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Drag Racing

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  1. i need a nitrous gear..?
  2. anti roll bar ..problems..
  3. no clips axle end,, pics please
  4. hows got a flaming river manual rack.?
  6. Who's going to the Norwalk, OH opener this weekend?
  7. south side lowers ,,adjustable kind, look!
  8. anyone running 28x10.5 et drags look here.
  9. Time to Choose
  10. Launch tips for my setup?
  11. attn eaton posi users.what gear oil are you using ?
  12. info on bracket for NMRA
  13. rollbar to roll cage
  14. what do you think?
  15. New Best
  16. 90/10's & 150# springs
  17. What to expect
  18. Anyone have pics of Baseline set-up w/coilovers under a Fox?
  19. Spinning; need help
  20. any special way to mount slicks??
  21. Got some pictures and Video of my cars
  22. How to remove "melted" plugs?
  23. Who has the Quickest/Fastest Stock w/bolt-ons Power Adder 5.0 **MAKE a Sticky please
  24. Autoweld Chassis bolt in 9" housing kit???
  25. raceseats install pics
  26. need a good recipe for switching to a Glide?
  27. Going back to the track....Advice Needed
  28. 1st passes of the new season
  29. front upr suspension ?'s
  31. How to find Instant Center and how does it effect your launch??
  32. New best in 1/8
  33. Lakewood driveshaft loop clearance???
  34. fast car slow et
  35. Where did you mount your line lock?
  36. what fuel pump
  37. Weird vibe when drivetrain unloads?
  38. Best Price for Anti Roll Kit?
  39. Ways to do burnouts
  40. New best at Island dragway
  41. caged vert guys
  42. Waterbox burnout or no at test & tune
  43. Ways to do burnouts
  44. BRIAN15
  45. First pass of the trailer **New Best**
  46. disk brakes and c-clip eliminnators
  47. Is more traction the answer ? (girlfriend's car swapped ends at track last night)
  48. anti-rollbar + drag style coilovers (for use with mini tub)
  49. any pics of 3" exh woriking with anti-rollbar
  50. Did not get my 9 second license
  51. Disappointed with the drag radials
  52. New best Et last night
  53. need help car running like crap
  54. Fox body K member Qs
  55. what kind of times should I be running 1/4 mile
  56. Roll Cage Q's
  57. Highlight Video From The National Muscle Car Assoc Race (PRO) @ Bradenton
  58. What should my setup run??
  59. what manual valve body?
  60. C4 Users Inside!
  61. whats your rear ride height??
  62. any feed back on JDI upper adjustables
  63. Pics of my braced/welded 8.8
  64. whos 's stang is back halfed??
  65. FYI Aluminum Rear Bumper
  66. NHRA Rules for 10.99 & Quicker
  67. Add 4cyl springs to rear, or not?
  69. Looking for a video
  70. M/T et streets vs. M/T et street radials
  71. need help w/ssm lift bars
  72. 355's vs 373's
  73. need info on tuning rear suspension
  74. power steering ..question....?????
  75. power brake booster delete kit
  76. who makes the best rear upper and lower control arms ?
  77. best sub frames for the buck
  78. want to see your times w/ DR's and bone stock suspension
  79. need some detailed instructions on setting pinion angle
  80. spool on a street car??
  81. can you still buy Megabite SR.'s
  82. Back on the Ford scence. Stall rpm question
  83. crappy 1/4 times why???
  84. Explain the Airbag in Right Rear to Me
  85. New Best inside
  86. What size MT Radials for 15x8 Welds?
  87. Do you guys think I can get in the 12's with these new mods?
  88. 26x11.50x16 et street on a 16" pony?
  89. rev limting device on N.O.S ENGINE
  90. 26 inch tire to 27 inch
  91. Which lasts longer?
  92. Last Test session before Commerce,GA FFW
  93. Anyone going to Reynolds, GA for NMRA event 8-10 APR...
  94. Moser axle question
  95. Newest In-car video
  96. Headlight Removal at the dragstrip???
  97. my little a trim video
  98. Guys with aluminum seats need help
  99. 4-link suspension ...Link length?
