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Originally Posted by Dedicated5.0
I think you are trying to use a scare tactic with that statement. That can, and has, happened even with Vortech factory rebuilt blowers. Do the odds go up when the DIYer starts messing around inside the case? Sure, the risk does increase, but I think that you're blowing it of proportion. There have been people rebuilding turbos and blowers in their garages and shops for years and there's not a rash of those folks with stories about killing their motors after doing it themselves.

I understand that Vortech does not want to offer that kind of information for many reasons. But as you can see by this thead that you have a lot of customers that want this kind of information. Heck, right now this thread has 426 views and 24 replies. Something to think about...

Hey I'm all for the do it yourself'er, me included, nor am I doubting your ability. But let's get realistic here, what's "scary" here is that someone would try to save a couple hundred bucks in the grand sceme of things. This is better known as "PENNY WISE DOLLAR FOOLISH". This isn't like rebuilding a master cylinder or a water pump. You lose the damn blower and you risk losing EVERYTHING. No thanks!!! I'll let the guy who's factory trained and probably done a thousand+ of the things. Vortech doesn't spend millions of dollars in R & D for nothing. Good luck.

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