What size ET streets
  152. First time at track Guess my ET
  153. First time to track with S-trim results
  154. suspension gurus help me out
  155. 275-50-15 DRs on stock 10 hole wheels
  156. best manual tranny for my car.
  157. Best front runners for the money?
  158. Anybody race one of these?
  159. Interest in a Tokico and HAL/QA1 GP?
  160. Dave Morgan Chassis Seminar
  161. Need help with coil overs PLEASE...
  162. Can I beat a 2001 vette ?
  163. First 1/4th mile times!
  164. weight question
  165. Your opinions on my new best time
  166. New times for old vert
  167. Line Lock installation ?
  168. Do I need more gear?
  169. Need help with K member...please
  170. Was this a fluke???
  171. New Best Times
  172. It's a start!
  173. Low impedance injectors?
  174. Which Axles (On a budget)
  175. Well...I'm back in the 10's
  176. Safety Harness Attachment Points
  177. fuel filters
  178. Whats the right suspension for me?
  179. Interesting ET Street info
  180. How to get an SN95 to Hook
  181. what should this 342 combo run?
  182. Tire size and Gear ratio
  183. those running low12s to high11s on ET STREETS
  184. Bushings
  185. Check this out
  186. just got my wolfe suspension-looking 4 help
  187. M/T Sportsman DOT tires....?
  188. Cheap/Lightweight Rear Wheels?
  189. Has anyone ran a sticky tire on a wheel, using spacers? Please read!
  190. Least expensive way to run 10's? No nitrous.
  191. Will this scoop add MPH at the track?
  192. Pinion Angle?
  193. So who really knows what rear suspension works???
  194. How much quicker you think I can go......
  195. Supeior Axle wheels studs any good?
  196. What Would my 1/4 mile time be?
  197. Shift @ redline or peak hp?
  198. What do I coat newly sumped tank with?
  199. Roll Control
  200. Are 12's possible with this set up
  201. Long Tubes???
  202. Tallest tire on a SN95?
  203. Those who have mini-tubs, what did you do with fender lip ?
  204. General Question About 5.0 Fox's And Mods
  205. does bald BFG drag radials hook better than new ones ?
  206. Congrats to our local stock block Hero ! Check out his Combo
  207. Those with shank style lugnuts, ever screw them up ?
  208. Looking for input on the Moroso front and rear springs kits.
  209. Moser thread in wheel studs, I broke one !!!
  210. BFG Brag Radial users please chime in.
  211. Need some thoughts on finishing up the back half!!
  212. 8.8 carrier caps
  213. How the heck to I get better times...
  214. New personal best but there was a casualty.....
  215. A couple of at what point do I need type of questions...........
  216. Is my Torque Converter installed OK? And, How to attach to flywheel?
  217. Intake and Carb question
  218. new best et
  219. Does this seem slow?
  220. 750HP, do I need 31 or 33 Spline?
  221. new best at track tonight.
  222. Suffered poor performance at the track -new tires?
  223. need some opinions on this setup
  224. Results from tonights race at track
  225. Got my 31 spline moser axles and spool, need new bearings???
  226. How much power will a 4 bolt after market axle support?
  227. Anyone ever broke 28 spline mosers/what's the purpose of C-clip elims?
  228. South Side Machine Liftbars
  229. I had it! I can't get my 60ft down.
  230. What is teh weight minimum?
  231. Street/Strip suspension?
  232. Can you use anti roll bars on street?
  233. Late model (2001) fuel rail question
  234. Any use a steeda 5 link to drag race??
  235. Renegade/10.5" class tire sizes
  236. ? about Inner fenders (Drag Cars)
  237. C4 and C5 tq converters - interchangeable?? also PI vs TCT vs PA vs ???
  238. good 8.8 street/strip build opinions???
  239. Rear Sway bar, Quad......Keep or Get rid of it?
  240. Cold air box w/cowl hood & carb
  241. help guess the wieght off my car is need help asap
  242. Manual brakes( what master cylinder to use.)
  243. Could I mix leaded race gas with unleaded 92?
  244. Anyone use Comp Engineering 3-way shocks in the rear ?
  245. Will yanking the quad shocks help my car 60' any better?
  246. Need some vids...
  247. Best burn-out and or launch for Drag Radials?
  248. What size is the tie down for the batteries?
  249. Tokico Adjustables
  250. Drag racers with roll bars and wrap around shoulder harness questions
  251. 331 Vert : What should it run?
  252. 8.8 broke
  253. Guys with auto's and 4.10's
  254. swap from 85 to79 will it work?
  255. Mustang Drag Video from Corvette event.
  256. 95 Cobra to drag car
  257. Estimate of 1/4 time
  258. 31 Spline Upgrade? Explorer diff?
  259. What gears to use with Wide Ratio AOD??
  260. 4 cyl T-5 in a 5.0 NEED PILOT BEARING!!!
  261. im in 5th gear before im done the 1/4!