  100. got speed demon carb ,not happy
  101. Best 60ft on 3.08s???
  102. What gear ratio
  103. Question to Stang Racing Veterans: What Can I Run??
  104. can you guys help me with RWHP #'s
  105. Roll cage questions
  106. Air pressure in Drag Radials
  108. Is this combo streetable?
  109. fuel system question
  110. how much coil to cut off on Eibach kit
  111. crappy 1/4 mile times
  112. Eibach Drag Launch Spring Kit ?'s
  114. Need help picking a clutch
  115. you decide trans for me
  116. 408 needs a biiger carb
  117. Opinions on convertor and timeslip
  118. Factory alt. wiring/ removal?
  119. New best in 290k Mile shortblock car!!!!
  120. NMCA PRO FROM BRADENTON: Dan Millen Testing Pics And Video (with some breakage)
  121. race engine alternator?
  122. Help w/street tires
  123. Launching on street tires
  124. Advice on setting up my susp. setting ride hight with coilovers
  125. When is WFC this year?
  126. 5 point seat belts
  127. Why isn't my car transferring weight, although it 60ft's in the 1.40's?
  128. to those with 11.90-11.99 et's.please post your slip
  130. Anyone run the COMP ENGINEERING anti-roll bar?
  131. Wondering about 1/4mile times... help
  132. Auto trans setups. Who has the best?
  133. Tubes in slicks = less traction ?
  134. Pic's of front end limiter's please!
  135. how is your spool on the street?
  136. whos running less than 1.50 60fts?
  137. First time running Stang at track
  138. mounting master disconnect switch on a 95
  139. Safety harness question
  140. moser axles?
  141. No street racing discussions please.
  142. what will my new combo be capable of?
  143. Please help me evaluate my track times!
  144. for anyone in texas..........
  145. TKO 500 shifter
  146. What should I 1/4?
  147. Are my X2C upers and lowers just cheap junk?
  148. SBF to Powerglide
  149. 321rwhp & 12.30's w\1.70 60ft...What's wrong?
  150. lokar set-up??
  152. How deceiving are autos on the dyno?
  153. Powerglide removal
  154. PLEASE help me sort out my suspension
  155. How Much To TIG Weld a Cage?
  156. Best Bang for the $$ Suspension Mods...??
  157. Maximum Motorsports control arms??
  158. deleted thread
  159. Exhaust question for guys with track only cars
  160. fuel return line?
  161. Which control arm for better 60ft?
  162. HELP: 98 mph @14.70
  164. Drag struts worth it on a lowered/street style suspension?
  165. 1/4 MILE ETs WHAT DO YOU THINK ??????
  166. My combo/enough to run 12s...
  167. carb'd setup pics please
  168. Shims for Lakewood Struts
  169. Which Racing Harness Should I get?
  170. biggest tire under 96 cobra
  171. AOD Shifter options
  172. What to set rear adjustable shocks at.
  173. Most comparable M/T ET radial to a 28x10.5x15 slick
  174. fuel line help
  175. thoughts on Tokico drag struts
  176. New dyno numbers, graph included 347ci
  177. 4cyl springs
  178. 3.73 vs 4.10
  179. rpm difference in gear swaps
  180. Street/Strip Rear Lower Arms...suggetions plz!
  181. 2002 GT way too slow help!!!
  182. tech question!!!!!!
  183. From Eibach Lowering to Coil-over
  184. Porting?
  185. What kind of E.T for 88.6mph 1/8th mile?
  186. What would you do to my suspension?
  187. Where to get contingency stickers for the FFW.
  188. New Tubular A Arms sticking???
  189. What's needed to run the numbers...
  190. fuel lines?
  191. I cant believe M/M rules for fun ford!
  192. Backlash question
  193. Question about seeing axles through wheels
  194. Who's used both bfg and mt drag radials?
  195. Aerospace Brakes for Fox Body Yeahs & Neahs
  196. 300 rwhp and 3100 lbs. What ET and trap speed?
  197. Testing video link of brothers car 10.4x run
  198. Anyone have pics of a braced 8.8?
  199. New times w/ plate kit
  200. 8.8 in a 00 Trans Am!!! Questions inside...
  201. Best brand slicks?
  202. ?s about gains from ET Streets over BFG Drag radials.
