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Bob Cosby goes off on LS1 owners....!!!!!

Bob Cosby goes off on ignorant LS1 owners in regards to MMFF hitting high 11's with a 03 Cobra.


Wow! What has this Forum become? Excuses and wanna-be's. Amazing.

I ran a 13.00 with a 2.5 60' at 112 mph with 340 hp. (Quote)

Well whoop-d-f'ng-do. Can I play too? /me turns on chest-thumping mode: I ran 11.8 @ 112 mph with 305 RWHP. What does that mean? Absolutely zilch in the context of this post.

If this car isn't a ringer (which i'm 95% sure it is) we'll be seeing alot of fast fords. (Quote)

Why is it a ringer? What are you using for evidence to come up with a 95% assurance that production cars won't put out ~360-ish RWHP, and run mid-high 12's from the factory? Please post, and please be specific.

If pontiac threw a charger on a trans am and came out with it, it would blow the competition away. (Quote)

If the world would spin a bit slower, we'd all weigh less, too. So what? They didn't, and it doesn't.

I just want people to think about a supercharged cobra versus a supercharged Ls1. (Quote)

Ok. Find me the quickest blown LS1, and I'll find the quickest blown Cobra (4.6), and we'll compare. Better yet, quickest blown LS1 vs quickest blown SOHC 4.6L Mustang. You game?

Silly arguement, as I thought this was about a stock car, not a modified one...but what the hell.

yea really the mustang may be stock but it is still modded from the factory. (Quote)

Please don't take this personally, but that has got to be just about the stupidest statement I've ever seen on this Forum. I guess the GN was modified from the factory, too? Supra's? Modified. Turbo DSM's? Modified. Essentially...if it doesn't come from the factory in non-poweradder form, it's modified?

remember, it takes Mustang a supercharger to run the 12's. (Quote)

Without too much chest-thumping, I would like to refer you to my sig. Look hard for the blower or N2O.

But it's not our fault that Ford decides to use a small displacement engine in their cars. (Quote)

Correct. Neither is it your fault - or mine - that GM decided not to use forced induction. Neither is it our fault that GM killed the F-body. See the point?

But I'd say with a "normal" driver they will average high 12's. (Quote)

I agree with you - especially given that the cars will start hitting the streets/tracks during the middle of the summer. You will likely hear lots of 'damn, I thought these cars were supposed to run xx.xx". Fall will then come around....

I heard they are only making 1500 of these Cobras (Quote)

The published number is 10,000. Related...there is supposed to be 6500 N/A Mustang Mach I's, though you won't see them for several months.

Just don't forget it's supercharged from the factory!!! that's a little unfair. (Quote)

have you ever heard Ford guys use the "Ya, but you got 5.7 liters and I only have 4.6 liters" arguement? Sounds like the same kind of weak arguement to me.

The fact still remains that Ford Powertrain threw in the towel when it comes to competing with GM powertrain and said "Ahh, screw it! Just slap a blower on that dog and be done with it!". (Quote)

While they were at it, they threw in forged pistons, good rods, etc, etc. Also, your point is rather mute now that there is no F-body.

But now, stock for stock the cobra hasn't done #####, cause we all know what pre production fords that are prepped for the magazines run. (Quote)

We do? Like I said above, could you please provide some factual data to back up this assertion? Thanks.

Well if you take a look at the July 1999 issue of GMHTP magazine, one of their guys took a 99 Z28 and ran a 12.89. (Quote)

I talked with Evan Smith a couple of weeks after he drove that 98 (not 99) Z28 to that time. It was legit, but the temp was in the mid 30's that day. Do you have any idea what kind of corrected altitude you have with a temperature that cold?

Taking nothing at all away from that, or the 01 SS that he want 12.9's in during the heat of the summer.

Ford is famous for tweaking cars that they send to magazines. It helps them sell to all of the magazine racers. (Quote)

See above statements on this. And you are correct....lots and lots and lots and lots of magazine racers - especially in this thread.

If I recall correctly, the press Cobra R dynoed over 370, and most cars were in the 340 range in the real world. (Quote)

That is quite possible. Is this what you were basing your above statements on? If so, could you please provide the evidence? Thanks.

The Mustang lives or dies by the performance of the GT. If Ford had only made 10,000 5.0's a year back in the 80's there never would have been the "mustang phenomenon". (Quote)

I don't think so. The Mustang lives or dies on V6 sales - just like the F-body. V6 sales always account for more than V8 sales....always.

If Ford throws the mustang boys a few crumbs by propping up the dinky lil 4.6 via an artificial lung. So be it. In the grand scheme of things it's fairly insignificant. The purpose is simply favorable magazine press.

Until they do something for those pathetically slow GT's the Mustang is still below the F-body in the pecking order and basically a "Chick Car". (Quote)

LOL. That's funny. Too bad you were trying to be serious.

No matter how impressive it is with boost the whole muscle car community notes that they basically raised the white flag in their battle with GM Powertrain. (Quote)

Ditto my statement above. Especially given that the Mustangs direct competition is no more.

And before any of you guys go off on me...I am quite aware of what the LS1/LS6 is capable of - most especially in naturally aspirated form. It is, IMHO, the best performance engine avaible - period. I had a 99 T/A, and power is NOT the reason I traded it on my currect car. They are awesome runners.

But some of you guys REALLY need to take of the "LS1 or nothing" blinders. You do yourself no justice at all.

Bob Cosby

WoW...It's sad to see all of those LS1 owners scratch and claw at the last few days of being kings on the street.............

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"Mr. McGee, don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry."

Go, Bob, go!!

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Man, albeit what we see here is a bit one sided, but those guys sure seem close minded over there.
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Word filter aside: That has got to be some of the funniest ****ing ****, I have ever heard out of all those dumb ****ing rednecks at LS-little-1s.

Way to go Bobby, nice job representing the intelligent crowd of Mustang owners!


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That was hilarious- Bob- thank you for defending the cobra in a civilized manner. So many times I go on forums and people have a good point but they resort to childish ways of getting it across. You did a masterful job of telling those guys how it is. -JOE:
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Sounds like a whole bunch of LS-1 owners just got their hinney reamed!
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I bet they are still trying to think what to type back

2008 NMRA Pure Street Champion
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Appreciate the props guys...but I'm gonna have to lock this. It isn't Mod Tech, and I'd really prefer to keep issues on other Forums, on other Forums.

Bob Cosby, USN (Retired)

2010 Corvette
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