  262. NMRA Pure street suspension setups
  263. Balance welds with slicks?
  264. Hoosier QTP's.....11.50's or 13.50's?
  265. Bristol FFW Pictures
  266. Well I finally got my car back to the track
  267. Drag Radial race in Ohio.. Who's going?
  268. What RPM would I be turning at 125mph?
  269. Advice for relocating battery to trunk?
  270. Minor bolt-on 5.0's with 4.10's, 1/8 mile questions...
  271. Carb or fuel injected?
  272. What do I need tech wise for 9's?
  273. wo0t. motored an 11, stock shortblock.
  274. Burn out problems????
  275. Cutting steel braided line
  276. AOD to C-4 swap
  277. Problem with my performance on 1/4
  278. PA Supercomp C4 or Dynamic Mighty Mite C4
  279. new motor
  280. Guys help me tune this suspension.
  281. How often does this happen... ALMOST the exact same time 2 weeks apart!
  282. Roll bar in car. Over 11.99 Still need harness?
  283. Help please what do i need with the my new welds
  284. HELP which Struts and Shocks to get
  285. upper control arm's?
  286. MPH/ ET Question
  287. Those with 10" rear wheels..
  288. I Love Slicks, BUT.....
  289. 92-93 mini starter wiring?
  290. Clutch Suggestions
  291. QA1 struts and coilover
  292. Anti-sway bar and worse 60' (?)
  293. Stock 4.6 vs stock Pontiac GTP?
  294. What size RIM for 26x10 ET DRAG slicks?
  295. Any local NC/SC guys going to Fayetteville 8/1?
  296. Kevin/Others... What to do if my car hooks fine already ?
  297. Which gear should I run?
  298. Need help! Stock mustang on track!
  299. Finally got to the track, check out my #'s
  300. Need a rule from NHRA rule book concerning brakes
  301. axles and spool
  302. what fuel pressure should i run
  303. trans problems
  304. does a mini-tub allow me to tuck the slick up higher ? please help
  305. Drag wheel tire question
  306. who has the lightest mustang?
  307. Budget drag suspention!!!
  308. ET Streets or Drag radials: time to choose
  309. carb swap help?
  310. Help with launch???
  311. comp cams XE282HR anyone use
  312. Tempo vs. Mustang - Tempo wins!!
  313. went to track
  314. Not a bad Weekend
  315. Rear suspension suggestions for high 10 sec coupe.
  316. 4 cyl suspension for drag racing?
  317. Any used LX rims with SLICKS at the track?
  318. Spool Question
  319. ET and MPH improved but 60' time got worse...how come?
  320. Analyize my times
  321. Torque Box Fixes ??
  322. 1/4 mile vs. 1/8 mile times
  323. Will i notice a differnece with my new 3550?
  324. front/rear suspension
  325. Fuel injected intake
  326. do stock fox body shocks have a 50/50 rating?
  327. installed upr upper w/ speherical bush
  328. long tube headers with scattershield
  329. How to get to 13s
  330. My first race (ha ha ha)
  331. New best for TFS Hi port 306
  332. Helmet options
  333. New track times-- ????
  334. bristol fun ford do they tech hard
  335. do slicks affect mph ?
  336. killed a bunch of 5.0's at the track except for one???
  337. New track times.
  338. fuel line one way valve? Is there such a thing?
  339. Has anyone had clearance issues with coil-overs and 17" wheels?
  341. uppers and lowers
  342. Help me out with rear suspension
  343. anyone using blowthru carb?
  344. Corner balancing?
  345. anyone have experience with the cordless impact wrenches at the track?
  346. Anyone ever try this? Results?
  347. what is a good name in roll cages???
  348. 13 Second Clip!
  349. Poly or spherical bushings?
  350. Quick question about neutral safety.
  351. With the stock motor what is the power curve?
  352. HELP me with my k-member install problem
  353. .:: What is the key to low 60' times? ::.
  354. 7.5" rear/combo question
  355. Burn Out!
  356. Tonight on the history channel at 9pm...
  357. Battery Cut Off
  358. Tips for ET drags?
  359. MM caster camber plate users...IN HERE!
  360. DRAG2003 SOFTWARE
  361. Outlaw Pro Street, Huge Gallery and Results !! Enjoy !!
  362. classic drag racing setups
  363. Bracket racers inside
  364. T56 Scattershield..........
  365. C4 front seal problems
  367. How important is timing and FP on a NA motor?
  368. 50 Fastest STOCK BOTTOM END N/A Mustang List: Part II
  369. Latest 1/4 and 1/8 times what do you think
  370. where to set megabite jr 80% or 120%
  371. Through the floof SFC's
  372. Power shifting slows me down???
  373. How To Tell When BFG DR's Are Used Up???
  374. what should i run
  375. what psi do I run
  376. altenator mounting question
  377. Lets talk nitrous tuning
  378. DR burnouts. How to clean off rubber?
  379. engine help
  381. Reaction times?
  382. 5-speed guys
  383. How to get the best launch?
  384. Removing burnt rubber from fenders
  385. 12's finally !
