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Further Floor Destruction, now with structural failures!

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Posted 11-22-2011 at 09:10 AM by That89GTGuy

So I've continued to take apart the interior of my car, and have moved on to removing sound deadening in the car. I continued to attempt to use a hammer and... well... kind of a chisel (I think its more like a rounded pry bar, but whatever), but I wasn't getting anywhere. I've read about using dry ice (frozen CO2) to cause the sound deadening to freeze and shatter, so I have it a shot. Got some notes for anyone trying to do it further:

1: Buy quite a bit. I got a 20lb block of the stuff for next to nothing and had it cut into 3rds. I didn't come close to finishing my interior with it. I'd recommend at least 40lbs if you want to try to bang the job mostly out in the day.

2: Work fast. Even if you leave the stuff in a cooler with extra insulation around it, it will evaporate overnight and you'll loose quite a bit. I was working in ambient temps no higher than 50 and it was almost freezing overnight, yet it still evaporated easily.

3: Use a lot and apply DIRECTLY to the surface. I tried to be skimpy at first and was wondering why it wasn't working. Then I went to town with the stuff and it worked like a charm. So take a brick, smash it into small chunks and powder, then spread over the area to be worked on. Putting a blanket over the area and letting it sit for a bit is another handy trick. Do this and let it sit for about 5-10 minutes and that stuff will shatter pretty easily. Very handy.

4: It's effing cold (obviously), so don't get it on your skin, it can burn. Also, make sure the area is vented. Don't want to suffocate after all.

So yeah, after that public service announcement, back to the action.

I managed to get quite a bit of the stuff out, and found a few... issues. Time for yet another list!

1: The rust around the center console is limited to the passenger side. However, it seems to be limited to the entire side of the passenger center console. It's just totally gone. It seems like the water wicked itself around the whole thing, an it's basicly detatched at this point. In case you're wondering, the area around the shift lever is one peice of metal that gets spot welded to the floor pan and overlaps it signifcantly. I guess the spot welds broke or the seem sealer gave way to water. Either way, it's nasty.

2: Looked at the driveshaft hump going throught the car, I found a nasty stress crack at where it diverges to the left and right sides towards the rocker panels. It seems like the car twisted at one point and this gave way. I knew the car was, to some degree, drag raced at one point. Maybe this is one of the reasons they ditched it. I've come to find that this spot is usually where the car lets go when it was twisted, so that's just wonderful, and quite disheartening.

3: The drivers side floor near where it meets the cowl was always pretty worn looking from under the car. Rust was plentiful. I had no idea how plentiful until I tried chiseling up the area around that seam and my chisel went through the floor. Yup, another gaping hole. Greaaat.

4: Another spot I attacked is the passenger side rear floor board under where the rear seats go. Another rust hole, this time above where the rear frame rail is. Dang.

So it seems like this car is not as clean as I had hoped at first when I bought it. I suppose I should have done some more research on points to look at on these guys, but live and learn I suppose.

Honestly, I do not care about the center console area. The rusted area is basically flat and I could probably just cut it out and weld in some plate steel there as a first welding project. However, the naaaasty hole in the drivers side floor is worrisome, since it's at a corner and might be structural. The stress crack is also worrisome too. Combined with the rust hole at the top of the frame rail, and the other problems I know the car has, I think it might be time to move on.

I'm currently looking around for a roller with a good chassis. I've got at everything else I really need at this point, I just need a good chassis. Sadly, living in New England means that anything I look at is going to be either rusted, twisted, or expensive it seems. Ah well. Winter is a long period of time, so hopefully I can get something worked out before the racing season starts again!
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