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Originally Posted by Supercharged86
No offense guys but $500 for a rebuild vs. $10,000 for a new motor (plus another $2000+ for a new blower head) when the blower grenades and sends shrapnel into the motor @ 6000 rpm. This is a no-brainer! Vortech...keep up the great work.
I think you are trying to use a scare tactic with that statement. That can, and has, happened even with Vortech factory rebuilt blowers. Do the odds go up when the DIYer starts messing around inside the case? Sure, the risk does increase, but I think that you're blowing it of proportion. There have been people rebuilding turbos and blowers in their garages and shops for years and there's not a rash of those folks with stories about killing their motors after doing it themselves.

Originally Posted by Forced
Not trying to freak people out, just trying to educate the people. I won't offer any criticism on the rebuild instructions as Vortech does not want individuals doing the rebuilds. I must say you and others are on your on for that.

I understand that Vortech does not want to offer that kind of information for many reasons. But as you can see by this thead that you have a lot of customers that want this kind of information. Heck, right now this thread has 426 views and 24 replies. Something to think about...

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