  386. Finally some decent times from the 332!
  387. Where does the 8.8 start to break? (60ft)....
  388. Anyone running Aerospace/Wilwood rear brakes...
  389. Cripes NX rocks! New times inside.
  390. bike race
  391. What kind of throttle cable for carb in a 91?`
  392. Where can I get an accurate track weight?
  393. I put my slicks on last night and ran SLOWER than my street tires
  394. Jictor Jr's and rocker stud girles...
  395. P headed 347, times inside
  396. Ran a new best... can anyone analyze my timeslip?
  397. Track Times need input
  398. lineup twice with a 03 cobra???
  399. New NHRA cage rules for 2005
  400. pinion depth
  401. 347 Motor finally coming around (Timeslips inside)
  402. problem with c clips emimators leaking after disk brake install
  403. Slick wear problems
  404. Drag strip locations
  405. Wihich shocks and struts
  406. Need Help!
  407. Track times
  408. whats your best 60' w/et streets
  409. slick question
  410. E/T for 96-98 GT auto ?
  411. Need Opinions
  412. NEED time ADVICE!!!!
  413. Just got back from the track
  414. New 1/4 times with performer intake
  415. Tire question
  416. gear change
  417. Gears vs Tire size -- which should I change?
  418. Drag Race at Carlsbad 7-20-03
  419. Help me analyze my timeslip!!!!!!!!!!!
  420. what's a good tow vehicle?
  421. Power loss in 2nd??
  422. Installing hardened studs.
  423. basic explanation of sprung vs unsprung weight?
  424. Roll cage question regarding kicker bars
  425. video of my new best run
  426. Pro Star's XP
  427. How fast can you go on street radials
  428. Does a sealed gell batery need a box to be legal.
  429. AOD 5.0 Guys...Lets see your setups & Dyno #/Track Times
  430. Any of you eliminate the s-spring in your trac-lok
  431. 1st night at the track - 1/8 mile time
  432. 1/4 Mile Trap Speed questions Please Help!
  434. steeda adj swaybar???
  435. Those running Centerline Convo Pro's
  436. Front Skinney Tires? (Radials 165R15's)
  437. jw c-4
  438. Suspension
  439. 91 first time at track
  440. New personal best with TFS combo!
  441. Brand new C4 goes south....
  442. getting ready for my first quarter mile run....weight reduction, tire pressure, rpm's
  443. How Do I launch on Nitto 555R's?
  444. Ran slow, only 12's, Please analyze my timeslip
  445. How fast are u going with your tremec??
  446. PA ot Lentech Tannys?
  447. 1/8th mile = what in the 1/4?
  448. Z28 Vs gt
  449. C-4 Problems
  450. will Megabite JR.s or Lakewood lift bars help me any?
  451. 1/4 times are in. First time at track.
  452. Times with 350 rwhp?
  453. picture of 11.5 ET streets on fox body?
  454. Problem with anti-roll bar
  455. Anyone using 16" pony rims?
  457. Cage Color!
  458. Pro3i Control Arms?
  459. ? for those who ordered UPR k-member kit
  460. Accelerometers question
  461. differential bearing question!!
  462. O-Ringed block, what to do with the heads?
  463. Driveshaft for high HP Fox body drag car
  464. cage question
  465. Starter alignment probs with JW bell on 357
  466. Who is using 26X10 ET Drags on 10" wheels
  467. Which one would you choose?
  468. Who has this Drag suspension
  469. How in the heck do you launch on these tires?
  470. Best ucas and lcas on the market??
  471. easiest qickest way to tie car down on an open trailer?
  472. Hoosier Circle Track tires for Drag?
  473. 125 shot on 99GT???
  474. Best spring rate for drag racing on a coil over??
  475. If I could drive, what would this work out to:
  476. drag racing help
  477. Opinions regarding M&H Racemasters
  478. Help with my slow combo. 1/8 mile times make me wanna cry
  479. Times for this combo?
  480. Where to get Rollcage tubing in NJ??
  481. AOD trans worth swapping out the 3.73 gears for 4.10's?
  482. (susp. guru's)830 H.P. rear susp.
  483. Went some rounds sat.night
  484. what should be the ET and trap spd of twin turbo stock 95 gt @8psi
  485. Ran decent at CD03, what to expect with good conditions?
  486. Brake help!!! I'm stumped!!
  487. taking a stock longblk 93 coupe to the 12s- pt 1, rear suspension...
  488. Control arms installed, now thers a clunk when I shift?
  489. Wobble on drag radials?
  490. best mufflers for street /strip
  491. COMPLETELY STOCK '99+ GT 1/4 times???
  492. Tranny brake solenoid going bad after one night of use?
  493. help , i swapped from 4.10s to 4.88s now car is slower,can anyone explain???
  494. How to shift with 420rwhp and a T5??
  495. How much do upper/lower control arms help w/traction?
  496. rear spring help
  497. 31 spline Detroit or 33 spline W/spool?
  498. tubular k-member ???
  499. WTF?? they made the track the wrong length!LOL!!
  500. Any C-4 experts, Help me figure out what I broke!