  203. Best route on mods for a nearly stock rear end to stop spinning...
  204. Going FAST-Use stock harness or Painless?
  205. Urgent: Mr. Gasket wheel spacers no longer nhra/nmra/funford legal
  206. UPR Manual Brake Conversion
  207. Battery box / switch setup HELP!
  208. "real world" finish line RPM with 4:10 gears/26" tire
  209. Who's used nitto 275/60 r 15's?
  210. Home ported GT40P heads, XE270HR, EH Cobra Intake, MAC 1 3/4 LSs, 301 rwhp... 11.99?
  211. New setup...what you guys think?
  212. if you installed your moser race axle c-clip elim package , I have some easy ?'s
  213. Racing on Brand New ET Drags - question
  214. Strange Struts and Shocks Good or Bad???
  215. new best but still disapointed!!!!
  216. Finally reached my goal tonight...
  217. Dogbox trannies
  218. Lakewood lift bars vs mega bite jr's
  219. whats the lowest mph you have been a 12.9 with ?
  220. What will it do ?
  221. So, what do ya think?
  222. Need Advice on 1/4 times
  223. Comp Cams Beehive springs
  224. MOM's Racing event schedule
  225. Port recommendations
  226. Need help with setting up Wolfe suspension
  227. 150 or 175lb coil overs?
  228. 68 cleve vs 89 5 spd stang
  229. what time am i going to run?
  230. Which Gears?
  231. Slicks
  232. anyone using 1 3/4 headers on a 306?
  233. advantages of "long rod" motors
  234. DOT is trying to outlaw DOT legal racing tires
  235. Wanting better 60' times....what should I do next????
  236. Here is a video of one of my passes from this weekend
  237. New best at Bradenton!
  238. My car will not stay strait with ET Streets.
  239. Using Powerdyne in Renegade
  240. Skinnies for 16" wheels??
  241. 5 lug drag racing brakes
  242. Twisted wedge head failure, look inside
  243. Track Day
  244. Launching a nitroused car on a transbrake
  245. The longest burn down (staging duel) ever !
  246. UPR susp. help please???
  247. what will my combo run 1/8th mile?
  248. Pinion angle Question.
  249. M/T front runners
  250. HP and 1/4 est.
  251. auto guys- staging and launching technique
  252. why does mph go down when you hook better?
  253. Anyone run Moroso DS-2 skinny tires?
  254. Friday Qualifying NMRA Highlight Video
  255. 17" MT Drag Radials 275/40/17 anyone use them with over 500rwhp with a 5spd?
  256. 2005 NMRA Spring National Pics (Friday) (56k Warn)
  257. options for getting rid of heavy bumper supports
  258. Huge Wheelstand Video From Qualifying At NMRA Bradenton
  259. Drag suspension questions
  260. Bump steer kit on a coil over setup?
  261. Front wheel studs with Weld Draglites
  262. Sway bar removal worth it?
  263. Baer M2300K “Killer” kit
  264. Help Put A Track In The Bay Area!!
  265. Fox Body: upper control arm bolts the same as the lowers?
  266. 8.8 TRACTION LOC
  267. Gaines from 5-speed to C-4
  268. Will my car handle it?
  269. what settings for my Strange struts/shocks
  270. Do you think i will have a chance?
  272. need hardcore frame support help for my vert.. trying to figure things out..
  273. New Project, Which engine should I go with?
  274. 70/30 and 50/50 Shocks and struts?
  275. Help with suspension
  276. Anyone know how to find the cars center of gravity ?
  277. Traction bar setup?
  278. TKO II Setup For Track ????
  279. How do Adjustable Koni Reds compare to say a 70-30 or 90-10 on full loose??
  280. Impressions of upr pro series rear suspension package??
  282. Fastest F303 cammed car
  283. suspension question
  284. coil overs
  285. Anyone ever had any MT Indy Profiles or Sportsman Pros?
  286. Going from T-5 to C-4
  287. Seeking suggestions, should I swap in these FREE UCA's for my stockers???
  288. Will 3" studs clear pony's..?
  289. does et streets grow top end ?
  290. Fun Ford Orlando Video
  291. BBK SSI manifold
  292. some new times what do you think???
  293. Launching 500rwtq on street tires?
  294. MT Sportsman front runners
  295. 2001 Cobra Track Results
  296. Fun Ford Orlando Race Pics.
  297. Control arm opinions
  298. Post your Rim / Slick / 60's please!!
  299. 4-link bar length?
  300. some just can`t wait for spring
  301. Car cert'd to 7.50...
  302. 60' times must come down ran 12.48 @ 120 MPH
  303. What stock type ofsprings to lower rear of car?
  304. NiteRida's 10.57 & 10.67 videos
  305. Got kicked out for running 11.8 in 2005
  306. how am i doing?
  307. Anybody make their own aluminum dash plate to replace the instrument cluster?????
  308. How to remove white lettering on slicks?
  309. 1 tenth in the 60 foot = what in the 1/4??
  310. Predict the ET!
  311. What REAR coil over set ups will work with tokicos Illumina?
  312. Who's using the Holcomb Q-Stick shifter mount for the stock location?????
  313. what size slicks for 410's
  314. Laurel Mountain Mustang drag launch kit
  315. How hard would this set-up be to handle?
  316. Not enough torque for quick 60ft short times?
  317. Want to lower front end, have questions. Kevin?
  318. Crankshaft Prep Question
  319. C-4 for the strip 70% and 30% street. Help
  321. RLCA's mounted 1" lower on axel
  322. 2.95 ratio with a 63 overdrive.
  323. Who has the cheapest price MT ET streets or ET radials?
  324. Chassis certification...
  325. ET street blems?
  326. 16'' ET Streets do you guys get good 60' ?
  327. Torque Box Concerns... Launching on slicks
  328. FFW Englishtown?
  330. Getting my suspension on Sunday
  331. Time for New Axles
  332. Estimate my stock w/ Vortech E.T. 's
  333. Best k member for 351w with long tubes?
  334. Nitrous Bottle ?
  335. tranny question
  336. 2 tenths
  337. enough stall?
  338. Is my car hitting the tires too hard?
  339. Need pics of fox mustangs with 28" tires (Need to know how low I can go)
  340. How bad are these Poly bushed control arms?
  341. how much can stock fox axles handle?
  342. Anyone here using Aerospace rear brakes with stock fronts?
  343. Who has Ground Pounder front suspension?
  344. What is this 5.0 combo good for?
  345. Clutch / Flywheel Discussion
  346. How fast have you been with 28 spline alxes
  347. kevin$ and others, Pinion angle question
  348. How often are Snell Helmet ratings updated?
  349. Roll Out question...
  350. Rear sway bar/anti rollbar best for drag/street
  351. Edge or Lentech convertor?
  352. which upper and lower intake and heads???
  353. Whos had the most power going thru a T-5?
  354. 10 sec suspension ???
  355. How long are the New MT Radials lasting??
  356. How do I cut AN line?
  357. 31 spline differential
  358. 600 horsepower N/A 306
  359. UMI performance lift bars
  360. Help with combo
  361. Getting Ready to Use Stickies for the First Time
  362. Sftey question for a vert running low 12's high 11's
  363. What are the stock rear struts? 50/50? Or something else?
  364. Major difference from 17" to 15" DR???
  365. What cheap rims for track use??
  366. rear end parts....31 spline
  367. New best n/a and questions
  368. IRS drag spring?
  369. '94GT, 347, daily driver 10's N/A!
  370. Control arm help/advice
  371. how is your eaton posi holding up.mines seems to be going.
  372. Anyone run the full Aeromotive fuel systems?
  373. what drag springs?
  374. New Dyno Numbers---662/713
  375. New Member to the 10 second club
  376. Novi 357's car in April MMFF; I think
  377. need help setting up suspension??
  379. Ultimate Converter Concepts
  380. AOD to C6SWAP,help??
  381. Jeg's Roll cages are low priced...are they worth it?
  382. whats the best 33 spline c clip eliminator package for the money?
  383. New Best, finally did it!
  384. setting up a 2-step on 5 speed car???
  386. why am i spinning my et streets with 4500-5k launches ?
  387. Just got some brand new 275/50/15 M/T ET Street drag radials. What PSI....
  388. coil over spring weight question
  389. Any tips for Comp Engineering 3way Shocks?
  390. Results after AOD swap
  391. just weighed upr k member stuff vs stock
  392. New best. 408 EFI, pump gas....
  393. What are the rules on body panels?
  394. What times to expect?
  395. Novi357 in MM&FF
  396. Need opinions on rear end choices
  397. how bad will my suspension setup kill my times
  398. My ET street has a small hole is this unsafe??
  399. New Best ET W/150 shot
  400. MT ET Street size ?
  401. Drag Racing 101
  402. pinnion angle
  403. should i use a super victor intake and carb?
  404. Pics. of Fuel Pumps mounted at the rear of car
  405. M/T's or Hoosier's?
  406. NMRA rules for kill switch & relocated battery?
  407. like to see 306 combos
  408. fitting size for nitrous kit fuel supply
  409. Rear coilover suggestions/opinions
  410. UMI Performance Upper Reinforcements??
  411. Axles Length
  412. ? about trap speed
  413. TQ converter for 4.6 auto?
  414. Tourque Converter/Nitrous, Trans Break Question
  415. What can i do??
  416. need help in 96 cobra setup
  417. driveshaft loop ?
  418. 1st impressions of the 17" Mickey T's
  419. Anyone have torque box re-enforcement plate drawings/dimensions?
  420. g force dog ring t5 pricing
  421. Replacing skinnies(tires only)
  422. Do I need a loop for BFG drag radials?
  423. New best last night :)
  424. where does the spacer for megabite JR's go??
  425. coil overs
  426. 60ft expectations?
  427. dam fittings are expensive
  428. How fast w/ a stockblock 302
  429. Fuel Pump Plumbing!!!
  430. So Close yet so far.............
  431. Power Shifting
  432. What is the best way to set up coil overs for the strip?
  433. how much ET am i loosing?
  434. how fast with 7.5 rearend
  435. control arm ????
  436. Pics of converts with cages
  437. What good are Coil-Overs ??
  438. guestimate 60ft w/ my suspension
  439. hole in slick ?
  440. what do you think
  441. mild cut and Narrow, 4 Link suspension in Ontario,Canada??
  442. who use what transbrake valve bodies in c4?
  443. What kinda 60's have you seen from 28x11.5x15 ET Streets?
  444. In-tank Pick-up
  445. Anyone using MMR coil overs? MM stuff?
  446. 97mph in the 1/8th, 1/4mph?
  447. Too Much traction is this possible????
  448. How To Set Up Trans Break, 2 Step, and N2O?
  449. Can I go 12.50's with my setup?
  450. Best rear suspension setup?
  451. Turbos, Turbos, Turbos / Video From U.S. Nats @ Bradenton
  452. best way to convert to manual brakes
  453. bad day at the track
  454. Stock lcas versus ssm lcas HELP PLEASE
  455. Suspension Assistance Needed - Videos>>
  456. New best E.T. w/ 100 shot
  457. Weird Tire ?
  458. Will a C4 with an Ultrabell and trans shield fit in an 88 tunnel?
  459. Went to the track yesterday.
  460. what times for 101mph trap speed ??
  461. fox springs on SN95
  462. Street / Drag Front suspension help
  463. NON- Stock suspension and your 60ft's
  464. Whats the best 60 ft w/c4, no t brake?
  465. Cam question?
  466. which trans is faster a purpose built c4 or t-5
  468. Need a quick question. Got coil overs on and the springs aren't the right weight!!!!
  469. Anyone running or experience w/ GER Tranny's?
  470. Fox Body wieght removal Thead ???
  471. Do you think a gear change would improve my ET & MPH?
  472. Need suspension, traction advice.
  473. Skool me on Coilovers
  474. do you balance your et streets?
  475. TKO in 99up Shift lever re-position mod
  476. Electric Water Pump Drive
  477. Battery to the trunk ?'s
  478. Do I need tubes for ET STREETS?
  479. mini tub a mustang
  480. M/T Drag Radials
  481. need help picking out "THE ultimate" suspension
  482. Fastest modular Mustang?
  483. What would you do: Transmission or suspension/headers?
  484. When do helmet certifications expire?
  485. Free Dyno Time!!!!
  486. What else should I do to get my car to hook better?
  487. Where to get custom cage made in the Md,DC Va area
  488. what size slicks?
  489. How should I launch my car sat.
  490. Nitto DRs, how long can i run them?
  491. ?'s about new 5 point harness regulations.
  492. SFI sticker came off of my JW flexplate! Now what?
  493. Any Drag Strips Near Sacremento, CA?
  494. R302 block users please come in...
  495. Need tubes with ET Streets?
  496. Kirkey seat sizes
  497. Does removing the quad shocks help your 60 ft times ?
  498. FFW March 5-6 2005
  499. New combo w/dyno numbers
  500. need advice!